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Polish language MP3s

5 Aug 2008 /  #1
Does anyone have nay Polish language learning MP3s on their computer that they could email to me? I'd like to brush up my Polish while working!
5 Aug 2008 /  #2
Try this:
OP HelenaWojtczak  
6 Aug 2008 /  #3
Thanks for the suggestion but they are not MP3s and they are not a course in conversation. But they are great.
6 Aug 2008 /  #4 - Short Stories for Beginners

The first link on here will lead you to some mp3s and accompanying written text.
OP HelenaWojtczak  
6 Aug 2008 /  #5
Thanks sausage. What I find here is

a directory of short stories in MP3 and accompanying text in PDF, which is absolutely perfect for my requirements, so many thanks for the link.

The MP3s are numbered 7 to 23. But the transcripts start at number one, so there are six stories (1-6) on the transcript that are not in MP3. I wonder what happened to them?
6 Aug 2008 /  #6
I wonder what happened to them?

Yes, it's a shame they're missing. Also the PDF is a scan of a printed document. It would have been nice if you could cut and paste from it...
OP HelenaWojtczak  
6 Aug 2008 /  #7
Oh yes so it is. Luckily, I don't need to cut-n-paste. I'm going to put the MP3s on my Ipod and print out and bind the 37 pages of text.

I have managed to translate out loud the first five stories without resorting to a dictionary, though there were about ten words I did not know, but could guess what they probably meant.

"Twierdzi" is a word I've never seen before. "Umrzec" was another one that left me puzzled.

These stories get increasingly difficult, so it's a useful way of measuring how well a foreigner can speak Polish.

I would recommend anyone on here who is learning Polish to download these MP3s and the PDF. I now have the whole lot on my hard drive if anyone cannot work out how to do it.

Cheers Sausage, or should I say Kiełbasa?
6 Aug 2008 /  #8
These stories get increasingly difficult

I didn't realise that... I started from the end and I'm struggling a bit.
7 Aug 2008 /  #10
I have done, the first few were fairly easy. I probably didn't start at the beginning because those ones didn't have the corresponding mp3s...
OP HelenaWojtczak  
7 Aug 2008 /  #11
What I did was started from No 1 in PDF and read it out to myself in Polish, sentence by sentence, followed by an English translation, again out loud. Can you do that? Try it and see how far you get before reaching for a dictionary.
7 Aug 2008 /  #12
Can you do that? Try it and see how far you get before reaching for a dictionary

There were a lot dictionary look-ups going on, even on the early ones! I bought myself a Polish novel at the airport about six months ago. Reading that is my equivalent of climbing Everest...
OP HelenaWojtczak  
7 Aug 2008 /  #13
I know what you mean. It so hard learning as an adult. I curse my Polish father for not teaching me as a child. Just look at the trouble he has brought upon me.
7 Aug 2008 /  #14
It so hard learning as an adult

It certainly is. My memory is nowhere near as good as when I was a nipper.

Just found this useful link.... - Goethe-verlag Book2 mp3s
Quite a few phrases read out in English then in Polish. 90MB, but worth it... - Content listing
11 Aug 2008 /  #16
it says the file is corrupted

Strange, I just tried it and it worked fine. Give it another go!
OP HelenaWojtczak  
14 Aug 2008 /  #17
Nope, it won't work for me. But no matter, for i have an awful lot of stuff to be getting on with, and it is going to be an uphill struggle. I've just spent 4 hours with a dictionary translating (badly) a half a page of text. Yuk. Such slow going.

I've been onto Amazon and bought a hand-held electronic translator. Hope I like it!

14 Aug 2008 /  #18
hand-held electronic translator

Good investment, mine has hangman and quiz games on it. Ideal as educational games whilst you're travelling...

Nope, it won't work for me

I could PM you a link to the files on my computer...
14 Aug 2008 /  #19

you are a good sausage on that link you provided :)
14 Aug 2008 /  #21
you are a good sausage on that link you provided :)

Wonder what makes him a bad sausage then <just think it is so funny>

I went into a shop today and they had 35 different types of sausages !

Fascinating !

17 Aug 2008 /  #22

Hey Sausage - good link. Dzięki

Helena, the file is 63.4 MB in size. It unstuffed for me ok.
If your copy of it is smaller then you may not have the full archive.
Also, I suggest that you update your version of the (free) winzip unzipping program in case the file was created by a newer version than that which you have. One of the error messages in this case is that of "corrupted archive"

Try some of the resources on

(my favourite site lol - I'm always championing it)
mp3 files are included of some of the texts.
OP HelenaWojtczak  
18 Aug 2008 /  #23
I have all of the files now thanks Hal, and the texts are online, well most of them!

And thanks for, though I think I've already plundered everything they have.

I have enough Polish mp3s now to last me a lifetime!
18 Aug 2008 /  #24
Yes, finding the time to actually study all of the pdfs and mp3s is a serious challenge. Remembering it all then is the real challenge!

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