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Can I apply for citizenship or dual nationality?

karlt 3 | 7  
3 Aug 2006 /  #1
Can anyone please help with my question.
My grandfather, Ryszard Tulinski, was born in Poland but came over to the Uk with the Polish airforce during WWII.He lived here until he moved to Spain back in 1990's.

As a decendent of a Polish national have i any rights regarding citizenship, i.e can I apply for citizenship or dual nationality.
Many Thanks.
3 Aug 2006 /  #2
The important thing is if you have all the documents confirming your father's Polish citizenship. Also, it would be a good if you owned a property in Poland (not to mention if you had a Polish wife :).
23 Sep 2006 /  #3
My husband have the same problem. The first thing to do is getting a birth certificate from poland. For this you need the name date of birth and place or birth of your grand-father. If your grand-father got a naturalisation certificate you can find a copy in the national archives site online. The site is not easy to use .Iwill try to check his name with my mother-in-law name. Good luck
citizen123 - | 10  
4 Dec 2008 /  #4
In case your grandfather didn't loose Polish citizenship you have Polish citizenship also (most probably).
benszymanski 8 | 465  
4 Dec 2008 /  #5
I had exactly the same situation. You can read about it on my blog: apparently-im-polish-and-dont-know-it/. I have done my application and expect to get confirmation in the next few months....

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