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flat community charge in poland

1 Sep 2006 /  #1

I am about to purchase a flat in Poland. It is a refurbished block of 12 flats at around £30k each. All very nice and finished to a high standard. The agent tells me that the community charge (the fee for looking after the building, cleaning, taking rubbish out etc) could be £50pm although it is likely to be lower to start with as everything is new.

Please could someone advise me is this a typical amount as it seems rather a lot to me percentage wise based on UK figures.

Thanks very much
1 Sep 2006 /  #2
Do you mean "associacion fees" and 50 pounds per month? I'm not sure where the money would go for (waste management, lawn mowing etc./?)
opts 10 | 260  
1 Sep 2006 /  #3
I think Somkeyone is referring to the maintenance cost.

I do not know what the cost is in Poland.
In US, it can range from 35% to 65% of gross income.
It depends on the age of the property.

If you take the net income, divide it by the current rate of return on similar investments, or the rate of return you desire, this will give you an estimate of how much you should pay for the property.
1 Sep 2006 /  #4
I would run away from complexes that have HOA (at least in the US) -- they "manage" (in many cases defraud) your money and you have nothing to say since they are treated like a company. They can sue you using your own money and defend themselves using your money...
iwona 12 | 542  
2 Sep 2006 /  #5
In POland it is much cheaper than in England. It is quite normal price.

In England this service is over-priced.
If you have to pay about 100-150 pounds community charge I am not surprised that houses are much more popular in England than flats. ( Maybe except big towns like London)

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