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Malaysian/Indian Guy Wanting to Study Medicine in Poland

desh 1 | -  
23 Jan 2009 /  #1
Hello everbody, my name is Desh. I m an Indian(Punjabi) from Malaysia. I m really keen in studying medicine in either the University of Warsaw , Universtiy of Lodz or the other university in Krakow. Can anyone please advise me on which university and location should i choose?

It would be awesome if someone from the university itself could give me some feedback on the university and also regarding admission, life style, cost of living.. etc. etc.

I have visited the Official Univerisity Website and have emailed my enquiries to the Internation Department, but have not gotten a reply, thts the reason i m here. I have completed my SPM(O-Level) and obtained a 3.95cgpa and have also completed my Foundation In Science(A-Level Equivalent)and scored a 3.33cgpa. Would i get accepted? If so, can i get some1 living nearby the university or from the university itself to help me, so tht i can get my documents verified and tht my certificates are accepted?

Thank you for reading. I hope u can help me :D

And I m on MSN Messenger & Facebook. My email addy= Deshwinder_sidhu@hotmail
Please anyone from Poland?
31 Mar 2009 /  #2
Hi Desh,
I'm Malaysian living in Warsaw. Understand that there are many Malaysian study Medicine in Warsaw,Krakow as well as Lodz.
However, suggest you check with Malaysian Embassy in Warsaw for more information.
31 Mar 2009 /  #3
Polish institution and businesses (especially those who don't deal with foreigners on a regular base) have a bad habit of not confirming that they received applications or the like in a reply e-mail. This might be the case here.

This said i am not very familiar with the subject. I don't live anywhere near as well. But don't lose hope. Perhaps someone from here might help. As for Polish students their entry exams take place in June, but the whole of the recruitment proces sometimes ends only in September(the academic year starting with the begining of October). I don't know what's the story with foreign students but it might be similar (so then you should take patience). Anyway if you can afford that try calling the enquiry office of the University (get ready for a prolonged connection - and they won't call you back I'm pretty sure) I hope I don't misinform you, but try to verify what I stated with some other people.
anakanka 2 | 36  
3 Apr 2009 /  #4
Hi there,

I am not a medine student my self but i think i might be helpful in some cases.
I am from krakow and i was doinsome toutoring with spanish guy who came to poland to do his master from medicine course. There are mant canadian and amrecican in krakow who study medicine, compare to the costs they have to pay in their countries for doing the same major poland seems to be relatively cheap from them. if you ask about living conditions well, i am a student and i share a flat with two other girls placed 5 minutes walking distance from downtown and my liveing costs includding renting pay , food, and so on so on never exces more than 250 euros, there is always cheaper option to stay at the student houses- each university has one and from my knowledge i can tell you that teh living conditions are quite fine especially for foreigners. I also heard that medicine university in GdaƄsk is very famous amoung te foreigners too.

I do agree that polish institutions very often hesitate with sending their acknowledgement letter so no worries, thats the probem with which even polish students have to face :) just give them a call on your own and send every day e-mail...maybe finally they will answer.

To be honest i do not know anything about the limitation to enter the university - i mean your mark score ....but i think that the best information about the topic which interests you is available on internet forums... i am sure you will find all answers which you need :) cause " if there is something what you can not find in Internet it means that this thing does not exist" :)

good luck and if you have any forther questions do not hesitate and conntact me on my e-mail :) I am replaying faster than polish institutions tho :P
Teija Gumilar  
9 Dec 2009 /  #5
Hello Zuomo.

Are you still living in Poland?

The Institute of Linguistic in the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan had opened a new program of study called Indinesian and Malaysian Philology, and now is looking for a Malay language teacher (a native speaker of Riau or Malay/Malaysian language)

The job is for a full time salary with only 8 hours teaching per week (in one or two days per week, in which the teacher still can do other things such as studying while living in Poznan or other city).

If you are interested, please contact me at:

or the secretariat:

UAM website is:

Thank you.
Dr. Teija Gumilar
Insitute of Linguistic, Adam Mickiewicz University

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