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A friend murdered in Poland; what the Polish police can do?

3 May 2007 /  #31
I live in Annapolis. My ex-husband was a marine and a close friend of Aarons. I just heard from my ex about this last night but didnt want to make him upset by asking the details so I thought maybe I could find something out on here. The only thing I found on the web at all was your message. No one I have ever known has been murdered and its a shame that the first had to be a great guy like Aaron. I will always remember him fondly :)
4 May 2007 /  #32
Do you have any information of what happened to Aaron?
OP Ciss  
4 May 2007 /  #33
I emailed the Polish police I could possibly help, but they didn't reply (maybe they don't understand English). I don't know any details..
4 May 2007 /  #34
qwerty or ciss,
Can you send me an email?
I will explain outside of this chat room.
Thank you.

The Marines will be there for you in Crownsville.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385  
5 May 2007 /  #35
The story is at 'Capital Online'
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
5 May 2007 /  #36
can anyone explain what Sunshine House Assisted Living get up to, who Mr. Lawson and his friend Sam White and SAMRON International Inc....

no guns or knives according to the article...
Wroclaw 44 | 5,385  
5 May 2007 /  #37
Google tell me that Assisted Living is some sort of Day Care.
hello 22 | 891  
5 May 2007 /  #38
Very sad story... Let him rest in peace.

Hopefully they find the murderer/s and will do everything that is in their power to find and sentence them.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
5 May 2007 /  #39
my Prayers and condolences to the family and to his friends who will miss him.

I hope those who did this are caught and brought to justice.
8 May 2007 /  #40
If the friends and family still go to this chat room. I was The SSgt that presented the American flag to Cpl Lawson's mother.
hello 22 | 891  
8 May 2007 /  #41
I'm not involved in the case, but I appreciate what you did. Let him rest in peace.
8 May 2007 /  #42
Most of my funerals are Marines born in the 1920's and 30's. The young ones are rough.
OIF and OEF are tough on everyone in the detail.
8 May 2007 /  #43
BAD Poland - US, Australia or Sth Africa looks like a safe heaven now.
9 May 2007 /  #44
05/05/07 11:39 AM
Local Marine killed in Poland [ Post 295469546 ]

Category: News & Opinion (General) Topic: International Affairs
Source: Capital Online
Published: May 5, 2007 Author: HEATHER RAWLYK, Staff Writer

Matthew Munsey thought the two Marines who pulled up in front of his Cape St. Claire home April 24 were there to recruit.
After all, his 16-year-old son Jacob planned to follow his older brother's footsteps and join the Marine Corps someday. It was going on 8 p.m., a little late for visitors, but Mr. Munsey couldn't think of any other reason they'd be there.

It's sad to see alot of negative coming from here when someone gets killed

It's sad to see alot of negative coming from here when someone gets killed

Very sad but I hope that not all of you think about it like most of the posters in that link.

Hmm, I guess this subject shocked most of you around..........
15 May 2007 /  #45
He talked to the wrong girl.
away guy 10 | 343  
16 May 2007 /  #46
Damn thats bad , you serious about speaking to the wrong girl ?
16 May 2007 /  #47
Hm, did this alleged 'murder' really happen or Ciss made it up? What club was it, allegedly? When did the murder take place?

And the barrage of stupid comments. One wacko - a real authentic Polonophobe (from US or Germany?) - has even announced that he was afraid to travel to Poland because of the alleged murder. Well, it follows that you shouldn't then travel anywhere, particularly US, Germany, or UK, where the murder rates are much higher than in Poland.

And don't under any circumstances travel to Israel, pal.

And yes, don't come to Poland - you and yours aren't welcome there.

What a bunch of hate-filled Polonophobic wackos haunt this allegedly 'Polish' forum.

Looking for a new scapegoat?
daffy 23 | 1,508  
16 May 2007 /  #48
did this alleged 'murder' really happen or Ciss made it up?

there are links in the thread to news articles if you read it all.

And yes, don't come to Poland - you and yours aren't welcome there.

example of racism
away guy 10 | 343  
16 May 2007 /  #49
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
16 May 2007 /  #50
Outdated Aleksy...look for some new stats.

from above:
SOURCE: Seventh United Nations Survey of Crime Trends and Operations of Criminal Justice Systems, covering the period 1998 - 2000 (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Centre for International Crime Prevention)

none of these things are even broken down to types of crimes or wether or no they were found guilty and convicted. I'm not sticking up for anyone, but you need some solid info to go around calling people stupid.

18 May 2007 /  #51
Hm, I can see that daffy, the Irish moderator on this supposedly Polish board, has removed even more topics that weren't to his liking.

But he has left the one where he tries to put the label of racist on me. Without any evidence, of course, of my alleged racism.

Daffy has alleged that when I'm teling a Polonophobic wacko (from America or Germany?) that he and his aren't welcome in Poland, I'm being racist. :)

Isn't daffy's posting an example of his racism?

