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Seanus 15 | 19,706  
31 May 2009 /  #31
That's not awesome, that's the sign of a filthy little basta*d.

Here's my present to him,
Ahmedinejad speaks truth and AGAINST greed.

The French left early so here's the transcript for that grubby twat.
Happymeal 7 | 35  
1 Jun 2009 /  #32
And the "SNUB'S" continue...

Britain's Royal Family won't attend D-Day ceremonies

No members of Britain's Royal Family will attend ceremonies marking the 65th anniversary of D-Day after France failed to invite Queen Elizabeth, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

"We have not received an invitation to attend a D-Day ceremony, and therefore the Queen and senior members of the Royal Family will not be attending the commemorations next weekend," said a statement from Buckingham Palace spokesman Nick Loughran on Thursday.
1 Jun 2009 /  #33
Yeah, French friendship is as good as French resistance.
bullfrog 6 | 603  
1 Jun 2009 /  #34
I never said he's smart or did anything good or great, its just the way he's able to cynically achieve profit thats awesome.

Just your average politician then...
Happymeal 7 | 35  
1 Jun 2009 /  #35

One antique French WW2 Rifle. Never been fired. Just dropped once.

Barney 14 | 1,472  
1 Jun 2009 /  #36
Did someone read this book by Beevor

Not yet. His others are well worth a look.
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,542  
1 Jun 2009 /  #37
I keep telling it to myself, he is only 1 Frenchman, he was elected before this happened!
If they re-elect him THEN I am gonna Not-like the French and France!
lesser 4 | 1,311  
1 Jun 2009 /  #38
Mistake! This will never be an issue of the French election campaign and you cannot expect otherwise. From the French perspective there is many much more important issues and this is completely understandable. I seriously doubt whether most of French voters even learn about this event.
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,542  
1 Jun 2009 /  #39
Still, it's up to them to know it, choose why and who they vote for. If they vote for him again I won't see French colture as favoritable at all. I WILL delete the French hymn from my Ipod!
Bratwurst Boy 6 | 10,583  
1 Jun 2009 /  #40
You have it on your ipod?????????????????????
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,542  
1 Jun 2009 /  #41
Yepp, (Iphone's Ipod) I listen to it, when I play a Russian game called WW1. When im France it just make it a perfect scene when hundreds of Frenchmen marches into the mashine gunfire.

Sometimes I also listen to it when not playing it, it's a very bloody anthem!
"Let our fields turn red" or something, it's from the times of revolution I think. The Russian is also not bad but becaouse of Putin I haven't got it. (yet) I have hope for them!
lesser 4 | 1,311  
1 Jun 2009 /  #42
If they vote for him again I won't see French culture as favoritable at all.

My friend if democracy would really work we would not need to discuss politics at all.

I'm also shocked that you have this disgusting anthem on your ipod. It speak favourably about genocide.
Mr Grunwald 19 | 1,542  
1 Jun 2009 /  #43
They speak of not stopping for anything to protect their liberty, still it has not much with todays France, so it's like ironic :)

Btw just becaouse I listen to something doesn't mean I am in the same position of thoose who are sung about or who made it. Sometimes it's just good music, for instance I like parade music and heck even some nazi marches are OK. But I do still not support Nazists :P
2 Jun 2009 /  #44
The queen is still waiting for her invite as well.

Looks like Chuckles will be going....

Linky thingy
Trevek 26 | 1,702  
7 Jun 2009 /  #45
Maybe it's just as well... he'd have had to have flown Air France.

For me, the big irony about not inviting the Queen is that she is probably the only current European head of state who was involved in WW2.
7 Jun 2009 /  #46
Not probably Trevek, she was the only one.
Trevek 26 | 1,702  
7 Jun 2009 /  #47
I thought so, but was too chicken to state it. I suppose the Pope could also count.
Crow 139 | 8,593  
7 Jun 2009 /  #48
Poles, don`t trust to France. That`s what Serbian can say to you. France betrayed Racowie!

Serbs were loyal to alliance with France but, France sold us to her islamic partners and to Germany

same as Britain (England), today`s France represent real Islamic bastion in Europe. They weakening Slavic south in order to strenghten Islam. That way on the long run, France attacking Polish vital interests.

Don`t trust to France Poles my brothers, if you knows for Christ. France failed and togather with mujaheedines killing Serbian children.

Glory to land of Poles, pride of Sarmatia!

Pozdrav Ledjani (Poljaci)!

[Salute Poles!] - on archaic Serbian, as Serbs in time (and in ancient time) of Racowie used to call Poles, their brothers from North.
pawian 170 | 11,331  
16 Jun 2009 /  #49
Sarkozy has faikled to invited Poland's head of state to this year's' Normandy (D-Day) landing celebration

Asked to comment on the issue, Prime Minister Donald Tusk said that a lack of invitation for the Polish president is "regrettable" , adding that relations between Polish and French presidents have not been too good since President Kaczynski refused to sign the Lisbon Treaty following the Irish referendum last year.

"President Sarkozy made it clear that he treated President KaczyƱski's refusal to ratify the Treaty as a matter of personal concern to him," Tusk said.

Poland protests after D-Day celebrations snub

Crow 139 | 8,593  
16 Jun 2009 /  #50

just another humiliation

they togather with their mujaheedine friends killing Serbs. They snubed Poles. What is next?

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