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I'd like to go to Mexico...

Sparky - | 92  
2 Jan 2007 /  #31
Yeah Juarez is real nasty I was there once its a slum!!!!!!!!!!!....

Juarez is the only place I have been were the rich peoples houses have bars on the windows like the projects

I think that was Juarez. The last report I saw claimed that these women were stolen for their internal organs which were sold on the market. Anything for money I guess.

You are talking about a major medical transaction. I could see it if your wife was dying and needed a liver. I could see the insanity of a person killing and stealing organs. But even then the person would have to know enough about the anatomy to remove it without infecting it are damaging it. Not only that he would have to be educated enough to perform the surgery or find someone to do it. I think there is easier ways to make money on the black market.

More than likely the women have been sold off into slavery. They do it in Russia Columbia, and a lot of island places all the time.
BialaPolska 1 | 116  
2 Jan 2007 /  #32
Sparky is right, although a kidney does go for 10,000 dollars in America. It must be done by an extremely trained proffesional. It is only a rumour that people are drugged and their organs stolen. Slavery is probably what happened to them.
shewolf 5 | 1,077  
2 Jan 2007 /  #33
They found mutilated bodies with internal organs gone. Professionals are involved in it.
BialaPolska 1 | 116  
2 Jan 2007 /  #34
Maybe there are cannibals living in the forests. :)
krysia 23 | 3,057  
3 Jan 2007 /  #35
A UFO landed and the aliens sucked their blood and took the organs with them.
Sparky - | 92  
3 Jan 2007 /  #36
Yes because in outer space you can get almost 100,000 for a kidney. The republicans probably did it and sold the organs to the aliens. :)
apatrick - | 2  
4 Sep 2007 /  #37
I agree with that. I would love to visit.
19 Sep 2007 /  #38
hello guys
i've been reading all your comments about my country "mexico" and i there are somethings that you need to know,this country is soo big and we have good areas and bad areas but not like lots of you guys wrote about,kidnapping its a problem in just few cities for example mexico city (one of the biggest cities in the world),crazy city,polluted,crowds everywhere and crime is a problem true....but rememeber what have seen on tv is just the bad things in order to keep people watching the news,i was born in the south of mexico,the caribbean coast and there you find beautiful blue ocean,white sand beaches,arqueological sites (mayan culture not aztec pls¡¡¡¡),safe place of course sometimes you hear about isolated reports of crime but like in every country,you still found good people and we do have lots of people from different countries living here with no problem so in general this country is friendly and you will be always wellcome¡¡¡
bartek - | 10  
21 Sep 2007 /  #39
Muchas gracias para tu respuesta, companiero :-)
Eres un Mexicano? Una vez tengo que visitar tu patria (creo que) muy bonita :-)

Muchas gracias para tu respuesta, companiero :-)
Eres un Mexicano? Una vez tengo que visitar tu patria (creo que) muy bonita :-)
21 Sep 2007 /  #40
you're wellcome
of course that i'm mexican¡¡ proud and dont let the medias show you the bad things of my country,we have everything,ocean,mountains,jungle,culture,friendly people but its true one beautiful and you shouldnt miss the chance to visit mexico and i'm sure that you can book a package with hotel all included for a good price.

svengoola - | 69  
21 Sep 2007 /  #41
And don't forget the tacos and chihuahua dogs!!!
sledz 23 | 2,250  
22 Sep 2007 /  #42
Dont drink the water, youll get sick as hell
beckski 12 | 1,617  
22 Sep 2007 /  #44
chihuahua dogs!!!

Especially those irresistible Chihuahua dogs!
22 Sep 2007 /  #45
if you drink the water from the faucet you might sick dude,but even mexicans dont drink that water,we drink bottled water,and about chihuahua yeps cute dogs and dont forget about the "xoloescuintle",the "aztec" dog,unique in the world.
krysia 23 | 3,057  
22 Sep 2007 /  #46

The Mexican Hairless. Very unique indeed.
22 Sep 2007 /  #47
exactly krysia very surprised that someone here knows about this dog¡¡¡

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