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Try it - move to Poland!

Somerled 5 | 93  
22 Sep 2007 /  #31
I moved from the UK for love five years ago ( although we knew each other for longer ) and have been happily married now for four years, so it can work. My Polish still isn't great, but I've had two decent jobs and now run my own company, so it is possible !Better to try, love and lose than regret it for ever in my opinion ;-)

Steve, your words are very positive and make me feel much better about my situation. I'm currently trying to get to Poland but am coming up against the regular hurdles (finding work, visas, etc).

Thanks for this thread, it made my day a bit brighter.
Tsion - | 1  
23 Jan 2009 /  #32
I would love to move there and seek refuge from Obama.
brdar 1 | 9  
23 Jan 2009 /  #33
hi all,
I have oportunity to move to Warsaw and work there as representative of one Germam company (trade with steel products) but I do not know is 4k EUR enough for living of 4 members family.

Can you tell is it enough or ......?

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