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Opinions about Radio Maryja

Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
23 Sep 2007 /  #61
re: But this division isn't as laden with significance as you seem to think. "Eastern Europe" has never been a derogatory term.

- In reality, it is a derogatory and also incorrect - as regards e.g. Poland - term. You are a smart guy Gary - you can help change this. Haven't you Americans - real Americans - been the pioneers in unorthodox thinking and putting novel revolutionary ideas into practice? - Because, truly, the term 'Eastern Europe' was invented and has been used by alien rascals who keep a grip not just on the American academia, but on the whole of American life.

Stand up to them, Gary!

No, the Brussels cons won't change Poland. We've stood up to taugher uns. (Besides, I believe Europe should or rather must, and will unite, but not in the manner imposed on European peoples by the aforementioned cons.)

All the best, Gary.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
23 Sep 2007 /  #62
I would have have guessed Czechia was Catholic...

And you would be right... damn... There's more Catholics than Protestants but most of people are atheists.
truhlei 10 | 332  
23 Sep 2007 /  #63
Puzzler and Grzegorz why are you wasring force?
Don't you see people hate Radio Maryja not because of some political mistakes or high living standards of some personalities?
Don't you see Radio Maryja is hated only because it mentiones about 10 testments?
Don't you notice these people describe Radio Maryja as if it punishes them for their adulterium although nothing of the sort exists in reality.

You should make a conclusion that the mere mentioning of Christian morals indignates them. Nothing more.
Don't waste force.

Puzzler you seem to be on wrong way.
You don't pay attention to the fact that today liberasts are trying to put Christians in a social ghetto similar to ghettoes Jews had before. They want to make us outsiders who keep our faith nearly in secret. No difference between Communists and liberasts.

Radio Maryja is only one of such examples. There are other cases of the sort including those that don't have alleged mistakes of Radio Maryja.

Remember Saint Ester. Ancient Jews had the right to make with Aman tribe the same Aman planed to do with Jews.
If liberasts want to make us outsiders, we should accompany them to outsider's place.
Christians are quite disciplined to do that. If anybody is openly inmoral, he may loose reputation and as a result career or business. Not by violating Law. Only because respectable persons don't trust him.

15% most active people will subordinate to these idea although they may be inmoral in their majority. As inmoral persons they are individuals in a crowd unable to collective protest against moral and organized minority. Everybody subordinated to moral rules will never admit nearby anybody successful without visible moral ideas. That will be the beginning of social moral improvement.

There are examples in History. I'll quote only one: Victorian England.

And what are you doing, Puzzler? You are convincing those who understand only force (of public opinion for example)?

You'd bettre think why they are so angry. If you are fond of meat does that mean you are angry by the existence of vegetarians? No because you are not afraid they will come to power and prohibit meat at all.

Why are they so angry? Because they are afraid. They feel Christianity has force (not Radio Maryja taken separately). So learn more about that force and you wan't have reasons to dispute here.
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
23 Sep 2007 /  #64
re: those who understand only force (of public opinion for example)

- That's a great observation, truhlei.

By the way, I'm not Christian, and I do not agree with everything Radio Maryja stands for, but I will defend their right to free expression and speak against discrimination of Christians (or of any other positive religion).
Gary Busey - | 51  
23 Sep 2007 /  #65
All the best, Gary.

Thanks Puzzler, and I wish the same to you. As far as standing up to the new communists, I intend to do my part, however small it may be. Good luck to you--and I'm sure we'll "speak" again on the forum!
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
23 Sep 2007 /  #66
I'm not Christian

Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
23 Sep 2007 /  #67

Head of the Israeli organisation Center of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors, Noah Klug, has demanded that the EU should not 'hand in tens of millions of dollars to the Polish ultranationalist Catholic organisation Radio Maryja.' 'The director of the radio and the radio itself are known in the whole Europe as the symbol of the raising wave of omnipresent antisemitism,' Klug wrote to European Commission President, Jose Manuel Barroso. 'Any financial support for such sources will only reinforce antisemitism and lack of tolerance' Klug lamented. Last week also the International Auschwitz Committee reprimanded Barroso and European Parliament President Hans-Gert Poettering: 'Father Rydzyk and Radio Maryja are seen in Europe as the symbols of the polluting and more and more aggressive antisemitism. Any support for their projects coming from European funds is not acceptable.' The Israeli daily Jerusalem Post (internet edition) alleges that the Higher School of Social and Media Culture in Torun may receive 15.5 million euro of EU funds for one of its projects. The paper suggests the School belongs to Father Rydzyk. In reality, Father Rydzyk is one of the school's professors and member of its academic board committee.

(Based loosely on a PAP (Polish Press Agency) despatch, 23 September 07. Fragments of letters translated by me from the Polish; the headline is mine)

Any comments any one? Or should I...?

Hey, Greg, behave yourself for Heaven's sake...
Eurola 4 | 1,909  
23 Sep 2007 /  #68
This stuff is to heavy for me!
I never fully listened to Radio Maryja long enough to know their agenda, besides the obvious. It comes on one of the polish radio stations in Chicago for an hour or two starting at 7 pm... but I listen to the radio only in the car on my way to and from work, and I'm home by 6 :)
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
23 Sep 2007 /  #69
Eurola, have you encountered any 'antisemitism' in Radio Maryja programs (whatever the word 'antisemitism' should mean)? What the hell this Klug and company are yapping about? Aren't they a bunch of slanderous lunatics? And how about their own anti-Polonism and anti-Christian hatred?
Michal - | 1,865  
24 Sep 2007 /  #70
There is also a very religious television channel that we pick up in England via our dish next to TV Polnia but we take no notice of such channels-very old fashioned, stuffy and boring!
Ranj 21 | 948  
24 Sep 2007 /  #71

Just out of curiousity, do you listen to Radio Maryja on a regular basis?
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
24 Sep 2007 /  #72
- I do, as I do with countless other media.
Eurola 4 | 1,909  
24 Sep 2007 /  #73
you encountered any 'antisemitism' in Radio Maryja programs

I did not hear anything to this effect even from my polish friends who go to church regularly, most do not like to listen to them at all. Frankly, I don't personally know anybody who does...I don't believe they spread any antisemitic lies however. I'd rather believe that they are in business to spread the word of God.

I just hear the radio is extremely conservative, and does not appeal to people who live in the real, everyday world.

You've got me curious. I think, I'll tune in sometimes... :-)
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
24 Sep 2007 /  #74
re: I just hear the radio is extremely conservative, and does not appeal to people who live in the real, everyday world

- The message is basically conservative, but I wouldn't say it's extreme in any way. Also, in spite of being authentically very religous, I think they are actually down-to-earth. And they are definitely very patriotic. All the qualities are fine with me.

What is actually 'antisemitism'? I mean in specific terms. I have tried to find out and found so many contradictory things labelled as 'antisemitic,' that I think the term is basically meaningless. Or rather it's just a synonym of the general expression: 'the worst evil.' But why would 'antisemitism' be the worst evil?

Just pondering.

PS. Eurola. - But Radio Maryja and its listeners are very critical of the neo-commie, or rather commiefascist media in Poland (Michnik, Walter, Krol and similar compulsively lying trash), which is truly admirable, and which seems to be the main reason for the smear campaign against Radio Maryja throughout Europe. You know, the commiefascist media psychopaths are one big mafia family....
Gary Busey - | 51  
24 Sep 2007 /  #75
What is actually 'antisemitism'?

An American journalist named Joe Sobran once had this to say: "An 'antisemite' used to be someone who didn't like Jews. Now, it's someone the Jews don't like!"

