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Another girl from Poland murdered in uk

Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
26 Oct 2007 /  #31
MY condolences to the family of this girl.

but , and there is a but. does anyone see whats happening..

someone is manageing to spread hate over this.

who else was killed or murdered that same day? anyone british? scottish? Itialian?

it just goes to show you how the focus can be only on one thing and cause a
major blowout of racism and hate.

yes this was tragic.. just as tragic as any other murder that takes place in a city
where so many people live crowded .. does anyone know if anyone else died that
day from a gun? knife? I am sure that more then one murder occured, but the
paper decided those other murders werent front page news...

as if there isnt enough to contend with for both Polish and british and they keep
adding salt in the wounds over and over again, till both nations just start killing
each other.. mass genocide by their own hands..

for once, open up your minds and see the real reasons.. anyone who can perform
murder or kill is sick,, and doesnt deserve to live walk this earth. but please people
see truth, not media causing hate..

I feel for anyone who lost a loved one that day, its ashame that more of the women
arent taking classes of self defense to be able to protect themselfs more in these
situations , especially in a country with so much crime going on as of late due to the
mass crowding. why isnt anyone teaching self defense classes?? this would be
helpful and save lives!!

sorry folks this is my heartfelt opinion, no offense to anyone, its frustrating to see
this happening.
26 Oct 2007 /  #32
In some ways yes we are arogant - hell whats wrong with that - we didnt get the title Great Britain for being polite to everyone :)

Too bad we bend over backwards for everyone else in the world these days :(
ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
26 Oct 2007 /  #33
yeah well all good things comes to an end - the empire is gone and now we are in danger of being out numbered! Time to pack me bags I think :)
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
26 Oct 2007 /  #34
ive got a polish orphanage that is yours for a little over a fiver - ill throw in ola the peasent cleaner for free
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
26 Oct 2007 /  #35
what NO jeeves the butler?
26 Oct 2007 /  #36
MY condolences to the family of this girl.

well said... overcrowding is a key note, but the govt doesnt care they ant to fill their pockets...

i think we need to get back to the drawing board and tackle this..

in regards to women doing self defence that is good to give them confidence, the only thing to note is that if there is a confrontation men who usualy dont hit women may becasue they feel they are on the same level...

but we should collectively pray for this and any other human being or gods creation who has returned to their rightful owner.. peace and blessings..
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544  
26 Oct 2007 /  #37
What about all the english posts which giving bad comments to polish people. I notice that u brits like talk alot about other nations bad things rudness etc when someone pointg u guys u get upset. Maybe its your natural arogancy am I wrong?

Good point Sammy.

As for the poor girl. [']
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
26 Oct 2007 /  #38
Good point Sammy.

both say things about each other.. its up to the individual to learn respect and just
move on..

we all know the media wont go out in public without a good story. so lets stir up
the fire.
26 Oct 2007 /  #39
Time to pack me bags I think :)

I will be doing same in a few years .. not really keen on a nanny state

Patrycja19 there probably was some other crimes commited same day against Brit, Irish etc etc here in the UK .. i watched the report on TV Polonia today before reading the news piece on BBC Leeds website

Media is responsible at times for causing mass panic in society ... !

Senseless loss of life in my opinion about the young Polish lass :(
26 Oct 2007 /  #40
Media is responsible at times for causing mass panic in society ... !

u can say that again... they have to meet an agenda
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
26 Oct 2007 /  #41
Media is responsible at times for causing mass panic in society ... !

Senseless loss of life in my opinion about the young Polish lass :(

agree totally on the mass panic. and its always news when it causes problems..
OP wildrover 98 | 4,451  
26 Oct 2007 /  #42
Here is an idea for the moderators....Why don,t they put all the Brits who hate Poles , and all the Poles who hate brits in one seperate section.That way the rest of us can have a decent adult dialogue without being drawn into pathetic personal insults that lose track of the original post.....They in the meantime can insult each other without having to worry about silly things like good sense and reasoned argument......
31 Oct 2007 /  #43
I think this board is outrageous...
I have just popped in to read the views about the brutal unforgiving death of this poor girl, Never mind whether she was Polish, british or a martian,, she was the daughter , the friend and collegue of people who will miss her whole heartedly..

