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vetting/pre employment screening in poland

21 Apr 2009 /  #1
does anyone know what sort of laws and regulations there are with regards screening people prior to giving them work. ie in ireland there is the Gardai(police) vetting procedure that verifies that someone does not have a criminal record etc if they are looking to work with children or other such jobs were a clean criminal record is required
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455  
22 Apr 2009 /  #2
There's certainly nothing systematic, it amazes me on a daily basis that they let me teach children without any background checks whatsoever...
argen - | 33  
22 Apr 2009 /  #3
In Poland you can check yours criminal history or history of yours future employees in National Criminal Record. In yours district court you must apply for excerpts from this register and it's costs 50 zlotys. There isn't one kind of law which regulate this matters. There is many branch regulations which deal it. Especially if you want to work in public or finance sector.

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