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Searching Information about Renewal of Marriage Vows In Poland

villaroger 1 | 1  
27 Feb 2008 /  #1
I am writing searching for information regarding the renewal of marriage vows in Poland.
I am an Australian and British Citizen. My Wife is a Polish Citizen. My wife and I were married in the UK during 2001. Now we wish to renew our marriage vows with our family and friends in a cermony in Poland. My wife and i both are atheist.

Therefore i am seeking the following information:
Is it possible to renew marriage vows in Poland?
And if so is it possible for a civil celebrant to conduct the legal service?
And will this service need to be conducted at a registar office. Or is it possible to conduct this service anywhere we wish.
And which documents will i need to provide?
Thank You
Kind Regards.
Jabwaw 8 | 48  
28 Feb 2008 /  #2
Hi villaroger,

Considering the fact that you are athesist, therefore it would be impossible for you to get married in church. So you have to contact your county office and ask there for marriage department. there you have to take the appointment and also according to your nationality they will ask you for specific documents to submit. once you will get the date you can to the same office with witness and guest and ofcourse your wife :):):) and thats all :)

hope this information will be enough for you to start this process :)
OP villaroger 1 | 1  
28 Feb 2008 /  #3
Hi Jabwaw,
Thank you for your reply.
Do you think it would possible to actually remarry and sign the book, and get a polish certificate.
Would be nice to do for my wife's familly.
Kind Regards

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