And most of you people find it ammunition to throw at each other about who is from what better country...Grow up the lot of you !!!

Try to stick to the original reason why you where reading this post in the first place..
A 19 year old girl has been brutally murdered in a place where she should be able to feel safe...Where another Human being is sick enough to without any kind of thought kill another ......

Does it really matter where the people are from ??....The issue should be Humanity...not race, religion etc...
31 Oct 2007 /  #44

Thank you for your common sense annie
31 Oct 2007 /  #45
the state of the british justice system..

// please provide a small quote and link to the article; not the whole copy-paste of the article. Thanks. Admin
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
31 Oct 2007 /  #46
Does it really matter where the people are from ??....The issue should be Humanity...not race, religion etc...


some of us have been saying this all along.. but people want to create hate from

if you look carefully, a good portion of people have given condolences.. and that
still stands.. this was horrible. and we all feel very saddened by the senseless
brutality that exists in our world today.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
31 Oct 2007 /  #47
whats the average jail term in poland for accidental manslaughter?
szarlotka 8 | 2,209  
31 Oct 2007 /  #48
the state of the british justice system..

Guilty and punished - your problem is?

State of British society that has allowed the proliferation of weapons would be a more valid criticism
31 Oct 2007 /  #49
3 years and 2 years detention... that is disgraceful.. what kind of justice to that poor soul.... and how come she had a gun... and the woman told her son.... what kind of nonsense
szarlotka 8 | 2,209  
31 Oct 2007 /  #50
that is disgraceful..

It was manslaughter not murder FFS. It was an accident.
Svenski 1 | 159  
28 May 2009 /  #51

Polish woman murdered..

Kinga Legg, a Polish born international businesswoman, suffered multiple injuries and was found naked in the bathtub in her £1,000-a-night room.

The victim, 36, who headed a company that supplied tomatoes to fast food chain McDonalds and several British supermarkets, owns a yacht moored on the French Mediterranean coast. Police suspected Mr Griffin might be heading for the vessel but had not been see last night.

krysia 23 | 3,057  
29 May 2009 /  #52
That's terrible. Someone was after her money.
bullfrog 6 | 603  
29 May 2009 /  #53
according to the police, could be her boyfriend,a Mr Griffin, who is being hunted down

Also, quite bizarre, the name of the murdered lady was previoussly mentioned on this forum,see thread "What makes Polish girls tick - or is it just women in general....:-)", post #19...
George8600 10 | 637  
9 Jun 2009 /  #54
She got that rich selling tomatoes to McDonald's?!?!?! lol.
freebird 3 | 532  
9 Jun 2009 /  #55
Polish businesswoman murdered in expensive Paris hotel.

it's bad when people die no matter where it is
Barr_2009 1 | 252  
20 Oct 2009 /  #56
I hope people blaming the brits for this, saw she was killed by an Iraqi, did they?
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
20 Oct 2009 /  #57
As Szarly said, the man was brought to justice. The courts followed the relevant evidential requirements.

OK, it was a British conspiracy, was it? Right, let's blame the entire Polish nation for what that weirdo Tomczak did, shall we? How irrational!
Kinderegg - | 2  
20 Oct 2009 /  #58
Another Pole on trial for murder in Britain. Is this some kind of competition? Can the Poles wipe out more people - or can the Brits?
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
20 Oct 2009 /  #59
As long as it doesn't descend into an international farce.
Lodz_The_Boat 32 | 1,535  
20 Oct 2009 /  #60
should we bring back capital punishment


Great Britain

Whats so GREAT about it?

Everyone is great if your britian is great...GREAT POLAND!

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