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Where can i buy a good car at a worth price in Poland?

crasyman77 11 | 37  
28 Oct 2007 /  #1
guy what do you suggest to do? they told me i should buy car from germany but i am seeing the prices they are expensive ompared to what i see on What you suggest as a good car here a good 4 door car. do you know any good website it is very close for me to go to berlin, does anyone know any good place for a car there? i have in mind a 3 series BMW or 5 series BMW years around 1997 to 1998
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
28 Oct 2007 /  #2
what are the local prices for a 3 series for the years you suggest ?
OP crasyman77 11 | 37  
28 Oct 2007 /  #3
I found today a BMW 5 series year 1996, 520 i with A/C, sunroof, etc 12000zl i think it is a good price. do youthink I be able to convert it to gas?? i know nothing about this yet any suggestions?
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
28 Oct 2007 /  #4
12 tys is not a bad price without knowing the milage

i dont know a great deal about gas conversion except it seems to be popular - i like the idea of it in principle but dont feel overly comfortable driving on polish roads with a gas canister on board...
OP crasyman77 11 | 37  
28 Oct 2007 /  #5
The mileage is 165,000 km what you think ? can we talk onmsn or skype if i remember well your name is Paul we had talked few months ago. please add me on msn crasyman77@yahoo, or skype Ian Galea regarding the gas container well aswell i know nothing in Malta we still do not have it very common, but i can see that here is is very common as it is very cheap to buy the gas compared to diesel and petrol. still i am getting used to Poland
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
28 Oct 2007 /  #6
fortunately my name is not paul but i really must suggest you dont use people names online without express permission
OP crasyman77 11 | 37  
28 Oct 2007 /  #7
i undersatand what you mean, but if people are talking openly and honestly i do not think one should hide his name. I must draw attention here that forums and internet are not only for people that use it for stupid chatting or any other idioting subjects.

my posts are only meant to help people get information about living in poland. I am person very down to earth and consider anyone that replies to my posts as honest and friendly people that have no inhibitions. well thanks anyway for you help
29 Oct 2007 /  #8

whoops..... yeah you'll get a better car in Germany worth the trip. Go for something like a VW. Lots available and in comparisson to Merc's or BMW's more value for money. If your car is about practicality not for show, then VW is sensible. I recently sent a friend to Germany to buy a car for me and it worked out very well. If you go to a dealership, you'll at least know the car ain't dodgy. Be very wary of buying cars in Poland from private owners and garages, the cloned, stolen and cut and shunt culture looms large here in polska.
OP crasyman77 11 | 37  
29 Oct 2007 /  #9
do you have any good websites in germany for cars??
29 Oct 2007 /  #10
OP crasyman77 11 | 37  
29 Oct 2007 /  #11
giles or i am crasy or i am stupid but the cars i am looking for i am seeing them more expensive on
justbemine - | 2  
14 Apr 2009 /  #12
Merged: Info on a website to find fairly used cars in Poland.

Is any one out there who could provide information on a website to find fairly used vehicles in Poland?
I will appreciate feedbacks
15 Apr 2009 /  #13
Try these...

www otomoto pl
www autotim eu
www autoauto pl
www gratka pl


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