Isn't daffy defending and encouraging Polonophobic racists to vent their hatred on this board?

Isn't thus daffy racist himself?

Racists nowadays are adroit in using human rights language, e.g. terms such as 'racism,' 'fascism,' 'xenophobia.' They think that when they use these terms, others do not regard them as racists, but as anti-racists.

Under another topic, daffy rabidly defended Italians against imagined racist generalisations against them.

But although this topic is full of real Polonophobic generalisations against the Poles, daffy has been keeping silent about them.

Isn't he a bigot?
18 May 2007 /  #52
that is terrible, RIP [i]

i hope they solve the murder and the people(s) responsible are arrested promptly....

my brother's friend was murdered here in Canada recently.... terrible thing, one of the worst ways to go out in terms of a grieving stand point for family and friends.... i wish it didn't happen, but there are lots of ****** up people all over the world....
daffy 23 | 1,508  
18 May 2007 /  #53
You havent quoted me once ergo you have not proven anything puzzler except your inability to post fact.
Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
18 May 2007 /  #54
Isn't daffy's posting an example of his racism?

not at all, daffy represents himself respectively.

And the barrage of stupid comments.

stupid comments? saying our prayers go out to his family??

are you a flippin retard or what?? do you know what you are saying even?

what dork challenges a murder that happened and the comments of prayers
and support for his family?? Puzzler, again, I do hope you recant on this one
it really happened and some of this gentlemans friends do and have read this
thread, so its very disrespectful to say the least how you jumped in here to
do your prove this prove that mumbo jumbo.. facts are you are a disrespectful
Cnut and I hope you will apologize and stop being such a jerk.

MY apologies to the friends whom have visited here, sometimes we have
idiots whom roam the boards and it is uncalled for.

Please again accept my sincere condolences..
28 May 2007 /  #55

I'd like to say that some people prefer to make themselves the center of attention. Perhaps puzzler should decide that invasive behavior such as his in this thread should be considered selfish.

I am a very good friend of the sister of Aaron, whom I wil consider notifying of this conversation if it has to do less with puzzler's exclusivity and nationalism, and more about any commonality of grief and productive searching for closure in this situation.

Not all Americans are flashy, bearing in mind that jealous people often perceive people as being flashy when they are only culturally different.

By the way puzzler, isnt nationalism dangerous in your neck of the woods?
19 Jul 2007 /  #56
i was curious to know what the name of your friend was.

I just found this forum. Tell me, how do you know that a gun and knife were used. I understand that Aaron's head was bashed in. Was it with the but of a gun?

The name of the club was the Oaza.

I just found this forum. Tell me, how do you know that a gun and knife were used. I understand that Aaron's head was bashed in. Was it with the but of a gun?

The name of the club was the Oaza.

Ciss, please e-mail me at lawson28@hotmail I am Aaron's mother.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
20 Jul 2007 /  #57
vladimer12 Male

I am Aaron's mother.

Patrycja19 63 | 2,699  
21 Jul 2007 /  #58
Quoting: vladimer12
vladimer12 Male

Quoting: vladimer12
I am Aaron's mother.


u may have a point there bubba..

but, its easy to make that mistake of not changin your * ahem* gender.

If this is Aaron's mother , please accept our deepest sympathy for this tragic
event that has happened to your son.. and hope that someone can track down
those responsible for this horrible act.

I understand that Aaron's head was bashed in. Was it with the but of a gun?

this just doesnt sound like something a mother would say...

I would think she would say something more like...

if someone knows anything about the murder of my son, please email me, this
has caused my family so much grief and pain, and I cannot tell you how horrible
I feel, because its beyond feeling, I am numb and would like to catch these culprits
myself but its up to the police to do this.. I am only trying to help them in their
seach for those involved.. may god save those involved before I find them.

sorry, I am a mother too, so my words are more vigilanti..

I do hope they find them, and do what is necessary to give this family some

and today if someone was telling me that I wasnt who I was ,I would be clarifying
that,, and reading this thread daily.. keeping it handy so I can keep track of who
posts and what information can help...

yes bubba.. I think you might be right..
21 Jul 2007 /  #59
I am Aaron's mother, my other son signed me in. I am new to this kind of thing and obviously didn't do it very well the first time around. I was so excited to find this site that I didn't even think about what my son put in the profile. I didn't even know what a profile was until the other night.

I hadn't read the rest of the responses before I had typed my first one. I was just hoping that someone had some info. that would be helpful to me. I feel like my daughters and I have been the cheif investigators of Aaron's murder. I will not stop until I have an answer. Perhaps this forum isn't such a good idea for me since I really don't even understand how it works and what real purpose it serves.

It is 3 months today since Aaron was killed. I am trying to get through this the best way that I can and I am quite insane at this point. I apologize for not knowing how to use this site appropriately.
hello 22 | 891  
21 Jul 2007 /  #60
What about the Polish police? Weren't they helpful somehow at least...?

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