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Are Polish women too controlling?

Steveramsfan 2 | 306  
17 Dec 2009 /  #91
Which is very often.

30 layers is obviously an exaggeration. The layers come off quite quick for only me.
southern 75 | 7,096  
17 Dec 2009 /  #92
Maybe she is a russian matrioshka,not a polish girl.
OP master 17 | 22  
18 Dec 2009 /  #94
Am a normal guy just trying to find out about polish girls i am english use your common sence am not going to look on a english forum i find you very insulting looks like you all the same when man asking for help thats all you can do is insult him .you dont know me so dont judge me. ARE YOU POLISH ?
BrutalButcher - | 391  
18 Dec 2009 /  #95

Boy, learn to type. You sound like a retarded emo myspace boy.
Nika 2 | 507  
18 Dec 2009 /  #96
Am a normal guy just trying to find out about polish girls

this forum is probably not the best place to ask about PL girls.
Do you have any PL friends, colleagues, maybe your friends know some PL people? If yes you should ask them.
I don't think you will get a proper advice here.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
19 Dec 2009 /  #97
Bez 'a', Nika. My wife let me out to a dinner/staff function tonight, I was impressed ;)

More trust, less controlling, simple!!
Nika 2 | 507  
19 Dec 2009 /  #98
My wife let me out to a dinner/staff function tonight, I was impressed ;)

that's only because she's in a Xmas mood.
Korzystaj póki możesz! :)
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
21 Dec 2009 /  #99
I will use it til I can, thanks :)
Norman 2 | 11  
21 Dec 2009 /  #100
Strange topic. Are Polish women to controlling. It sounds like a contradictio in terminis.

The person that assumes this is looking probably trough the glasses of his own relation to the rest of the world. In general Polish women are submissive, docile, at first. The longer a relation lasts the more they show of themself. So you could end up with a more controlling girl compared to the one you started with, but hey, wren't you there all the time letting it happen. Polish girls love a traditional man,

see the works of lodz kaliska (may men rot) to understand the debate on feminism in poland

southern 75 | 7,096  
21 Dec 2009 /  #101
I ate again polish tonight.Of course I gave her pomuc.She invited me to come to her village and treat the girls there the Balkan way.She will introduce me all her girlfriends for a cluster.

The question is should I invade the polish village and fertilize or keep my strength for the Ukraina front?Kochanie has to give an answer.
Norman 2 | 11  
21 Dec 2009 /  #102
There is difference between Balkan and Polish girls?
southern 75 | 7,096  
21 Dec 2009 /  #103
It is like the difference between day and night.
Norman 2 | 11  
21 Dec 2009 /  #104
Day and Night,

In what sense, i might suspect more gypsie blood and passion in Balkan women? Or what is it exactly...
southern 75 | 7,096  
21 Dec 2009 /  #105
To say it more clearly Slavic women are the day and Balkan women the night.Or the opposite sometimes.
Generally women in Balkans look top,Turkish occupation has made the morals more conservative,this is the main problem.And they are more sly and cunning.If you practise with them,the rest seems child game.
Norman 2 | 11  
21 Dec 2009 /  #106
Sly and cunning, i dont judge those as positive characteristics of a woman in general, so in other words you say Polish women are more pure of heart and cooperative in their relation,

that does not make them more controlling but easier to be handled by a guy, but also less attractive, because guys wanna see al the dangers manipulations and tough sides of girls as well.

Happily my Polish girl that is from the capital has some slyness as a fox in her as well.

The village girls from Poland are those the ones you find back in western european calendars for men to be picked by who ever writes the first?

And they promise a loving romantic good life, good in cooking good in housekeeping
Many of those first generation Polish women came to Holland, just to escape the misery of the villagelife in Poland, a guy that i interviewed this year about it, told me.


did i mention lack of sense of humor?

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