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A friend murdered in Poland; what the Polish police can do?

Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
21 Jul 2007 /  #61
I am Aaron's mother, my other son signed me in. I am new to this kind of thing and obviously didn't do it very well the first time around. I was so excited to find this site that I didn't even think about what my son put in the profile. I didn't even know what a profile was until the other night.

I feel better knowing that you are..Please stay,, possibly someone can help in some
way.. its understandable what you are going thru and how you feel. as I had posted
above, it would also make me insane, its horrible that the police leave most of this
up to the family, because you know that they are not working as hard as they should
be to find the persons involved.. my best friends father was also murdered. Here in
the U.S. and she did the same as you are doing now.

we can always try to keep this thread at the top so maybe someone sees it who
knew what happened..
if they ( whomever witnessed it) are honest, maybe they can email you privately
without fear of someone finding out until the police can locate them..

again, its never easy, and words cannot take away the pain your feeling, I can only
pray that someone comes forward for Aarons sake and help to give your family
some sense of closure. God Bless you and your family ..

I apologize for not knowing how to use this site appropriately.

no apology necessary, it was us being careful.. this is a very sensitive situation and
you could have been someone else trying to pry information which is only the business
of the family and police.. please accept my apologies.. I was baiting to see where
this would go. We all heard about it in here with this post. and then we read the
link provided about what happened..
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385  
21 Jul 2007 /  #62
Can the American Embassy in Warsaw help ? It might be worth contacting them.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
21 Jul 2007 /  #63
I think thats a great start Wroclaw :)))

I hope she comes back to see.

even so, maybe some of our honorable Polish friends here can google on it and
do some research to see what they can find.. maybe look up on other places in
polish to see if anyones talked or mentioned it?
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385  
21 Jul 2007 /  #64
There should also be the Coroners / Pathologists report. Maybe the Embassy can get a copy of it for you.
21 Jul 2007 /  #65
Thank you all for being so understanding of my lack of experience. The Polish Police have been minimally helpful. We hired an attorney who has proven to be very helpful. Our FBI in Poland is really not there to investigate but to help us through the Polish system. It appears that when Aaron was in Poland he met a girl who he told us was a bar tender at a club but as it turns out she was a dancer/prostitute who took him for all he was worth. I probably should not be saying as much as I am but I have kept my mought shut for 3 months now and I am no closer to knowing what happened than I was the day that the Marines came to my door. I do know that this girl suckered my son into thinking that she wanted out of the business. My son told me before he left that he was doing God's will when he left. I know that must sound odd to most of you but we are a very spiritual family/religious family but not so much traditional. I thought he was referring to the assisted living that he was starting. I had no idea that he was referring to what he was doing in Poland.

There is much more that I can say but I really would perfer that I don't converse on such an open forum as I now understand that this is. If anyone knows anything, I would really appreciate some information. Aaron was a really kind, compassionate and good human being. I am trying to do what I can as a mother. I, as I have already said am a bit insane but I am not going away. I am going to find out who did this and take care of it as best I can. My son has many Marine friends who will help me to see that justice is done. Any and all information will be very much appreciatated.

Thank you for accepting my efforts and helping in any way that you can even if it is only with prayers. I am very grateful.
hello 22 | 891  
21 Jul 2007 /  #66
But they interrogated the girl already, didn't they?
26 Jul 2007 /  #67
I'm new to this discussion, has anything else happened since Jul 21, 07?
29 Jul 2007 /  #68
Is anyone still interested in this forum?
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
30 Jul 2007 /  #69
Vladimer, we can only give advice,, I dont think anyone knows anything other then
what was told in here and in the news.. the embassy or someone should be
keeping contact with you.. dont they have interpreters helping you at all?

I cant help otherwise I would if I lived there.. I live in the united states so
I am in same boat.. and I can understand your wanting to know..

is there someone in here who can maybe direct her to the right offices>
someone who can find out these things.. this is already painful for her.
I dont know what else to do except ask in here. if i could translate you a
letter in Polish I would, but I am learning too..

Many warm hugs to you and your family..

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