He lost his job soon after... ;)
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
25 Sep 2007 /  #76
Gary, it seems even crazier than that. Even the 'Shoah' movie hero, Jan Karski, is considered 'antisemitic' (by the way, the film is false and Polonophobic). Even Lech Walesa was labelled as antisemitic by one of their rags.

Eurola 4 | 1,909  
26 Sep 2007 /  #77
Radio Maryja and its listeners are very critical of the neo-commie, or rather commie fascist media in Poland

There must be quite a few listeners in Chicago. There was a big Polish event in Millennium Park in Chicago last night. There were some polish artists, singers, Lech Kaczynski, Chicago mayor R. Daily...and others. I could not go (committed to work), but they were close to 10000 people. When I listened to the radio on my lunch today, lots of callers "complained" there was no holly mass before the event. Some said, there would be more people if Rydzik was the celebrity instead of Lech Kaczynski. I found it pretty sad. There are plenty of ethnic event in Chicago, Irish, Italian, Mexican, you name it...they don't seem to need the presence of church to consider it a successful event... Why do we? Just wondering...
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
27 Sep 2007 /  #78
Why do we? Just wondering...

- And why not, Eurola? Why should we be exactly the same as the uniform multiculti mob? Because there's pressure on us to be just like them, not to be ourselves, and ridiculing and punishing us when we don't tow the line? It's just the same in the EU - the Poles aren't supposed to be themselves. All the nations can be who they are, behave as they please, but not us.

Do you remember the song by Perfect: 'Chcemy byc soba' (We Want to be Ourselves)?
Eurola 4 | 1,909  
27 Sep 2007 /  #79
Unfortunately, I don't know this song, but I Googled... :)

It sounds like early 80s song... Pretty patriotic crowd. I like the song too.

All the nations can be who they are

Ahem, I don't know about that, I think all countries changed a lot, the whole world changed. Poland still tries to hold on to good, old values and it stirs up some emotions, but in order to keep moving ahead, and to be a team player, wise decisions should be made by the government. I tend to like Lech K. I often hear fragments of his speeches, or phrases on the polish radio station. They are very patriotic. I hope, he will stand his ground where it needs to be, and gives in when it good for the future of the country...

"warto byc Polakiem, warto aby polska trwala..." (it's worthed to be a Pole, it's worthed for Poland to last...")
1st generation  
28 Sep 2007 /  #80
Polska, wake up!!

Secular Europe and liberals in my country (US) want to make you secular like they are. Please keep your religion and culture and don't succumb to the anti-God, pro-abortion Europe. If Radio Marija does this, it is good for me. The liblerals are ruining our country and Hillary Clinton is one of the big ones. Please don't think its cool to kill babies, have loose morals, and do whatever you think is "cool."

There is a huge resurgence of Christianity in the US. We need to fight the Islamic forces who hate Christianity.
Gary Busey - | 51  
28 Sep 2007 /  #81
You're pretty much right on, 1st generation. There are many people like you and I who recognize this, and if we can get the word out, we can help Poland to keep its life-affirming and pro-family culture. I don't want Poland to become the cultural cesspool that the US and much of Western Europe have become, either. Somewhere in the West there must remain at least a few sane countries that hold out against the liberal-socialist disease, and where NORMAL people can live safe and productive lives.
28 Sep 2007 /  #82
In terms of antisemitism etc .... Every reason is good to make a money and power.
Its so simple as far as jews are considered.

When milions of them were dying in Europe, Rockefeller and other big sharks smoked huge cubanian cigars and counted new incomes.. how much now, how much from 'Ost Juden' reimbursements in the future..

28 Sep 2007 /  #83
You're pretty much right on, 1st generation.

Bet you a $1000 that I can guess what you do!

Bet you a $1000 that I can guess what you do!

Come on Gary!
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
28 Sep 2007 /  #84
re: the US and much of Western Europe have become, either. Somewhere in the West

- Hmmm, forgive me, Gary, you seem to kind of obsessively group 'the US' with 'Western Europe' and 'the West' (whatever the last two terms should mean) as a kind of one uniform bloc that is entirely different from, not to say opposed to, ' the East,' 'Eastern Europe,' 'Poland.'

