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15 reasons why the Polish real estate market will crash soon

SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
3 Dec 2009 /  #121
Wiślane Ogrody this is the place people in Krakow are now calling "The Bunker"

That's strange because it is in Żoliborz, Warsaw. Here is the advert.

but you say

I am moving either to the countryside or the States, maybe I will stay in Krakow,

So why are you looking at the capital, Warsaw???

The builder was taking Polish people's money the week he went bankrupt.

Pointing out one despicable act committed by an individual is not an indicator for anything.
Wroclaw Boy  
3 Dec 2009 /  #122
Maybe I misunderstood as I am not a native Polish speaker

Thats the funniest thing youve said, arent you the brain child of a new Polish language course?
Claritus Sux  
3 Dec 2009 /  #123
Mr. Biernat you are an international man of mystery! You sell a language product that you claim you developed to teach yourself Polish. Now clearly you are not a native speaker of English, yet you are from the United States? On your publicly posted CV you claim to be a native speaker of Polish and at an Advanced level of English. And now you disavow what you claim on your CV. A very silly man once said something about bearing false witness...
mbiernat 3 | 107  
3 Dec 2009 /  #124
You are a liar. I claim on my CV to be a native of English and speak Polish, unless it is typos, show me, I made, which it could be, so show me, stalker. I can post two links to my online CV that show the opposite of what you say. I am a dual citizen and both Polish and American and speak both languages, but I have an accent in Polish but a native in English.

And you? tell me your life story?

Further why are you a stalker? Why do you not state you real name are you a Coward?

Stick to the topic at hand and stop personal attacks. I noticed you do not use your real name as you are a stalker.

Stick to the topic please.
Wroclaw Boy  
3 Dec 2009 /  #125
And you? tell me your life story?

LOL he's arguing with himself, keep going this is amusing.

I can buy a house on the beach in Florida for the price of a small concrete flat in Krakow in a block.

You might be able to pick up some swamp land down in the Everglades for that but not beach front property. Please paste the link for the properties youre referring to.

Hey Mr Biernat i have proof that youre the spammer, youre quite active on various forums and other sites and its all linked back to guess what? yep your language web site.
3 Dec 2009 /  #126
About 120 000 pln equivalent: 106 sq.m. apartment in the center of Berlin.

For 120 000 pln in Krakow you can buy a 15 sq.m. room :))))
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454  
3 Dec 2009 /  #127
Not only are you arguing with yourself, but you also can't read whatsoever.

The price shown is for a 17sqm room, and 30,000 pounds is not 120k PLN either.

And let's not forget that Wedding is very, very deprived in general - along with the fact that the Berlin government is on the verge of bankruptcy. But hey :)
3 Dec 2009 /  #128
Poland's real estate will not crash. period. if you wanna see crash read about Dubai.
3 Dec 2009 /  #129
You can find millions of osts all over forums on internet who said the same:

"Dubai World will not crash. period."

w w w
4 Dec 2009 /  #130
Demand outstrips supply, fundamental economics. As long as there are more Poles looking to buy than there are suitable properties. happy days.
The arse may have dropped out of the luxury market, but all else is good. The majority of foreign investment has not been private property, but rather commercial and industrial property. These are what drive a capitalist economy. More and more multinationals are moving factories from West to East, which creates jobs, etc etc etc

The IMF predict growth newt year. Polska is a safe bet for the long term.
4 Dec 2009 /  #131
Demand outstrips supply

That is the whole idea, that SUPPLY VASTLY OUTSTRIPS demand !

Thousands of apartments are on the market and NOONE IS BUYING.

Maybe market will unfreeze when prices will fall to susteinable levels: 2 - 3 000 pln/sq.m.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
4 Dec 2009 /  #132

Prove it.
Back up your statements with facts.
Supply links to reliable sources.
Enough agreeing with yourself, time for some work on your behalf to backup your statements.

2 - 3 000 pln/sq.m.

