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Advice on best interior fit-out company in Krakow: mamdom or JoshuaMills?

LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431  
18 Jun 2008 /  #1
I would be grateful is any member would give me their comment about their experience with MAMDOM and JOSHUA MILLS for their FIT out services and their feed back. ( members posting preferred rather than just guests, thank you)

Mamdom is a cheaper than Joshua Mills for premium interior fit but they offer similar service it seems.
also Is there another one apart from those 2 in Krakow that some members would recommend contacting?

Many thanks for all your advice, description,opinion etc because i would rather use a company recommended by our community!
michael - | 5  
19 Jun 2008 /  #2
Hey, I'm in exactly the same position, need a fit out done in Krakow. I've just had a look at mamdom online and have spoken with someone at Joshua Mills on the phone and agree, they both have very similar services. Only real difference I can see is Joshua Mllis is based in Krakow. I thought their offer to me was decent.

Other than that, maybe ask the agent who sold you property for recommendation of another company. I figure a local builder will be even less cost again, but I'm not sure I will be going down that road.
SeanBM 34 | 5786  
19 Jun 2008 /  #3
Hello LwowskaKrakow and michael,

The private companies I use are too busy and must be booked a few months in advance, it is a problem in Poland. Some times I get stuck too, please let us know who you end up using and how you get on.

Just a little note, Ikea will do the kitchen fits, they subcontract their own guys and I use them for that part and I am satisfied with their work. Of course the kitchen must be prepared beforehand, tiled etc.
kneehawk 1 | 47  
19 Jun 2008 /  #4
I have a fitout operation in Poland but unfortunately we only cover Warszawa,Lodz and Poznan.If anybody has a fitout requirement in those areas give me a shout.
OP LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431  
19 Jun 2008 /  #5
let us know who you end up using and how you get on.

Well I am still hoping I can get more feed back from members who might have used one or the other ,before I decide who to use, the more references you have the better. But I am not in a hurry , will go to Krakow mid August to get quotes and meet a few .

( i mean I would love to meet a few because as Michael points out Joshua Mills is the only one in Krakow we know of).
andy b 4 | 156  
20 Jun 2008 /  #6
Also Krakow based is Drew Grodzicki, who has a company called Final Fitouts. I know that his clients are happy with his work. I don't think his website is operational, but you can contact him on finalfitouts@gmail.
eleanoroconner 4 | 55  
20 Jun 2008 /  #7
I've used Mamdom three times over the past 14 months - very happy with what they did. I don't know Joshua Mills but they are an off spin of Keen Properties who are in bed with rednet who are in bed with Property Secrets!

Nothing bad about that but when I looked at Keens offer it was almost twice as expensive as Mamdom because they do things like suspended ceilings, etc which I thought were OTT for a straightforward rental apartment.


I think I made the right decision because all my flats rented within 3 weeks. I have another apartment coming up for fit out in October in Lodz and I will use Mamdom for that - if it works, why change?

My first fit out was over a year ago and I liked Mamdom for two reasons:
1) They guarantee the price and deadline - and they have been true to their word on my three projects.
2) They do the design - I am a design muppet and I don't know what is best for the Polish market so asking me what colour paint I want and which kitchen cabinets would be a headache adn I would probably arse it up. The Mamdom project managers have just gone to my flats, created a scheme and 'done it'.

But if your pad is some penthouse you will probably need an interior designer more than a fit out company and I see both Joshua Mills and Mamdom offer that service as well - never used it though.

Hope that's of some help....
michael - | 5  
20 Jun 2008 /  #8
Thanks for the tip Andy B.
OP LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431  
20 Jun 2008 /  #9
Thanks a lot eleanoroconner for sharing your experience with Mamdom and details about Joshua Mills (partners of Keen properties +Rednet+Property secrets : higher prices )
I already hired and paid an interior designer and he did the design of my little flat ( ihave the project of the layout)because I am like you I find it a headache to decide about colour, measurements etc.

and thank you Andy B for the reference about Drew Grodzicki.
Will check him too.
JMInteriors - | 5  
20 Jun 2008 /  #10
Dear Forum,

As representatives of Joshua Mills Interiors, we just joined this forum to browse comments and opinion, rather than to respond to public posts, but after the last post we would like to reply.

