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Information on regulations for an Australian to live and work in Poland

zebrarose 1 | 2  
10 Dec 2007 /  #1
I'm an Aussie that has just moved to Poland.

How do you go about working and living in Poland??? I know Aussies have 90days stay without a visa, but I would like to reside and work in Poland. My boyfriend is Polish, and I am quite close with his family. Any info on visas, work permits, residency etc. work be so so helpful. I feel so overwhelmed with how to go about this. I have read some information on the websites, but i spoke with my director at work and he said i don't need to apply for anything.

I'm living in Sosnowiec which is near Katowice. I'm renting and living with my friend.

At the moment I'm teaching English using the Callan Method because I dont have any TEFL qualifications. But I may possibly like to find something else. Although I dont know what other things I can do as I dont speak enough Polish to have an ordinary job.

I'm a true blue Aussie, and have no polish blood :( I speak, read and write some Polish, but I would say at an intermediate level, through watching tv, movies, listening to peoples conversations and teaching myself though a book, attending about 4 lessons in london and though having polish friends in the uk.

Any Information will be appreciated
hello 22 | 891  
10 Dec 2007 /  #2
Maybe you could try the student's route - sign up as a student and then you can stay and work in Poland as long as you study (I think).
11 Dec 2007 /  #3
Are you part of the great Schengen-related exodus at the moment?

I've heard from American friends in Krakow that the Poles have no idea what the rules will be after Schengen is introduced properly from the end of the year so many of them won't be back until mid Jan at the earliest. Maybe your Embassy can help?
OP zebrarose 1 | 2  
11 Dec 2007 /  #4
I think I'm too old to be a student, and i can't really afford to be a student at the moment. Thanks for that idea. I've checked that route out...

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