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exchange rates - zloty to pound

chrisscole 3 | 10  
12 Apr 2008 /  #1

Have been speaking to some Poles in the UK and they seem to think the government is going to put the exchange rate up a bit in Poland, to encourage tourism over summer. Anyone know anything about this? I would like to know as I'm moving out to Poland (while still working for a UK company) for 6 months plus and have been a bit gutted as I've seen the zloty getting slowly stronger. Has gone from 4.7zl - £1 to 4.3zl in the last three months!

12 Apr 2008 /  #2
Has gone from 4.7zl - £1 to 4.3zl in the last three months!

I remember when I first moved here in 1999 the rate was 7.4zl to the £1, and we lived like kings for the first six months until my money ran out lol
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
12 Apr 2008 /  #3
I'm waiting for the day when 1 złoty is 1 pound. 55,000 a year, hey yes!! It's so much cheaper here too.
OP chrisscole 3 | 10  
12 Apr 2008 /  #4
if that ever happens, I'll be leaving my UK job very quickly.
jeandarren 6 | 30  
24 May 2008 /  #5
[Moved from]: Changing GBP to z£oty

Hey Folks

I am visiting Poland for a month in July & have £1000 gbp to exchange into Z£oty's, will i get more for my money in UK or Poland? Where am i better to exchange? Thx
25 May 2008 /  #6
Get a little bit for arrival ie Taxi etc

Get all rest in Poland .... i used my cards more than cash to be honest ...
but the exchange rates changes daily so its hit or miss on what you get for your money ....
jeandarren 6 | 30  
25 May 2008 /  #7
Thanks for the advice :)
LondonChick 31 | 1,133  
25 May 2008 /  #8
Get a little bit for arrival ie Taxi etc

Completely agree - I wouldn't feel safe carrying around that kind of money in cash (anywhere in the world).
tonykenny 18 | 131  
16 Feb 2009 /  #9
Thread attached on merging:
What has happened to the Złoty?

Maybe somebody can explain...

When I came to Poland last year, I was lucky to get 3.8 złoty for each of my UK pounds that I brought with me. Ok, 3.9 or 4.0 if I found a better place. So, this meant that the money I saved for moving here didn't last long, just a few months before I got 5.2 so that would have been better.

Here I am many month on and having to pay a couple of bills each month back in the UK. I'm shocked today to see the base exchange rate at something like 5.39 złoty to 1 GBP.

Just my luck, the exchange rates were the wrong way around for me. What has made the złoty so weak recently? I thought the UK was financially screwed and the Polish economy a little more resistant to the current strains. I hear things have got pretty bad in Ukraine too with prices getting very high very quickly.

Sounds like I chose the wrong time to head East.
joo who - | 100  
18 Feb 2009 /  #10
Just checked forex site and the zloty is trading at a mid rate of 5.53 to the pound! Good news for me as all my income is still in pounds!

Maybe the recession is just starting to hit Poland? I,m hoping we get back to 7 PLN to the £! Anyone know the forecasts?
Davey 13 | 388  
18 Feb 2009 /  #11
I still think the złoty is so cheap compared to the dollar
Easy_Terran 3 | 312  
18 Feb 2009 /  #12
5.53 to the pound!

1.00 GBP = 5.56052 PLN (Live rates at 2009.02.18 03:30:33 UTC -

When I was PL last September, the rate was 1 USD = 2.1 PLN
1.00 USD = 3.90199 PLN

How many more Tyskie could I have bought with THAT difference...?
joo who - | 100  
18 Feb 2009 /  #13
Still rising!! Whoop whoop!
It's 4.30 in the morning ffs!! WTF we doin up checkin forex to 0.03 of a decimal place?? How many sleeping tabs can I buy for my zloty tonight?!

tonykenny 18 | 131  
18 Feb 2009 /  #14
I earn zloty and have to pay a couple of bills back in the UK. This is seriously denting my confidence in remaining here. Maybe I'll have to go back to England and join the unemployment queue.. still at least I'll earn more on the dole than I do here working :p
time means 5 | 1,309  
18 Feb 2009 /  #15
5.5 at the moment. maybe i should get some for the holidays :-)
tonykenny 18 | 131  
18 Feb 2009 /  #16
If you'r coming to Poland then yes, I'd say do it now. Even with the crappy rates you'll get in the UK exchange offices you'll still get a good deal.

If you're coming soon tho, I'd change the money at a Kantor in Poland - always better rates than in England if you bring cash.

And for goodness sakes, don't make my msitake and bring travellers cheques, really, they were worth their weight in shite - i paid commission to buy them, a shitty rate to exchange them AND a banking admin charge to exchange them....and it took >30 minutes...


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