In reality, those days when 'the US' had lots of respect and significance in and for Europe, including Britain, are long over. Truly, it appears the US has some considerable political ties with Britain alone. However, from my own conversations with the British, it seems that very many of them are not enthusiastic about the ties, about the US, whom they regard as an embarassing bully-state, and also about the Americans and the American mentality.

You seem to be living in a totally nostalgic world (the good ol' Cold War days), a world that is no longer, mate.

Writing this, I suspect I'll offend you for life, but, what the hell, truth and honesty are most important to me.
PS. I like the self-complacent manner in which you (and many other Americans) say 'critical' things about America.... It's like you guys are saying: 'Oh yes, we're a mess, we've done this and that wrong,'etc., while thinking to themselves: 'But we don't really give damn about it, 'cos we're the greatest!' ;)

PS, Gary. - You should come to live in Poland. You seem to like the country... or is it another case of the Amercan lip service? ;)

In any case, I think you'll feel good there.
truhlei 10 | 332  
28 Sep 2007 /  #85

Visit also Russian-Lithuanian paradoxis and There are no Muslims in Poland topics
Gary Busey - | 51  
28 Sep 2007 /  #86
Bet you a $1000 that I can guess what you do!

Haha--no bet, I don't have that kind of money to throw around! But take a stab at it anyway--I'm curious what you think.

Writing this, I suspect I'll offend you for life, but, what the hell, truth and honesty are most important to me.

You've never offended me, Puzzler. We think alike on a lot of issues, and I tend to agree with most of your posts. In any case, I have no problem with honest criticism and even hard words, as long as the discussion is rational and polite. (And it has been with you.)

As far as your invitation to come to Poland, I intend to--and who knows(?)--I might end up staying...

Finally, regarding the 'West' terminology, I'll discuss my reasons for it later--I don't quite have enough time at the moment, but I'll be back on the thread later.
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
29 Sep 2007 /  #87
Right on, Gary. Yes, we agree on lots of issues. You and people like you should come to where your real roots are - Europe, including Poland (one of the strangest and most energising places there).
randompal 7 | 306  
3 Oct 2007 /  #88
does anyone have any opinions about what this station is really about ?

Randompal is armed with both facts and opinions.

Fact: Father Rydzyk is known as "Father Director" and he is a media magnate. His empire consists of a radio station with a rather broad reach, a newspaper, and he also runs a college. His operations are based in ToruĊ„, Poland. As a businessman he is quite successful, which affords him substantial political clout. He is sometimes criticised for homphobic and anti-semitic remarks.

Opinion: The Father Director is to Poland what Rupert Murdoch is to the rest of the world: an intrusive, meddling right-wing business player. Because he is a Bible thumper he can also be compared to guys like Fallwell in the States. In other words, Bible thumpers on the surface who get busted for pantysniffing and prostitution. Who knows what goes on in his well-guarded palaces and dungeons. He hates the media (unless it is a newspaper he himself controls), and many politicians are either conrolled by him or are afraid of him because of his power. Words that come to mind: tyrant, megalomaniac, creepo.

where NORMAL people can live safe and productive lives.

Randompal is against squares and nerds telling him or anyone else what normal is and what isn't normal.

Randompal isn't interested in stealing or borrowing Gary's style, Randompal has his own.
TheDude - | 50  
3 Oct 2007 /  #89
stealing or borrowing Gary's style, Randompal has his own

Right. TheDudes style has been stolen :) Dude thinks random needs to put his/her skirt back on.

TheDude says Radio Maryja does NOT rock
WalecPL - | 4  
19 Oct 2007 /  #90
I didn't read whole topic but I'm sure and convinced that Radio Maryja SUX and is the worst station in PL :-)

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