You can buy things for that price, just not in the Wawel castle.
Avalon 4 | 1,068  
4 Dec 2009 /  #133
"I think when it is at 1500 pln a meter it will be normal, maybe 2000 pln."

"Maybe market will unfreeze when prices will fall to susteinable levels: 2 - 3 000 pln/sq.m."

Not bad, you have managed to increase the price 50% in less than a week.
4 Dec 2009 /  #134
Avalon u r just pathetic each time. U know very well all posters here are different users, the others are NOT doing like you are doing, posting with multiple usernames, desperate developer and desperate real estate agent that you are.

- 70 000 new apartments built and unsold
- 1 - 3 000 000 old apartments deserted, owners working abroad and not planning to return ever to Poland k=view

- close to none at these huge bubble inflated prices. All polish people have homes,
and the population is decreasing, so more and more apartents come to be tried
to be sold on the market
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
4 Dec 2009 /  #135

Do not visit this site as it does not show what the poster is harping on about.


You are the one with multiple user names on here.
4 Dec 2009 /  #136
I am sick of people who don't live in Poland. Who don't own property in Poland. Who have no understanding of economics banging on bout a property bubble/ crash in Poland. You missed the boat, yes there has been depreciation in the value of properties in Poland but also this has been worldwide. Secondly, the forum concentrates its discussion around foreign investors, particularly with refence to major cities and luxury developments.

This is only a small sector of the market. The town I live in looks like a building site, flats and houses are still being bilt and sold at breakneck speed.

Remember the majority of Polands 38 million inhabitants don't live in damn luxury apatments.

1) Factories continue to relocate to Poland providing work.
2) EU investment continues to pour into Poland.
3) Polish banks were not heavily exposed and so have not been as badly damaged as other EU banks during the recent turmoil.
4) The morgage lending criteria in Poland was and continues to be much stricter than other EU countries
5) The Polish workers in Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Italy and France, continue to return money home.

If people wish to serious learn about the Polish property market, reading info on forums is not the way to learn.

1) Study IMF reports as well as World Bank publications.
2) Read business journals and note how many factories are relocating to Polska.
3) Log on to the official EU site and investigate EU structural funding for Poland.
4) Track and compare Poland's unemployment rate and compare with other EU countries
5) email Business professioal (if you actually know any) and ask them their thoughts


It is precisely of because of the enormous misinformation posted on this site why I rarey post despite having been tracking this site since its birth. Secondly the vicious personel attacks, the hate, spite and vindictiveness of many posts and their posters.

On the brightside the humourous posts are a delight and are basically why I still bother to read and occasionally post.

By Meena Thiruvengadam

WASHINGTON (Dow Jones)-- Unlike many of its neighbors, Poland likely won't slip into a recession this year, the International Monetary Fund said in a report released Monday.

The IMF is expecting Poland's economy will grow by 1.1% this year and 1.9% in 2010.

"The economy's limited reliance on exports, flexible exchange rate and contained external and internal imbalances, which provided room for countercyclical policies, acted as a shock absorber," the IMF's report said.

Poland earlier this year secured a $20.5 billion credit line from the Fund. That credit line remains precautionary and untouched, the IMF said in its report.
Avalon 4 | 1,068  
4 Dec 2009 /  #137

"I am sick of people who don't live in Poland. Who don't own property in Poland".

I am in total agreement with you. We have obviously been reading the same articals and have come to the same conclusions. This thread was started, just to wind people up, by a spammer who appears here under many different names and who has no knowledge of the construction/property market.

"It is precisely of because of the enormous misinformation posted on this site why I rarey post despite having been tracking this site since its birth."

See, he/she has even managed to get you
bolek 6 | 330  
5 Dec 2009 /  #138

With respect, I agree with what you are saying but those reference points all have some bias, whether it be bias from the banks who feather their own interests or governments who bake the books in order to impress ie a tool to get re-elected, there is also a question of Jewish influence.

