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Polish Gay Life

OP Cancerian  
30 Jun 2008 /  #91
Thank you all, this is interesting.
To Greg who said gays should be healed........ well there are probably many aspects to your being that need healing too - like not judging others, perhaps being less hypocritical, less negative, more loving..... and I don't even know you!
1 Jul 2008 /  #92
Poland is not for you. they are racist toward gays. I am Christian. I have no problem with gays I dont pratice it but we should not judge them. they had passed a law here in california allowing gay marriages I am happy to each is own live and let live.
1 Jul 2008 /  #93
Poland is not for you

not judge them

you should not judge don't know every single person in poland. do you?
1 Jul 2008 /  #94
Which is as silly as saying you don't like chocolate ice cream because you havent tasted all of them
1 Jul 2008 /  #95
To Greg who said gays should be healed

Maybe he meant they should be healed from prolapse.
2 Jul 2008 /  #96
Which is as silly as saying you don't like chocolate ice cream because you havent tasted all of them

man.if i judged your nation just by talking to you it would be a disaster...
OP Cancerian  
2 Jul 2008 /  #97
Southern, what's prolapse?
2 Jul 2008 /  #98
the slipping down of an internal organ of the body from its normal position

According to
4 Jul 2008 /  #99
I am not judging Poland at all. I have read on news and internet that they are against gays secound of all they are catholic nation which all together hates all not every Polish person is the same I am sure there are Polish people who are gay all I am just saying that I dont think Poland has a high level of tolorence for them I could be wrong sorry for anything offensive.
5 Jul 2008 /  #100
I have read on news and internet that they are against gays

Maybe coz they have some morality left in them, heh?
8 Jul 2008 /  #101
morality yeah but. it might not be normail to people but if they didnt hurt you leave the gays alone.dont act like a fucken nazi i see no problem with them. there are sick ass strait people out there what about their moral oh duh.
14 Jul 2008 /  #102
My mate called PAUL MAGLIONE He is from Leicester in the UK
14 Jul 2008 /  #104
My mate called PAUL IS GAY, He is from Leicester in the UK
14 Jul 2008 /  #105

So he's your boyfriend, and your both out and proud. That's nice.
19 Jul 2008 /  #106
Good for you be proud NEHEMIAH I can think of strait people who are sick and evil and gays that are good.
19 Jul 2008 /  #107
Good for you be proud NEHEMIAH

Hmmm... not convinced. I get the impression that Nehemiah is posting his mate's details in this thread, outing him for a laugh. All very childish and pathetic.
25 Jul 2008 /  #108
Their parades aren't about recruting young boys, they're about pointing out that they are just normal people who have the right to express themselves.

A few from the top of google...

17 Oct 2008 /  #109
hi i'm not from london from trinidad i'm a cancer july 5th hi
email is djetthutmose@yahoo
17 Oct 2008 /  #110

You are a fellow human being. There is nothing such with you that you should be isolated, or avoided, or discriminated. Its just a mental ailment, which can be cured with your own will and the support of your family and friends.

But the most important factor would be your own recognision of the fact that you are not completely healthy. You can start off by saying prayer, and avoiding any thoughts of sex.

You can concentrate on something else... like

Just my opinion... you can also take the help of a specialist or therapist.
25 Oct 2009 /  #112
Cancerian ... I also am a a black man and a gay man and living in London .. my partner is a Polish gay man, one of many I will hook you up with some contacts for friendship etc. Some of the homophobes on here really do heterosexuality a great disservice. Its one thing to to be without knowledge and education and rolling around in the pigswill of ignorance but to delight in it as if were some personality attribute is totally another.

A few of the contributors comment negatively and abusively on gay parades without noticing the irony of the heterosexual parade of bigotry supremacy and relentless ignorance. Some of these individuals have suffered a backwards brain development process where they get older and yet construct there thoughts in ever more juvenile ways. In parts its quite humorous (in defecating down the toilet way) but in the main its just the fumblings of juvenile brains in adult bodies. Its just bizarre the way those whom feel totally inadequate as straights wrap themselves nice and snugly in the word NORMAL in some sort of half baked attempt to cover their own under development ... at the same time jostling other people around as they select the normal from the nearly normal to the abnormal.

I wont even bother with the religious nuts...
25 Oct 2009 /  #113
I wont even bother with the religious nuts...

Being a totally and purely nonreligious one, I can say this gay thing too has a religious background. Virginity, vaginismusity, homosexuality, lesbianity, bisexuality, even viagra sex, etc etc. All have religious backgrounds. Cause, religions are built around the sex. Even science today is built around the sex. Chaos around the holes. What is latest finding? Black holes? Heh.
away guy  
25 Oct 2009 /  #114
unfortunately i must admit that the gays are on the rise in poland :-( end of the world is soon
25 Oct 2009 /  #115
away guy

Are you mentally sane? Apparently not. Seek some professional help and stop writing such nonsense, ok?


M-G (Good Morning)
away guy  
25 Oct 2009 /  #116

MareGea , it was my own opinion . now i read yours so its over. we dont all have to accept gays goodbye.
25 Oct 2009 /  #117
we dont all have to accept gays

then, don't be a gay. enough.
25 Oct 2009 /  #118
we dont all have to accept gays goodbye.

Then don't be surprised when someone says that people don't have to accept you either, because such tolerance works both ways.

I'd say that you're allowed to think for yourself, and if this is how you vieuw Gays and Lesbians then that is your prerogative, but you should accept that some people are Gay or Lesbian, just because of the simple fact that they are.

No one is forcing you to become a Gay, and no one is sending you to a clinic to cure your sexual preference. You should let them be, because they let you be. If you can't accept this, then I can't accept you. Someone else's freedom of being who he or she is, shouldn't have to end where your freedom of speech starts.

25 Oct 2009 /  #119
No one is forcing you to become a Gay

I'd say lock him up in a small room with 15 black homosexual 2 metres tall American sailors who are very militant.



M-G (sorry, just couldn't help it)
25 Oct 2009 /  #120
God help those who suffer...

The healing is through remembrance of Love

... let us recite.... all religion....Hindo, Christian, Buddhist, Islam, Bahai...

Thy Name Is My Healing O My God
Remembrance Of Thee Is My Remedy
Nearness To Thee Is My Hope
Love For Thee Is My Companion
Thy Mercy To Me Is My Healing And My Succor In This World And The World To Come...
Thou Art Verily...The All Merciful, The All Knowing, The All Wise.


By relying of God...the Source of LOVE... the LOVE.... and by relying on HIS everlasting dominion.... power...unquestionable love.... and guidlines which are to protect the weak and astray.... we really instill a warmth in our hearts... a warmth so soothing.... so lovely.


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