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love story italy-poland

kitten 8 | 65  
16 Dec 2006 /  #1
...i m very in love with a polish boy who's the same age i am... 16... do you think it is possible to resist a lot? after 18 i can move there or i ll finish school before here..but anyway after reachin 18 i ll be able to fly to him everytime... what do you think about this story? i d like to have someone's opinion even if i really believe in my love and his one anyway..does anybody have some advice ?
Ranj 21 | 948  
16 Dec 2006 /  #2
Ahhh, young love! I think it's great, Kitten. Enjoy your romance with your young man----you never know what the future holds!:)
OP kitten 8 | 65  
16 Dec 2006 /  #3
:) here in my town only 4-5 people know about him... they d surely say i m a fool trusting him and believing all this but.. i m not afraid of that.. i m afraid of them to destroy all somehow..

he says he ll come here in the summer ..and my parents won't let me go to stay with him all the time i want cause they r always worried bout me and very limiting. .. so i ll pratically escape for a week or the time i need...and we ll meet in rome if things will go as we wish:) i m love ! so much ,so much ! i appreciate a lot the fact you consider it such a nice thing they don't even call it love..what do they know? don't i love a boy who's far if i refuse everyone, i give him my time, i think about him every moment and i wish to move to poland?:P
16 Dec 2006 /  #4
Id becareful Kitte, im 20 msyelf going 21...............did u meet over the internet?

Id just be careful, you dont know the person until your with them itself and basically just know what their true colours are like.

16 is young to be worrying about relationships. from experience. been down that road myself at that age.
OP kitten 8 | 65  
16 Dec 2006 /  #5
yes... over the net..but since 3 months i have been chatting with him, texting , phoning, sending all pictures,movies... talkin about important personal things:) he's gorgeous!

i simply want to meet him in the summer. if he's like he looks to me( not physically eh!) it's all ok ok ok ..if he's not the person i know now no matter for everything else.. i ll be so disappointed that i won't simply get up:P
2 Nov 2007 /  #6
Kitten ,

I'm a 22 yr old female and trust me I know you feel soo connected and you love him but rushing into moving and marrige is not the answer. First find what makes you happy besides him and don't rush . If it's ment to be you have the rest of your life to be in love and the rest of your life to live and you know what thats a long time . take your time breathe , smell some roses on the way and make some memories with him and move slow . Listen I saw alot of marriges fail because they where too young and same for relationship that fall threw bc you really don't know the other person as well as you thought. you heart is precious and its your to give to who every you chose but chose carefully bc the pain of a heart break is not like a paper cut , it cuts deeper.

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