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Want to come to Warsaw, what are the prices?

1 Nov 2006 /  #1
Hello i am from Ukraine and i am planing to come to Warszawa in the summer.
I want to rent 1-2 rooms apartment in Warszawa and i want to know all the prices.

I also want to meet some good looking Polish girl

By the way i am almost 20.

I would like to know all...........From where to start and all the prices/

Thanks to you all!!
1 Nov 2006 /  #2
Prices in Warsaw are very high. I don't live there and can't say for sure but that's probably $300-500 a month.
OP Dnipro  
4 Nov 2006 /  #3
Cant you people help me with more information?

I am Ukrainian(Pole's brother)
4 Nov 2006 /  #4
If you come from the Ukraine, Warsaw will be expensive for you. It may be quite expensive for the Western visitors not to mention the ones from the East. Expect to pay about 1500-1600 Zlotych ($500 USD) per month for a 2-room apartament (small) near the center (about 15-20 minutes from the train station). On the other hand you can make good money in Warsaw so if you live with your brother you can make it. You can also rent outside the center and then you would probably pay about 1000 Zl ($320 USD) per month.
8 Dec 2006 /  #5
hey i am from poland and i was liveing in warsow 3years,now i am in usa,because you can't make good money in poland and warsow is the most expensive city in poland. maybe you should think about another city like krakow-it is beautifull city-ula
5 Feb 2007 /  #6
I am from Malaysia and want to come poland for one mont from 8th Feb to 8th Mar 2007. pls let me know the price for one single room a month in warsaw.
25 Feb 2007 /  #7
ı am from turkey.ı move warsaw 26 marc and ı need same guy lıve wıth me apartment.

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