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Do u girls really like to get poems from men or it's rather overrated?

daffy 23 | 1,508  
5 Feb 2007 /  #61
Aw this is a lovely thread! so many differing views and points!

I love poetry and agree with many points. Its got to be from the heart, thoughtful and sincere. I like it to be warm and even bring a smile!

but id send it, i couldnt read it. I think we each read it differently and Id rather she could read and re read it to her hearts content

go poetry! wo!

Also here, its cinema, drink (beer/coffee either, depends on age)
Id love to go to the theathre but there are so few girls here would find that appealing! rather a turn off!!! which is a pity - women here want a gentlemen and dont at the same time!
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
5 Feb 2007 /  #62
Gentlemen are a bit thin on the ground these days, I personally love the theatre and classical concerts (live in Manchester so we have 5 theatres and the Halle orchesta) plus we have a really good Jazz bar which is also a good night out...each to their own I suppose plus age is a factor when it comes down to taste
OP Kamyk 2 | 61  
5 Feb 2007 /  #63
but id send it, i couldnt read it. I think we each read it differently and Id rather she could read and re read it to her hearts content

I agree, I wouldn't read them neither, composing and reading are two completely different things ..
5 Feb 2007 /  #64
To me, poetry is a beautiful way of decribing your feelings.

I personally like to write little poems when it's for a special someone, and I often use a little wordplay in them so hopefully, it'll make that someone smile. They don't always rhyme though.

But yeah, I would like the gesture myself, it's a way of letting someone know that you've thought about him or her, and that you've tried your best and gave it some time to word your feelings. So if it was me I would appreciate it. :)

I don't really like opera, but I do like a few things from Shakespeare. Some of his plays can be quite funny if you're pretty used to wordplay, and I think he was a very naughty playwriter for that time of day.

Anyway, Poetry shouldn't be overrated, and I think it's timeless. :)
7 Feb 2007 /  #65
im polish, but my wife is not. i wrote her a poem. she must of liked it...she merried me :). my wife is a old fasioned type of girl.which is good. im a romantic at heart. kaz
forgetmenots 4 | 77  
9 Feb 2007 /  #66
my wife is a old fasioned type of girl.which is good.

In that case you are happy man Kaz.
Im rather conservative person as well (read old-fashioned if you want I dont care)maybe even with the child naiveness about the good in people, but it seems to be not very popular nowadays... I was told not long time ago that I should stop being true to my convictions cause there are not up to date.

Im happy that there are still men with a different point of wiev.
20 Oct 2007 /  #67
Do you really like to get them from men? Do they have to come with flowers, box of chocolates, and the moonlight?

I would love it if a guy sent me a poem. :) I'm sort-of a hopeless romantic because guys don't really do that anymore... but I would really like it.

They probably shouldn't read it out loud, though, if people were around. Because if the poem was personal, it would be awkward for the both of them. So guys should just send the poem to them.
Lucynda 4 | 70  
20 Oct 2007 /  #68
A guy did send me a poem -- though we were/are just friends.

I love him for it. He has my heart!
silly string  
21 Oct 2007 /  #69
I love this topic, I've always wanted to know if anyone liked having poems written for them!
But I write songs, not poems... it's harder that wy because you either have to play it live for them and be scasred to death you'll screw up or give a completeyl not romantic CD or something!!

I always wanted to be in a song, but I don't know about others. A lot of times I think someone COULD have liked it, but the details screwed it up

can the song be played with a band or would you want it just a solo thing? should it be played at a show to surprise you and announce to the crowd thins song is for you? Just play it when you're alonee together?

Its more tricky thna you would have thought. If someone ever pulls it off for me, I well love them for ever
1 Nov 2007 /  #70
Romance , swooning and wooing a girl all depends on the girl and the type of relationship you are trying to achieve. Every girl dreams of being treated like a princess , the movie indistry has capitalized on it as well , this thing we call romance. All women truely want is to know that they are special to you , that you love them to the fullest and are true to them. Sometimes doing special things for them gives them that security they are looking for and that helps make the bonds in relationships stronger, it can also win hearts over. Now I'm not saying that only men should be the gift givers and thats the way things are supposed to be forever. Romance goes both ways and if you love someone do something sweet show that special person you truely care , that you truely do love them and think of them. It's one thing to kiss someone's ass and another to take someones breathe away , making that person feel special is the best thing you can ever do. Sometimes all you need is clear nights sky and the feelings that flutter in your heart that want to burt out every time you see that someone special, and sometimes its the random bundle of flowers that are just because you saw them and they reminded you of her. Sometimes creativity is the best thing for those extra special moments like the first I love you or a proposal .. just being thoughtful and considerate is a great gift alone. so just follow your heart and if it's the right person you will know exactly what to do to make their heart skip a beat...
Polka - | 21  
30 Nov 2007 /  #71
oh please write me a poem! Yes I think polish women have a thing for poetry I mean Pan Tadeusz is like all poetry and its a reallly famous love story

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