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Where to look for a flat in Warsaw

22 Jan 2008 /  #1
Hello!! Where I must look for to find a flat to rent in Warsaw?
hello 22 | 890  
22 Jan 2008 /  #2
You can start online - type in "mieszkanie w warszawie" or "apartament warszawa" in a search engine. Or post your requirements here.
23 Jan 2008 /  #3
Try Put in the neighborhood you want and where it says “Rodzaj transakcji” select “wynajem”

Another good one to try is You want to select “mieszkania” and “wynajme”
St George - | 1  
2 Mar 2008 /  #4
Thread attached on merging:
Flat rental in Warsaw

Hi All,
Can I have some feedback on the average monthly cost of renting a flat (1 bedroom) in Warsaw lets say in a 10km radius from the centre, I am not to0 bothered about decoration it must have heating and reliable hotwater.


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