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dostawać/dostać vs dostawać się/dostać się

daveithink 4 | 11  
6 May 2009 /  #1
Hello all!

I use 301 Polish verbs by Klara Janecki as a supplement to my study, and she has me confused...

I am told in my textbook that dostawać/dostać is the verb to mean "get"

But in 301 Polish verbs, the verb dostawać się/dostać się is also given as meaning the same thing...

My question is: are these two verbs interchangeable? Or do you use them in different situations?

Any help would be appreciated!

dominika8517 - | 1  
6 May 2009 /  #2
the reason is that you have few meanings of that word.

1. dostawać się/dostać się is more like "to get in" or "to land". its like you manged to get to a place.

eg. Dostał się do więzienia. He has landed in jail.
or Dostał się do autobusu. He has manged to get inside the bus.
or Jak się tu dostałeś? How did you get here?
2 dostawać/dostać is more like "to get" but in a meaning "to receive"
Dostałam buziaka. I have recieved a kiss.

when you have a verb + się it stays in polish for a reflexive verb (if i'm not wrong about english word haha ;).

3. in slang dostać it also means that somebody has shoot you or that you have been beaten

hmm... hope I was clear enough ;)
OP daveithink 4 | 11  
6 May 2009 /  #3
Ah cool :)

That makes it clear now. Thanks Dominika!

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