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a link to U.S. airline regulations - carry-ons and baggage

regionpolski 33 | 153  
26 Aug 2007 /  #1
Is there a link in Polish that explains what the regulations are regarding U.S. carry-ons and baggage?
Ranj 21 | 947  
26 Aug 2007 /  #2
what is it you want to know, rp? I do know that in the US, you can check up to 2 bags not to exceed 25 or 30 kg and you can carry on one bag along with a personal item like computer or purse....once you are in the EU or Poland, the regulations are can only carry on one item.

Flying from Poland to England, I was charged 300 zloty for excess baggage (can only check one and total weight if you have more than one cannot exceed 20kg----I was charged for having to check an extra bag (it was to big for me to carry on) and the total wt of the two bags was 28 kg, so I was charged for excess wt also. I was flying on Wizz Air, and since it's a no frills airline, their policy may be different from other airlines.

Flying back to the states, I was able to check 2 bags, but still could only carry on one item....
OP regionpolski 33 | 153  
26 Aug 2007 /  #3
My wife has questions, and I find it easier to let her read info in Polish, rather than have me try to explain it. How many kilos, how many bags, etc.

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