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A foreigner in Poland as a student...

5AB 1 | 2  
11 Sep 2007 /  #1
Came to Poland to study medicine. I really like it here, it`s nice to be a student here and the beer is sure cheap and tasty :)

I`ve met a alot of polish people, some that speak fluent english, others that I can communicate with through body language and some odd germans words. Made quite a few good friends, mostly because of the local kickboxing/muay thai club that I train at. Never knew that poles where that interested in martial arts, or as good at it as i`ve learnt that they are. People that used to glare at me out on town greet me, buy me bears and try to "play spare" with me. Mostly the girls are more openminded and usually are interested in knowing my background and how I like it in Poland.

That is one side of my experience, the other one is of young racist poles, had a few encounters with these in the town i live in. Just today walking home from the local supermarket i got in a brawl as some idiots threw beerbottles after me.

Pinned one of them down, told him to apologize but the moron didn`t know a word of english.
The people that I meet in the neighbourhood are usually nice and kind. The foreign students are mostly respected in this town. We are not here to steal any jobs from the poles, we are actually spending a lot of money here, creating new job oppurtunities. Still i don`t understand where all this hate comes from. The guys that threw beerbottles at me have probably never seen a "dark person" like me except on television, but they thought it ok to throw stuff at me and make animal noises.

What do you guys (polish) here think about foreign students in your towns?

Btw. English is not my mothertongue so please excuse any spelling errors.
Ronek 1 | 261  
12 Sep 2007 /  #2

so what is your nationality and in which city do you study?
when it comes to racism you describe I'm guessing you're not in Wroclaw cuz I've never seen it here. But on the other side cocky behavior that you show dosnt realy help you case, now does it;)?
IdW - | 33  
12 Sep 2007 /  #3
But on the other side cocky behavior that you show dosnt realy help you case, now does it;)?

Not trying to start a fight, but how was he being cocky..?
OP 5AB 1 | 2  
13 Sep 2007 /  #4
Like IDW asked, how was I being cocky?
hello 22 | 891  
13 Sep 2007 /  #5
I think it will take a little more time for some Poles (even the young ones) to get the meaning of the word "tolerance." It seems some of them are jealous girls like you or are interested in you more than in them (after all who would be interested in drunks or punks). The societies in Poland, as you mention, should understand all visitors or tourists bring them money and business; they should teach their kids that without customers they won't prosper. So I would just ignore them and just focus on your study and hobby.

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