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Activities in and around Krakow with 5 yr old boy?

Barry Canuck  
28 Jun 2007 /  #1
We will be in Krakow for the month of July and was curious what activities / outings in and around the area could anyone recommend?


krysia 23 | 3,058  
28 Jun 2007 /  #2
The zoo by Kraków in Bielany is very nice.
The Wawel is interesting to see and the Wawelski Smok (dragon).
Wieliczka has the salt mines.
Can take a boat ride on the Wistula River.
Kopiec Kościuszki - a mound from where you can see the Wawel.
pennyroyal999 1 | 15  
28 Jun 2007 /  #3
^ those are the places I would recommend too.. and I remember when I was a kid they used to have a small carnival on the Blonie park... There's also a Go-cart track around there, but not sure how old kids have to be for that. If you walk around Blonie you can see Wawel from there and Kopiec Kosciuszki, they have some playgrounds there. Smok Wawelski is a "must see" for a 5 year old, and take him to Rynek for some cotton candy etc.

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