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Dormitory conditions of Polish Universities

6 Jul 2007 /  #1
Hi everybody,
I'm an erasmus student who will be studying at Warsaw University for the
winter term and need some information about the dormitories
of the university, does anyone ever have an idea about the conditions? I may
also share a flat with other people, so what are the prices approximately and can I find a place any time of the year?
You can also mail to groundlers@yahoo for instant caontact.
Thanks for your helps in advence!
olito 6 | 53  
6 Jul 2007 /  #2
Hi groundlers, another guy asked the same question, but regarding the dormitories in Wroclaw. As I have understood, most of the student dormitories are mostly the same overall Poland, then I'm copying you my experience in dormitories (I live in one in Wroclaw).

Good luck!


The word that best defines the student residences is CHEAP. You can't beat the prices, for one bed you pay 192 zlotych (50 euros) monthly.

First of all, you share room, you can't live alone. You will have 1 or 2 roommates, and the whole room is about 16 square meters.

Second, it is a building with 10 stories, and each story have like 18 rooms (meaning around 50 persons per story), and there is one kitchen for all of you. The kitchen is basically 2 sinks to wash dishes and two old gas heaters for cooking, and one table!

Also there is only 1 washing machine per story which your room is allowed to use one day per week.

Third, ambient it's ok, not dangerous, friendly among erasmus people (because I live in the same story as all the erasmus), but also you should follow some security measures like closing your room every time you're somewhere else, to avoid being robbed (you never know when can this happen!)

Fourth, yes, it is loud. You can hear noises from the rooms next to yours, from the bathroom (which you share with another 3 rooms, meaning 12 people), from the hall and even from outside. And if you add that people usually listen music loud or party and drink in the halls, well, its not the best place for sleeping/studying.

Fifth, it is near to the uni, just 10 minutes walking or 2 tram stops. And next to this building there are 5 other buildings of the same kind. Meaning that with good weather everyone is in the garden making grills.

Sixth, thing that annoys me the most, in every room there is a loudspeaker, through which the administrator speaks to the WHOLE building WHENEVER they want. Just imagine it is 1am, you are almost sleeping in your bed, and suddenly one voice in polish starts giving some announcement (which in my case I never understand because can't understand polish!). VERY ANNOYING!

Hope it gives you a better idea of your next home! Remember, its the cheapest around!

OP groundlers  
6 Jul 2007 /  #3
Hi Olito,
thanks for the information you gave, it sounds not that bad ;)
timdaly1987 1 | 3  
14 Jul 2007 /  #4
the dorms in warsaw are terrible...which faculty will you be studying at?

you only pay 50 euro, true, but the dorms for the psychology studies are infested with cockroaches. not just a few little critters crawling around (trust me, i grew up in an apt. in queens ny), the cockroaches in the wu dorms are calling the shots
OP groundlers  
17 Jul 2007 /  #5
Hi Timdaly,
I'm no sure which faculty I'll be studying but I'll be studying Russian&Polsih there. I had lived in dormitory for the first year here in Istanbul so I'm used to some kind of critters =) but sure wish not to have them.So what else about the dorm, don't they have any advantages except for being cheap, and what about the flats, expensive?
lala_suhaila - | 3  
31 Aug 2007 /  #6
hye my name is suhaila from malaysia

i also will join erasmus programme. so see ya..
turkishfriend 4 | 28  
1 Sep 2007 /  #7
i may join to erasmus (electric electronic engineering in 2009)

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