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Polish Girl Fashion - "less is more"?

16 Mar 2007 /  #91
see Nan was right
Decorator 4 | 291  
16 Mar 2007 /  #92
I own neither watch or shoes.... only some old Adidas and Puma trainers....oh dear, i'm getting old, szarlotka help me... give me another horse tip i need some clothes money..:)
16 Mar 2007 /  #93
he's a tip, shoplifting:)
Huegel 1 | 296  
16 Mar 2007 /  #94
Very Edwin Collins D! :) Still, i've never been a brand wh*re either. So I say if that's a sign of being old then, it's time for me to claim my pension. :)
16 Mar 2007 /  #95
you need to upgrade -pronto
Cooking is not enough.......:)

I don't agree at all - you could be so doesn't work, might have in the past.
16 Mar 2007 /  #96
Well I work in the security game as you know, and especially with the diamonds, it is important to be able to recognised real wealth not faux wealth.

Regardless the semiology contained within urban dress is a useful discipline to learn.

Mabye though I'm completely wrong and haven't a clue about what I'm doing.
Perhaps .
16 Mar 2007 /  #97
you are taking it too personally. I am sure the seminology is very important in your line of work.
16 Mar 2007 /  #98
the difference being a customer or a bandit.

No its cool, not taking personally:)

Just trying to explain myself.
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
16 Mar 2007 /  #99
Just trying to explain myself.

Being a man...we often have to do this
Decorator 4 | 291  
16 Mar 2007 /  #100
you need to upgrade -pronto
Cooking is not enough.......

Nah i'm happy with my slightly scruffy look.. it suits me. I carry it off quite well, as quoted earlier, it's not what you wear but how you wear it... :)
16 Mar 2007 /  #101

I was joking:)
forgetmenots 4 | 77  
16 Mar 2007 /  #102
Fashion and style are too different beast.

and thats the reason why I do not regret reading this thread...

Well said Giles :)

some poeple say that the key to success is barried in the details... so in another words I can dress myself black all the time (including black socks that are grey after some time... :P) if I feel like that and still I dont have to be called style ignorant... I can add a lot to this kind of outfit just by some cool accessories :)

and by the way ... I love fashion which is based on very classic designs... there is a lot to do with different materials etc...:)

yeah ...maybe its not my best day :)
szarlotka 8 | 2,208  
16 Mar 2007 /  #103
give me another horse tip

OK Never bet on horses. ever, ever, ever. I've got to go to work next week to pay off today's losses
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
19 Mar 2007 /  #104
My gran told me years ago that the way to judge a person was by their footwear.

I agree with your gran. You can tell a lot about a person by their choice of footwear..and this includes trainers, which are often cooler than shoes anyway. How about white towelling sports socks ..are they acceptable daily wear?(outside of the gym) It took me about 6 months to wean my man off them.
Exwiecz 1 | 1  
10 Nov 2008 /  #105
I am Brazilian (Brazilians have great taste for fashion) and l live in the U.S. (probably the country with the ugliest women on earth) and I was married to a Polish guy for 20 years and have 2 half Polish daughters. Every time I went to Poland I found the women to be beautiful-tall and slender with beautiful faces. They dress like WOMEN, feminine and fashionable. My daughters are beautiful partially for their Polish blood. I went to Poland in the 80's when it was communist and I found some nice bargains in smaller shops and even in State owned stores. Some of those clothes I wore for years and had compliments. I can only imagine how many nice things there are there now.

As for make up and dyeing your har, every woman does it now, if you want to look good. It's hard to look amazing without those things. I have been to New Zealand and the women there have absolutely no taste. Usually the countries where women are more independant they look less feminine, and in countries where women have less power and money they try to look great to find a man who will help them have a better life.
gtd 3 | 639  
10 Nov 2008 /  #106
U.S. (probably the country with the ugliest women on earth

Wow I guess you havent paid attention to a lot of people in your home country then. Most Brazilian women don't look like the Giselle or Alessandra and in fact most are pretty homely.

The US is also composed of 'looks' from every culture on the planet INCLUDING your culture. So your statement is a bit jaded.

I think women that obsessed with fashion etc are shallow and not at all the 'better' people they imagine themselves to be.
osiol 55 | 3,922  
10 Nov 2008 /  #107
Usually the countries where women are more independant they look less feminine, and in countries where women have less power and money they try to look great to find a man

Saudi Arabia has some of the world's most beautiful women? I must look deeper into those eyes (there's little else there that you get to look at).
11 Nov 2008 /  #108
Should the title of this thread not be less cause they cant afford more.

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