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Visit to Cracow

16 Jan 2007 /  #1
I have visited several cities in Poland now (Poznan, Kalisz, Wroclaw, Katowice), but on top of my list is still Kraków. The only problem for me is that everywhere I look on the internet, I read all the critics that Kraków has become to touristic.

I understand I will also be a tourist there, but there is a difference in being a tourist, and acting as a tourist (no offence for all the drunk-loud screaming-expecting all polish people will serve you the way you demand-tourists).

So therefor I want to ask everyone who is familiar with Kraków: what is the best time to go there, to avoid real crowded tourism? I was thinking of going there in March.

And besides the tourist atractions I can find in every touristbook, what is the must do / must see thing to do in Kraków?
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
16 Jan 2007 /  #2
I would think the colder months. I was there in Feb and there wasn't many people around...but, it gets pretty cold there that time of yr :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
16 Jan 2007 /  #3

what is the must do / must see thing to do in Kraków?

get a taxi driver to take you to Schindlers factory, not many people go there its worth a visit though and the taxi fares are cheap, we got him to wait and then take us the Kazmire district and it was only about 5 pounds..

Im back to Krakow in a couple of weeks and hopefully there will be a bit of life there but no so manys stag parties..
kaka 1 | 142  
16 Jan 2007 /  #4
March and April is quite ok. not so many tourists, but still a lot of students...

What you must to do:
- when it's warm, eat home made ice creams, which are sold on Starowiślna street, everybody knows it, people queue even an hour to get them..

- when it's cold: drink hot wine "grzaniec" or hot beer (I know it sounds strange but its good)
- go to Jewish district, and go to Alchemia (pub, very famous one) and then eat polish fast food: "zapiekanka ze szcypiorkiem"
- see dragon
- go to Pauza on Floriańska street (bar) and drink cherry vodka and grapefruit juice (wiśniówka z sokiem grejpfrutowym)

Larsito, what kind of music do you like? if you tell me I could recommend you a place
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506  
16 Jan 2007 /  #5
my friend, Big John, runs a cycle tour of Krakow that takes you beyond the tourist track... Schindler's factory is on the tour... as are many other places you probably would get to see normally...

... he runs his tour from opposite the castle but you can book thru most hostels... especialy nathan's...
OP Larsito  
16 Jan 2007 /  #6
My oh my, what a lot of reactions!

As I understand I'll just have to go for sure to the Schindler's Factory. This will be on my list then!

Kaka --> I prefer a slow start in a nice bar and then later a place with popular dance music (rock is also possible).

BubbaWoo --> Cycling sounds good, but I'm afraid it will be to cold to do this! If I will go in March, and it will be freezing, no way I will go for cycling then. But for sure in summer this is the best way to tour trough a city.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506  
16 Jan 2007 /  #7
yeah... probably better in late spring onwards... :)

kazimiersz is probably a good place to start off for a slow start in a nice bar... then wander up into town as the evening heads on... although i did hear there was a good rock venue down in kaz...
OP Larsito  
16 Jan 2007 /  #8
I've heared indeed good stories of kazimiersz. So I'm also looking to get an apartment there. I asume this will not be a problem, since it is low season. Thank you for information!
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506  
16 Jan 2007 /  #9
this is not a bad site to look at if you are not familiar with it

kaka 1 | 142  
17 Jan 2007 /  #10
i recommend you any pub in Kazimierz (jewish district) or Pauza or Piękny pies for a start..and then or Jazz Rock (only rock music but also polish) or Prozak (house) or £ubu Dubu (70ties, 80ties, 90ties) - the good thing with £ubu dubu is that it is in a building where are 4 other clubs, so if you dont like over there you dont have to walk a long time

Anyway, if you come and need any tips or a guide, let me know...
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
17 Jan 2007 /  #11
kaka, I was over in Krakow in July last year and it was mad busy, Im back again in a few weeks time, are the bars and clubs still quite busy??
kaka 1 | 142  
17 Jan 2007 /  #12
as far as I know July and August is not as busy as rest of months cuz there are no students, but meybe this year was different (?!), I dont know, I was not in Krakow then. anyway, taxidrives always complain about summer vacation, that it s not busy at all...

right now is busy, especially on weekends... the problem is that you are comeing on exam's time. so probably it will be a bit less busy. but still I think you will have fun :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
17 Jan 2007 /  #13
okay, Im there tue - sat and will be celebrating my birthday so its party time even if the bars are quiet :)
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
17 Jan 2007 /  #14
I hope you have a Bappy Birthday A!! I'm sure you'll have fun no matter what.
kaka 1 | 142  
17 Jan 2007 /  #15
thursday and friday should be OK. Besides there are places which are always busy :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
17 Jan 2007 /  #16
Mr F I most certainly will, so looking forward to it, had such a good time last time in Poland I cant wait to go back again...

I want somewhere nice to go on the Thursday night, a decent club where people get quite dressed jeans!!
kaka 1 | 142  
17 Jan 2007 /  #17
on thursday we have so called students thursdays... very often party on thursdays are much more better then on weekends :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
17 Jan 2007 /  #18
kaka, I live in Manchester - lots of students and I pay that little bit extra to avoid
kaka 1 | 142  
17 Jan 2007 /  #19
dressed up, no jeans - with this can be a problem.. what do u exactly mean??

you cant avoid students in Krakow.... Krakow is a student city.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
17 Jan 2007 /  #20
Im a little bit older than the whole student population put together in Krakow, whilst I wear jeans in the day, I like to get dressed up when I go out.
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
17 Jan 2007 /  #21
I think she means where people dress up nicely...some clubs don't allow jeans and sneakers but, I've never run into a club in PL that had a dress code. A I'm sure wherever you go some people will be wearing jeans and the majority will be dressed up a bit.
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
17 Jan 2007 /  #22
you cant avoid students in Krakow.... Krakow is a student city.

Evidently I did in the summer..:P

Will be going for a meal at a nice Italian first in the jewish district, then see where the mood takes me, since its my b/day I have the say so in these matters...:)
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
17 Jan 2007 /  #23
since its my b/day I have the say so in these matters...

uh huh....even if it wasn't I'm sure you do anyway :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
17 Jan 2007 /  #24
Its just a strapless corcet typ dress, its dressy but still pretty funky and sexy and yes it looks damn good on!

uh huh....even if it wasn't I'm sure you do anyway

lol, yes
kaka 1 | 142  
17 Jan 2007 /  #25
in the summer, meybe, it is possible...

if you want avoid students Jewish district is a very good choice.. If students go there they dont act as students (if you know what I mean).

and as for the club, try stalowe magnolie...

consider as an expensive one but also quite good, and not so many people in jeans :)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
18 Jan 2007 /  #26
its looks pretty good and they may have jazz playing which is a bonus....thanks kaka, i'll buy you a beer when Im over!
OP Larsito  
18 Jan 2007 /  #27
Kaka, you are the perfect guide for a Cracow trip! Thank you for all the good information. In case I need anything more for sure I will contact you. Can you tell me also, is there good public transport from Cracow to Auswitz?
kaka 1 | 142  
19 Jan 2007 /  #28
yes, quite good. and there are some special trips with the guide to go there almost every day

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