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Bringing a car from Germany to Poland + Registration

5 May 2007 /  #1
Hi everybody!
I'm from Austria, my girlfriend (actualy finacee, but the word sounds stupid ;-)) is from Warsaw and I intend on buying a car in Germany and registering it on her name.

So, I want to buy a Volvo S60 with a 1.953 liters engine.
As far as I heard, that should cost me 3% border-tax/customs when I import it. Right?
Then my question is, can I buy the car on my name in GER and then have my girlfriend register it in Poland on her name? or must she be the owner to register it?

What other costs, taxes etc can I expect?

greetings from Austria,
witek 1 | 587  
5 May 2007 /  #2
Bring a car from Germany to Poland + Registration

happy speculating.

viva capitalism
OP gaston  
5 May 2007 /  #3
She is moving to Austria in July but until then she doesnt have the nerves to drive across half of europe only to sign a contract at the car dealer...

Come to think of it, I could mail her the contract... hmm...

So anyhow, about the fees... Anybody know the procedure?
-translation of the cars documents
27 Nov 2008 /  #4
Merged: What taxes duties does one have to pay in Poland when importing a car from germany?

I`m a student at one of the english medical programs here in Poland, been here a year now and loving it, good food (love the sausages and beer) and nice people (except the occasional racists). Was thinking of buying a car that I can use here, asked one of my lecturers for help and he advised me to buy a car in Germany.

So I was wondering about tips, is german VAT reclaimable if one brings the car over the border? Should I get a Pesel if i want to have the car registered in my name?

I was advised against the used-car lots in Poland, as there is apparently a lot of tinkering with the Km gauges and damaged cars with cosmetic repairs. Is this true?

Dzien kuje in advance :)
benszymanski 8 | 465  
27 Nov 2008 /  #5
you need to have a registered address if you want to register a car in your name in Poland - i.e. zameldowanie. But your vehicle document will only be valid as long as your zameldowanie is, so if your zameldowanie is only 3 months long so is your car registration.

no you don't need a Pesel but there is no harm or trouble in getting one so you might as well.
no - VAT is not reclaimable within the EU for consumers.
I think you have to be careful whereever you buy a car, not just in Poland.

You will also have to pay tax on registering the vehicle. This depends on engine capacity. You can go to the urząd skarbowy in your town to ask.

From another discussion:

Import Tax on LKW and PKW

Can someone tell me the percentage % Import Tax (Zoll) for an LKV with over 2100cc.
Pkv is 18.6% are they classed the same or not?
Is it correct to have to also pay 22% VAT/Mvst also on inported cars form Germany?

Pkv is 18.6% are they classed the same or not?

they aren't PKW so zero%

Is it correct to have to also pay 22% VAT


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