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Tatry Mountains Poland / First Snow

27 Nov 2005 /  #1
Anyone else been here, on the tatry mountains in Poland??
tamara2 - | 12  
27 Nov 2005 /  #2
I had lived in Tatry for a number of years. It is a very beautiful place. If you like active lifestyle, that is the place to be. Lots of hiking, skiing, biking, walking, jogging, etc. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Poland, so it gets very crowded during vacation and holiday seasons. If it snows, there are many skiing sites to choose from - easy to very advanced, but there are few sites that produce snow independently from the natural snowfall.

Generally speaking, people love the area for its beauty and it is well worth it.

13 Jan 2006 /  #3
I like being in Tatry - but in summer. I don't like winters and summer in Tatry can be really goergous. Especially when you like walking. Rent a room as close to the mountains as possible to relish the beauty of the nature. Ask your host or hostess to prepare a real Polish breakfast (scrambled eggs and bacon for example) and you'll notice the difference. Egg yolks are ORANGE, not yellowish like in the US. Drink milk from cows that live freely. Ahh, I miss summer :).
d1sr240 2 | 12  
13 Nov 2006 /  #4
I also use to live in the Tatry, in fact I was born there. I think it's extremely beautiful there, and I hope to one day go back and live there.

Tamara-where exactly did you live there?
23 Aug 2007 /  #5
Merged: Tatry trip

Dzien Dobry...

I am going to a friend's wedding in a few weeks in Katowice. Afterward I want to spend some time in the Tatra's, I think. I have been to Zakopane before.. but I am looking to see some really beautiful views and perhaps some smaller towns that are still tourist friendly. Towns with young people would be a plus, because I am 26 and single :)

Can anyone recommend some towns to visit? Maybe if I start from Tarnow or Zywiec and slowly travel back to Krakow to catch my flight?

now that I think about it... I can't imagine a Polish person not being nice to me. By "tourist friendly" I only mean a town that will have a bed for me to sleep in :)
Magdalena 3 | 1,837  
24 Aug 2007 /  #6
I don't know if it's feasible for you, but you could try the villages above Zakopane - I can vouch for beautiful views and an abundance of beds, as górale are a very business-minded folk and know a tourist opportunity when they see one ;-)

But again there might not be that many young people and the associated fun and games.
Either way, take care in the Tatras because they are called "the pocket mountains" as they cover such a small area, but the changes in weather can be very extreme, even in summer! I'm talking blue-sky-and-sunshine-to-hailstorm-within-half-an-hour changes here.
16 Sep 2008 /  #7
Merged: First snow in the Tatra mountains

Looks like an earlier winter for the Tatras with snow falling last night and more expected over the next two days.

God I hope it snows at Christmas as I have 15 members of my family from the UK coming to Kościelisko to spend Christmas for 10 days there, and if it doesn't snow I will have my nephews and nieces pizzed off.
Daisy 3 | 1,225  
16 Sep 2008 /  #8
You didn't get much snow last year did you?

The kids will really love it if it does snow at Christmas.
16 Sep 2008 /  #9
You didn't get much snow last year did you?

Hmmmm, depends, as before Christmas there was quite a nice bit for skiing in Zakopane, but as soon as Christmas came the snow started to go :(

So to find any really good skiing conditions we went to Strbske Pleso in the High Tatras, Slovakia, where is was fantastic.

This is the webcam from the mountains and it looks as if there is a snow drift over it lol
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
13 Mar 2009 /  #10
Quick update.
It is snowing in the mountains south of Krakow.
This means lots of snow in the Tatras, might be the last good snow for the season.
And I might finally get time to snowboard this weekend (fingers crossed).

You didn't get much snow last year did you?

Yeah we had loads and loads and loads of snow this winter especially in January February , shovelling the driveway trying to find the car. ha ha ha
13 Mar 2009 /  #11
Yep you are right Sean -----> - Zakopane street webcam
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454  
13 Mar 2009 /  #12
It is snowing in the mountains south of Krakow.

It was snowing in Poznań last night! I went to the pub after going to see a film called Once (great Irish film!)...all was fine and well, then when we left, the snow started...and it kept going...and going...and going.

