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What is expected of a man who wishes to propose to a lady in Poland?

1 Feb 2006 /  #1
What is expected of a man who wishes to propose to a lady in Poland? Are they the same as in the US? IE a big ring, asking her father first, getting on one knee?

Thanks for any help.

tamara2 - | 12  
1 Feb 2006 /  #2
Hi Matt,

First of all, congratulations! :) Second, I think it depends on the family. If they are very conservative, getting on one knee and asking the father first would be appropriate. However, most Polish families are not very conservative anymore so you should be safe :). Nowadays, I feel, young people tend to do it between themselves first and then they announce it to the family. But if she's close to her family, it might be a good idea to prepare a good dinner and propose. I suggest Sunday as Sunday is a holy day for Polish people and any other day might not be so well received.

Of course, it is very nice (I'd say very recommended) that you get on your knee and grand her a ring. It doesn't have to be "big" - I don't think the size matters:).

I may come up with other comments maybe later. Maybe other members have other ideas or thoughts.
2 Feb 2006 /  #3
first think twice , If You don't mind ....

then look around You ....

find some Polish girls and ask her about "ruskie"

if she prepare for You "ruskie with skwarki" - You should be close to make a

decission , You be close home ... on knees :)
2 Feb 2006 /  #4
Haha! Good one -- didn't think about it :). If she's Polish I'm sure she can cook very well though. I'm dating a Polish girl and this will be her last "exam" before I go on my knees :). Kidding...
3 Feb 2006 /  #5
But a good bottle of vodka or wine and talk to the father first. After a couple of shots you'll be in a good mood and the father will be the first to give his daughter to you :).
bossie 1 | 123  
25 Jun 2006 /  #6
Getting down on your knee? I know many Polish married women and none of them actually experienced such performance. All of them got married recently and for all of them the proposal happened between the two with announcing the happy news to the family.

About "holy day", only in very religious families, which are in extinction now (at least among those Poles I know, most of them from cities in western Poland).

Flowers, ring, romance - choose what matches your personality and the character of your relationship. If you come up with something original, she'll surely appreciate it.

Make her happy, that's all that really matters!
17 Dec 2006 /  #7
Merged: Marriage: how to ask a Polish woman?

Hello all,

Sorry for the poor English, I am French-Canadian.

I am about to ask my girlfriend to marry me. I have written a short text in French and I am trying to translate it in Polish. I know that Poles in general are really close to their family. On Christmas day, my girflriend's grandfather will come for diner. Now I know she really loves her grandfather. And I also know she really really loves when I speak polish (I learned a bit...I can express myself and be understood on a basic level) Now my plan is the following: I will rehearse my text and during the diner, I will ask for her hand in Polish in front of her family.

Now for all you Poles here, I know that the traditions are different from North America's (well, I don't really know what our tradition here is, since I never in the world thought about marriage before I met Ania...), so do you think I am breaking any strict Marriage rule in Poland by doing so?

I know her family really like me, but I just want to make sure I am not breaking an important polish tradition here..


Eurola 4 | 1,909  
17 Dec 2006 /  #8
How sweet. Ania and her family will really love it, especially that you will propose in polish. You are not breaking any rules.

In the old, old tradition you would actually ask her Father for his daughter's hand in marriage. Nowadays, it would be just cute but maybe awkward....Ania can speak for herself. :)

Good Luck!!!
9 Jan 2007 /  #9
urgently help needed i am going to Poland for a very nice reason which is proposing. i need any kind of opinion info support help all of them kindly appreciated.

thanks for your advices...


ps: i have few weeks left so extremely urgent.
Wayc00lio 2 | 57  
9 Jan 2007 /  #10
getting on one knee and asking the father first would be appropriate

WHAT!!!! But the Father might already be married!!!!!! Don't you think he should save that for his wife to be!!!!

:) :) :)

Just messing!!! Best wishes Matt, I wish you all the happiness in the world. GO GET HER BUDDY!!!!!!
craigie_bhoy - | 4  
23 Oct 2007 /  #11
Merged: I'm considering asking my Polish girlfriend to marry me...

Im considering asking my Polish girlfriend to marry me.

I was wondering if there are any traditions associated with marriage in Poland?