We are not sure if we’re more flattered or bemused to be linked with the larger corporations, and we’re not sure how this sort of information would come about. We are a small independent organization that prides itself on quality and customer satisfaction and we are happy to speak with any customers about this in person, over the phone, or via email…and we can of course provide references. We are also happy to endorse Mamdom or Drew for interior work as we are aware that they too have satisfied customers.

With thanks,

The Team at Joshua Mills Interiors.
eleanoroconner 4 | 55  
20 Jun 2008 /  #11
Right - I have put my foot in it!

The Keen Properties - Red Net - Property Secrets bit is true. However I misread the 'About Us' page on the JM Interiors site. It says "Joshua Mills Interiors was created by keen property developers" - that's in small letters so obviously not Keen Property Partners in Warsaw.

Thanks for putting that right JM Interiors - and sorry for any confusion caused.

Maybe change the wording on your website?
trickymicky - | 3  
3 Jul 2008 /  #12
great info from all of you .

I wondered who you used to find your tenants ?
andy b 4 | 156  
3 Jul 2008 /  #13
I wondered who you used to find your tenants ?

We can help you find tenants and also with property management.

Our real-estate business is called PKG Real Estate, and our is office is 600m from the old town square in Krakow on the corner of ul. Cybulskiego and ul. Garncarska, on the ground floor of the new residential building called "Nowy Swiat".

Our niche is with higher-standard apartments in the centre and close to the centre of Krakow, and we have established good links with international companies in Krakow, and have been helping the expat workers of such companies with apartments to rent.

Many of our clients are foreign, particularly from England and Ireland, and we pride ourselves on offering a Western style service.

Website in English: (new website being launched shortly).

Our listings in Polish:
OP LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431  
4 Jul 2008 /  #14
Many of our clients are foreign, particularly from England and Ireland, and we pride ourselves on offering a Western style service.

Thank you, that is good to know. in the Future , if you offer excellent service and reasonnable rates for Property Management in krakow ,You will certainely get a lot of clients who are members like me of Polish forums.
TuckerMax - | 2  
2 Aug 2008 /  #15
Our company, Leach & Lang Property Consultants, also offers residential letting and management in Krakow (and beyond).

Please see for more information about our services.

We have been present on the Krakow market for the last 5 years and have two offices - one on Slawkowska (in the Old Town) and one in Galeria Kazimierz (one of the main shopping centres).

We let and manage property for both foreign (UK/Irish/US) and Polish landlords in all parts of the city.

We are also happy to help organize fit-outs for investors who are in the process of buying apartments in shell and core state.
DaniB 1 | 12  
22 Sep 2008 /  #16
We have bought an Angelcity apartment in Krakow and with fingers crossed and wind behind it will be finally signed over to us at the end of the year.

We are also looking at fit-out options and this forum makes interesting reading and suggestions.

Currently, I am in early discussions with some contacts I have there, the main person being my brother-in-law's brother, who is a second generation Pole (like myself) and brought up in the UK but now living in Poland with his Polish wife and child. He is an architect (was working for a British company, I think) and has contacts in Krakow for our apartment fit-out. He has suggested that if there was more demand ie. multiple units within Angelcity he would become more 'hands on' himself)

I consider it an advantage to have someone with both UK and Polish knowledge and who owns several properties himself in both countries and therefore has a certain amount of experience in the field and not least being experienced in the field of design - ours will require limited imput from the design point of view since it will be middle of the road in quality, colour etc ie. functional and not too grand!

If anyone is interested in this option do email me directly. I must make it clear that we are only at the beginning of discussions (there is as yet no company in place) and I am going to look at several options, including those mentioned earlier such as Mamdom, Joshua Mills etc before making a decision, which will not be entirely based on cost but obviously that is a very relevant feature. I am not interested in making money from this but would be happy to be receive a more favourable 'multi rate' than one calculated on a single unit alone.

