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Stories about your travels

krysia 23 | 3,058  
2 Nov 2006 /  #1
Wozzy missed his boat in Chili three times. hahahahaha.... How did you manage to do that?????
This ought to be good.....
bossie 1 | 123  
2 Nov 2006 /  #2
I thought exactly the same thing. You can miss your plane/boat/train once, but three times???

Or is it the kind of thing that happens only in South America?
wozzy 8 | 206  
2 Nov 2006 /  #3
[quote=bossie, Post #2 ]I thought exactly the same thing. You can miss your plane/boat/train once, but three times??? [/quot

I sailed to south america for two and a half years on diferent ships. Twice I was haveing a good time, got back too late. (time and tide). Once it was intentional but was picked up by imigration two weeks later...............Those were the days............
bossie 1 | 123  
2 Nov 2006 /  #4
Ever hitch-hiked?
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
2 Nov 2006 /  #5
Hitching is scary these days. Quite popular in PL though. In the US there are too many psychos.
OP krysia 23 | 3,058  
2 Nov 2006 /  #6
Once it was intentional but was picked up by imigration two weeks later............

What were you doing in Chili?
wozzy 8 | 206  
2 Nov 2006 /  #7
I was a seaman in my late teens and early twenties, traveled to places that were not easely accesed in those days. spent my money in bawdy bars with painted ladies ......God Bless Them All...........:)
bossie 1 | 123  
2 Nov 2006 /  #8
I thought hitch-hiking was dangerous in Poland, I only did it outside PL, in Germany and Netherlands. Well, actually I went to Berlin once with a girlfirend. we were so scared, two teens. But all went well :)
OP krysia 23 | 3,058  
2 Nov 2006 /  #9
On one of my trips from Poland to USA I took my dog, cat and canary. We took a freight ship. It was Febuary. Waters were icing up the boat and there was danger of it sinking, so we would travel around the frozen ice-bergs and instead of 11 days of travel, it took us 21 days. The last day on the ship, the ocean was so bad, we had to tie the canary cage and the dog and cat jumped into bed. We made friends with the crew, as there was room for only 12 passengers, we steared the ship with them while the captain was away. They blamed everything on my cat, because cats at sea bring bad luck.
8 May 2007 /  #10
hi, i am moving from america to Poland. how can i find a ship going to poland?

is it cheaper to travel by ship or plane?
davidpeake 14 | 451  
8 May 2007 /  #11
i once arrived in China for work to be picked up by the boss of a rather large company, who on the way back to his factory got us lost for 3 hours, was not a great start.
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
8 May 2007 /  #12
Hmm… travel experiences. There have been so many it’s hard to pick a few out.. A selection follows:


I was working on a job for an oil company upcountry. We stayed in a secure compound. The vegetation had been cleared for 400 metres around the accommodation blocks. At night some of the locals thought it fun to let off their AK47s against the steel shutters of the block. Nice to be woken up that way.

Medellin, Colombia.

I was getting a little bored with the hotel food so decided to visit the restaurant 100 metres down the road. Walking out of the lobby I was stopped by hotel security to find out where I was going. When I explained the guy kindly called me a taxi! Scary place in those days.


Starting a riot at a Barcleona Valencia match by introducing the local supporters to the ‘who ate all the pies, you fat B******d’ song for Hristo Stoichkov. At the time he was a little, shall we say, portly but was a bit of a legend at the Nou Camp.


As the Aeroflot flight from Moscow was taxiing down the runway I was a little bemused as to why three large maintenance men were still stood up in the aisle. Turns out they were standing room only passengers! Oh and the seatbelt was broken and at least two passengers had live chickens in boxes. Not long after that our insurance stopped us flying Areoflot. Once there I was introduced to a guy in the bar by a colleague who had something ‘interesting’ to sell. Stepped outside to see a large and very angry bear. I declined his kind offer,


As members of the team left the project it became a tradition for the leaving presents to be rather risque. In the heightened security post 9/11 one unfortunate had his luggage searched on entry to the airport before we had even reached check in. A rather nice young lady did the search. She took great delight in showing the ‘marital aids’ within my colleague’s luggage to the whole queue. Don’t know who was the more embarrassed!.

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