The government tell us unemployment is about 11%.. what nonsence we all know its much more.

re 1.. where does the Eu gets its information ha government departments. ha ha
re 2 journals are linked to business companies. ha.. have they a vested interest.
re 3.. The EU has a vested interest to unite all countries in the league. a force to beat the US.
re 4 per previous comment
re5 .. ha ha like talking to a real estate salesman about investment prospects..

I've posted here for some time and tried to give a second opinion with view to caution people ie be a devils advocate about the future of Polish Real Estate, its obvious my views have lead to blind ears, I sometimes wonder why I bother..mmmmm
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
5 Dec 2009 /  #139
there is also a question of Jewish influence.

Jeez Bolek, I didn't know you were like that.

I've posted here for some time and tried to give a second opinion with view to caution people

I think it is a good thing that you give your point of view based on your own experience. Surely we can't all agree but if you now start with conspiracy theories, then I don't know what to say.
5 Dec 2009 /  #140
It is just so damn funny how in return to all statistics, clear facts and everything else that the property market in poland is GOING DOWN,

all what can Avalon and his other clones do, is just personal attacks "you are just so jealous that you ddid buy as many properties as I did"

showing childish behaviour,

and Avalon's personal attack is just a way to DISTRACT ATTENTION from the clear arguments and facts being presented here.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
5 Dec 2009 /  #141
It is just so damn funny how in return to all statistics, clear facts and everything else that the property market in poland is GOING DOWN,

Prove it, you have not shown any statistics, clear facts or coherent arguments to back up your fallacious claims.

personal attacks...

That whole last post was a personal attack, not one shred of back up or evidence.

It is also you who have multipule aliases all stating the same rubbish and all with no foundation.

clear arguments and facts being presented here.

I see NO clear arguments or facts coming from you.
cms 9 | 1,255  
5 Dec 2009 /  #142
I live in Poland, I own property in Poland, I understand economics, I didnt miss the boat (bought two places in 2001 and 2002).

The market is going to fall at least 20%. Disposable income is not enough to sustain the current prices and there is oversupply.

Not facts, just an opinion.
5 Dec 2009 /  #143
Thank you cms. Of course Avalon aka Claritus Sux aka SeanBM aka dtaylor and all the other clones will not respect you and attack you for saying the HARD PAINFUL TRUTH, I also own 2 properties in Krakow, and yes, prices are going down with speed :(
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
5 Dec 2009 /  #144
So why then don't you sell, Mark?

If you want, I can take a look at them, you'll be doing yourself a favour, according to your predictions.
Sell now save yourself hundreds of thousands of Zloty, if you really believe that the market will crash.

I am serious, PM me and we can discuss it further, I am near Krakow.
Avalon 4 | 1,068  
5 Dec 2009 /  #145

Don't bother, he likes talking to himself to let him carry on. life is too short to listen or worry about the opinions of an idiot.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454  
6 Dec 2009 /  #147
Typical? The guy appears to be completely mental!

Something tells me that he might have options on buying flats at their market price in the future, and is desperately trying to somehow lower Krakow prices.
SeanBM 35 | 5,808  
6 Dec 2009 /  #148
I think your initial assessment is more accurate.
bolek 6 | 330  
6 Dec 2009 /  #149
Jeez Bolek, I didn't know you were like that.

but if you now start with conspiracy theories, then I don't know what to say.

Sean its obvious that you won't be bringing the bacon home this Christmas nor be in the line up to be Poland's next multi millionaire, you have a lot to learn son.

I don't think people would find somebody saying something like the Irish influence in Poland would be offensive, and in fact there is a Irish influence in Poland ie Irish bars and Guinness beer..

The Jews are in the money business, finance and investment, how the Jewish community see Poland as a investment potential will be Poland's fate.
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007  
6 Dec 2009 /  #150
Click to vote for the *********** of the year award......BOLEK!!!!! well done my friend!

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