It's mostly melted now, but still, everywhere was white this morning :/
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
13 Mar 2009 /  #13

I loved it, great sound track.
Is it out in the cinema?.
Might go see it again, if it is.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454  
13 Mar 2009 /  #14
It was just on at the local 'art' cinema here. I was dragged along, expecting to hate it...but was utterly shocked at how good it was.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
13 Mar 2009 /  #15
was utterly shocked at how good it was.

Yeah I was pleasantly surprised too.
Modern day romance but real.

Come on lets bang out an auld tune :)
ONCE: Falling Slowly

OK, the sun is beaming out of the heavens and my work is done for the day.
i am hitting the slopes!!!

I love days like today.

I can't understand anything on the other threads anyway (nothing new there).

Have a good one!.

I am off again to hit the slopes.
Really beautiful spring weather but there is still plenty of snow.
I don't know how long it will last, the rivers are getting big.
Which means the snow is melting, as it has not been raining.
So probably just a few days left in the skiing season.

Ok so, it is the last of the skiing, in Bialka anyway.
It was plus 6.5, damn that Halny (a special warm wind).
And there were more people there today than I had ever seen.
It was still good fun but the conditions were not very good.

Oooopsss! loads of snow here.
This is the never ending winter.
since yesterday, there has been about 20cm of snow and it is still coming.
So in Zakopane there'll be more, possibly making this the last fo the skiing/snowboarding season.
20 Mar 2009 /  #16
So in Zakopane there'll be more, possibly making this the last fo the skiing/snowboarding season.

Nice one Sean, off to Italy on Monday for ten days looks as if I should have saved my money and stayed here.... always the way eh!!! lol

Zakopane webcam high street peeing down with snow right now.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
22 Mar 2009 /  #17
Great snowing conditions in the Tatras now.
I was skiing today and I am going again tomorrow (35PLN 24Hrs).
There is a metre of snow in Zakopane, it is going to last a long time.

It was the best conditions for skiing this winter for me today.
And I was using the ramps and half pipe thing, well it isn't a half pipe but half a half pipe but not a quarter pipe, it is only on one side and curves around, it is excellent for stopping, you go around almost horizontal, it is the beez kneezz.
Eurola 4 | 1,909  
22 Mar 2009 /  #18
Great snowing conditions in the Tatras now.

I don't want to see another snowflake this year. Zero. Nada. Nothing. Ani jeden platek sniegu. I had enough.

I want the grass green.
22 Mar 2009 /  #19
Eurola 4 | 1,909  
22 Mar 2009 /  #20
I guess, you got your a** kicked in Canada as well! :)
Global warming, please show up soon!
22 Mar 2009 /  #21
Global warming

The Inconvenient Truth didn't appear so truthful this year. I can only remember last year having so much of the fricken white crap to shovel.
Eurola 4 | 1,909  
22 Mar 2009 /  #22
Darn Al Gore, messing with people's minds...but, heck..most people are gullible. You can tell them anything. I'm glad that people in Canada and Chicago screw the 'Inconvenient Truth"..year by year. LOL.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
25 Mar 2009 /  #23
It is still snowing (it melted yesterday) they are saying plus 13 on Saturday :)
but today i am living in a snow globe.
davidpeake 14 | 451  
25 Mar 2009 /  #24
some snow overnight here in wroclaw
Qacer 38 | 125  
16 Apr 2009 /  #25
It would have been nice to enjoy the snow for a little bit, but frankly, I'd rather have the beach and sunshine. :-)

Polish skier in Zakopane during Easter
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
23 Apr 2009 /  #26
Merged: Dunajec Gorge (prezlom dunajca)

Anyone been here? Is it worth doing the boat trip? If so, which place is best to park? Any advice welcome.
McCoy 27 | 1,269  
23 Apr 2009 /  #27
if you like a lazy rally down the river with nothing but mountains arround - yeap, it is worth. i did it once and enjoyed it but i prefer feet trips
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
23 Apr 2009 /  #28
Thanks. Well i am going to do walking too obviously, but I like rivers too.. How long does it take?
McCoy 27 | 1,269  
23 Apr 2009 /  #29
How long does it take?

around 2h. here, take a look:

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