For example do I have to ask her Fathers permission? Is there a traditional way to ask?

I would like to do this correct and surprise her and her family with my research. Also, I would appreciate it if you could tell me the Polish for Will you marry me

Dziekuje bardzo

Polson 5 | 1,770  
23 Oct 2007 /  #12
I wish you the best with your Polish girl ;)

Can't really help you for my part, i hope someone could... ;)
23 Oct 2007 /  #13
go to her house for family dinner all dressed up, bring flowers for mom and vodka for dad, and ask them while eatting dessert.... :) good luck
Firestorm 6 | 400  
23 Oct 2007 /  #14
Try these Craigie...

Have Fun :)
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
23 Oct 2007 /  #15
Congratulations Craig, not being funny but if you type "wedding" in to the search box ( top right of screen )you'll get heaps of pointers. Good luck.
craigie_bhoy - | 4  
23 Oct 2007 /  #16
Thanks guys,

Deep breath, and go for it!!!!!

Thanks again
23 Oct 2007 /  #17
Goodluck mate!
plk123 8 | 4,149  
23 Oct 2007 /  #18
good luck.. you'll need it. :D
Tu_Ania 1 | 8  
23 Oct 2007 /  #19
Yes, a Polish wedding is much different than an American one. First of all, if things have not changed, there are no rehearsal dinners. The costs are most of the time divided equally between the Bride and the Groom. The Bride takes care of the food and the reception place and the Groom takes care of the car, music and alcohol at the reception. Of course, everything is up to the Bride and the Groom. Most of the time you do not ask for the Father's permission to marry his daughter. The engagement is often very intimate. The wedding rings in Poland are worn on the right hand instead left according to the American tradition. In the church the Bride and the Groom walk together to the altar, the Bride is on the right side of the Groom. They will receive a lot of greetings and flowers in front of the church after the ceremony is over.

The wedding reception starts almost immediately after the ceremony. It might last till 4 or 5 or even 6 a. m. There's a lot of eating and dancing involved. It's a lot of fun! You are going to love it! Polish people like to celebrate various occasions. The following day, you may still celebrate 'the wedding' in the Bride's parents house.

I hope this will help you.

Good luck!

BTW: Have you learnt how to ask the woman to marry you in Polish? She'll be impressed if you do :-)
plk123 8 | 4,149  
23 Oct 2007 /  #20
It might last till 4 or 5 or even 6 a. m.

sometimes another day later or even two.. ;)
z_darius 14 | 3,968  
23 Oct 2007 /  #21
and I'd like to add that it's all with the same bride.
beckski 12 | 1,617  
23 Oct 2007 /  #22
I'm considering asking my Polish girlfriend to marry me...

Be sure to have a lengthy, pretyped prenuptial agreement ready for her to sign! (Just kidding.)
23 Oct 2007 /  #23
hehehe....beckski, you'll scare him away....hehehehe ;)
plk123 8 | 4,149  
23 Oct 2007 /  #24
(Just kidding.)

that's not a kidding matter.... good one girl. lol
Tu_Ania 1 | 8  
23 Oct 2007 /  #25
Yup :-)

Prenups are not typical in Poland.

Flowers are a big deal. And... don't forget to kiss your future mother-in-law's hand when you meet her :-)

...agreed with post #10 :-)

plk123 8 | 4,149  
23 Oct 2007 /  #26
i've never been to another wedding party like they are back in Poland.. nothing like it.
craigie_bhoy - | 4  
24 Oct 2007 /  #27

So whats teh Polish for Will you marry me??

Kilkline 1 | 689  
24 Oct 2007 /  #28
If you get married in Poland be sure that the priest knows how to say you name. Alot of Polish people will have trouble with 'Craig' in the beginning.
Krzysztof 2 | 973  
24 Oct 2007 /  #29
Will you marry me?

Czy zostaniesz moją żoną? (for a male-to-female conversation)
Czy wyjdziesz za mnie?

aksing her father [parents]:
Chciałbym prosić o rękę Pana [Państwa] córki.
Kilkline 1 | 689  
24 Oct 2007 /  #30
There you go Craigie_bhoy, what could be easier!?

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