I currently have email contact with another Angelcity buyer who is in the same position and would be happy to hear from others in the same boat.
igazygan - | 1  
17 Oct 2008 /  #17
If you need any help I let and manage property in Krakow, problems with the fit out?
Contact us by email
Managment Property PATIO
28 Oct 2008 /  #18
to be honest I think MAMDOM is take caring of good product I do as well,
I also think important is to check knowledge and experience,
I provide company called G... I..... and I know how to keep price low,
any way I know MAMDOM has many foreign customers why only foreign maybe it id good to check the price,
I can estimate some work to, as fit out service company work in Kracow, warsaw, Lodz and Gdansk

i can offer You fit out service in relative good price , 664702593 sly
AZ Interiors - | 2  
12 Jan 2009 /  #19
If you are looking for fitout options in Krakow please visit

Beauty, quality, trust and moderate price. Anyway, we hope our pictures speak for themselves :)

Be careful that you don't start spamming
joeyc999 - | 1  
29 Apr 2009 /  #20
Did you get anything sorted out re Angel city fit outs? Have another three to possibly eleven apartments to add.
Krakowfitout - | 8  
13 May 2009 /  #21

I would like to introduce our company
We offer a full fit-out service.

Or simply contact us on,

Best regards,
20 May 2009 /  #22
I am looking for 5 or 6 fit out companies througout Poland who specialise in retail interiors. This would be for fairly large medium - high end retail outlets such as fashion, leisure, pubs, restaurants etc.

Can anyone suggest or recommend a company

OP LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431  
12 Jul 2009 /  #23
Jul 12, 09, 18:23 - Thread attached on merging:
Question about FITOUT Companies in Krakow

I would like to use an English speaking fitout company in Krakow for my 2 rooms flat in Krakow/stan developer but I already have some part of the equipment needed such as tiles,and the bathroom equipement.( a present from my sister) and i would of course like to use them.

Do you know if Fitout companies offering their services in Krakow such as Mamdom etc would do the general fitout work such as painting, flooring , electricity, doors etc and accept to use what i already have? I also have an architect project for my flat to follow.

Does it reduce their fees per square meter?

Anyone had a similar experience?

I would like to start the fitout soon in August 09 .
Thanks a lot,
dtaylor5632 18 | 1998  
12 Jul 2009 /  #24
jminteriors - This company has a good reputation in Krakow. Give them a bell, I;m sure they will be able to advise you in all your needs ;) I highly recommend them.
Cameron 1 | 9  
12 Jul 2009 /  #25

Very professional and willing to cut a deal.
Krakowfitout - | 8  
12 Jul 2009 /  #26
Hello LwowskaKrakow,

Our company does fitouts in and around Krakow and we would be delighted to help you finish your apartment.
Just go to Krakow fitout and have a look for yourself.
We have no problem using the materials you already have, just give us an email or ring me and we can work out the details.

Thank you for recommending us.

Sincerely yours,

OP LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431  
12 Jul 2009 /  #27
I will contact you this week.
Thank you,
MKowalczyk - | 1  
22 Jul 2009 /  #28

After reading the post of eleanoroconner about Keen Property Partners (KPP), I would like to know where did the information about any relation, other than competition :), between KPP, Property Secrets and Rednet came from? As I am involved in KPP from it's very beggining this is a suprise for me to hear such opinion.

And to answer the question of LwowskaKrakow I can say that to the companies mentioned in this topic you can also add KPP as we are in all major Polish cities with our services, though we have a bit different standards of fit out.


margaret - | 6  
25 Aug 2009 /  #29
Hello LwowskaKrakoW, michael and SeanBM

If you are still searching, my company, design3inside, has designed and fitted out apartments in Katowice ranging from 35sqm to 78 sqm, with another 5 apartments pending, with sizes up to 90 sqm. We are available for similar projects in Krakow and have short lead in time.

Having initially looked into subcontracting the entire fitout operation, I found that I was able to supply a more expensive finish for what equated to prices quoted elsewhere for lower standard finishes i.e. cheaper tiles, doors, kitchens. Of course the portfolios of these other companies are extensive and look well executed, so its worth a quotation.

I would be happy to forward photographs or discuss costings with you should you wish to contact me.
r1a - | 5  
21 Sep 2009 /  #30

who do you use for letting and management?

richard archer

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