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5 Oct 2008
News / Adult movie producers looking for 'actresses' in Poland or just a weirdo? [120]

It's called sexual harassment and not sure about Poland but there are laws against that in the UK.

Hardly! Sexual harassment is somebody constantly harrasses someone for sex.

Asking someone for a shag on film can hardly be considered sexual harassment.

Not that I agree with this guy as he sounds like he could be a dangerous individual.

But on the other hand where I come from we say "Shy bairns get nowt!"
4 Oct 2008
News / Should rape carry a life sentence in Poland? [146]

Our court decided that it was causal case.

The only things that were "casual" about this rape were how this animal "casually" selected his victim. Then "casually" followed her to a quiet street. Then "casually" hit her with a blunt instrument. Then he "casually" raped her before "casually" walking away leaving her for dead.

It wasn't just "casual" rape £ukasz. His attack was so violent that that he was charged with attempted murder as well.

Wasn't that guy sentenced for murder ?

He was charged with attempted murder but it's actually harder to prove attempted murder than it is to prove murder. So the charge was reduced to grievous bodily harm with intent, that he received a life sentence for.
3 Oct 2008
News / Should rape carry a life sentence in Poland? [146]

After a British court passed a double life sentence on a Pole after he brutally rapped and left a British woman for dead, on his transfer to a Polish prison, this has been reduced to a twelve year sentence; (so he can be released after nine years) because under Polish law rape isn't a serious enough crime to carry a life sentence.

It is Polish law - 12 years. This case is disputable and has been discussed by many forum members.

In Polish law we don't have "common laws".

10 Sep 2008
News / Poland ends conscription. [11]

Everybody that I've spoke too are pleased. Now you will only have people who want to be soldiers. So they should be a better more reliable force.
10 Sep 2008
News / Poland ends conscription. [11]

WARSAW, Sept 10 (Reuters) - This summer, just before Russia's war with Georgia, the Polish government approved a long-planned bill aligning the NATO member with others in Europe by ending conscription.

Many young men are delighted, but in a country feeling more vulnerable as Russia flexes its military muscle, some experts worry the reform may be hastily prepared and too costly.

Coinciding with rising tensions after Warsaw decided at the height of the Georgia conflict to allow the United States to station parts of a missile shield on its soil, the reform aims to trim down the military to a professional force.
6 Sep 2008
News / Apology to Russians for Osetia and American missile base [78]

I love US shield

Lives in Poland

I live in Poland too.

But I hate it. So does my Polish wife, her mother, her brother, her sister, her three aunties, their husbands, her cousins, their children......

....the list goes on and on... you get the picture Kasia?

Your in a VERY SMALL minority!
31 Aug 2008
News / Apology to Russians for Osetia and American missile base [78]

majority of Poles are enthusiastic about the shield

Complite and utter bollox.

EVERY Pole that I have asked....and I've asked more than a thousand...said without hesitation that they don't want this shield and they think it can only bring trouble to Poland.

Read the various threads on this subect and you will see that the ONLY people to suport this un-wanted shield are on the other side of the atlantic and people here in Poland DON'T WANT YOUR SHIELD!
29 Aug 2008
News / Where did the respect for Polish president go? [28]

Not everybody agree with GW Bush politics, but people respects him as i have never heard anybody talking badly about him.

Then your not listening to the whole world outside of USA!

Because outside of the US they NEVER say anything GOOD about him!

And if you want I'll post plenty of bad things said about your pres from within your borders!
12 Aug 2008

I can read history and what Stalin did was the worse mass murder of history.

Not at all.

By far the worst single act of mass murder in history was on 6th August 1945. But that wasn't enough so they did it again on the 9th.

The left photograph shows the stone steps of the main entrandce of Sumitomo Bank which is only 250 meters from the hypocenter. It is believed that a person sat down on the steps facing the direction of the hypocenter, possibly waiting for the bank to open. By a flash of the heat rays with temperatures well over a 1,000 degrees or possibly 2,000 degrees centigrade, that person was incineratied on the stone steps.

28 Jul 2008
News / Will Poles fight with pride alongside The Gay Army? [22]

Gay men and women now serve with pride and distinction alongside their heterosexual colleagues at the front line of operations worldwide - no longer having to hide.
21 Jul 2008
Life / Great "Baby Boom" in Poland [20]

“baby boom”

I think it's true! I live in a small mountain city of 25k and just walking the 2km frome my home to the bus station on any week day and I see up to 10 ladies carrying babies and proud daddies pushing pushchairs.
19 Jul 2008
News / America: Take your missile base and shove it! [116]

if you can tell me how a purely defensive system is a "threat" to anyone other than those with offensive intentions, please do so.

It's a question of who is precieved as to having the " offensive intentions." It's in Polands best interest to be friends with her neigbours. This "shield" is a drict "threat" to Polands neigbours, so therefore not in her best interest.
16 Jul 2008
News / America: Take your missile base and shove it! [116]

i wonder what all these pro-american foreign policy supporters have to say regarding this information.

I imagin that they will dish the credibility of my source.
15 Jul 2008
News / America: Take your missile base and shove it! [116]

Maybe you can find some info or insight i didn't find though.

I don't know if you know of Alan Friedman, global economics correspondent for the International Herald Tribune.

Here's an interesting interview he made about the arming of Saddam Hussian as well as Osama. How The United States Illegally Armed Saddam Hussein.

Of course the United Kingdom were involved too!
15 Jul 2008
News / America: Take your missile base and shove it! [116]

I am not trying to say Americans do not make mistakes, but this prejudice you (yes, you too, Mr. hairball) consistently demonstrate against Americans or our country is tiring, and to be honest, offensive. The things you accuse us of go beyond simple ribbing between Brits, Yanks, Poles etc, and slip into a much nastier tone.

Oh please spare us your old worn out smoke screen of calling us "American haters" just because we question the foreign policy of your Neo con government. Time and again you say things like....

My only comment to you (and yet again, you demonstrate your hate! what did Americans ever do to you?) is that if you look up one day and see white flashes, the warheads detonating are not American ones. You can also be happy that, in the last milliseconds of your life, you and those like you ensured these were not shot down.

......when the reallity is JohnP that the only country in the world that has waged nuclear war is the good old US of A. You go on and on about the "threat" of Iran when the reallity is JohnP that the ONLY war that Iran has EVER been involved in was against the AMERICAN backed Iraqi's. It's not the Iranian government that has been involved in constant military action all over the world since the 1950's that has resulted in the deaths of millions of people. That's your country, the US.

I'm bored with you constantly accusing me, szkotja2007, Foreigner4 or any other brits on this forum who dare to question the constant war mongering of president Bush and his predecessors. It doesn't make us American haters. It just means we see a different picture to the one that you paint.
13 Jul 2008
News / America: Take your missile base and shove it! [116]

Sometimes no actually means no

Except in Polish no means yes! Lol

if they were against iran

That's how the yanks have been selling the idea plk. As a defence agsinst "rogue states" like Iran. You know they say Iran because that's who they want a war with next.

Iran is a peaceful country that has NEVER aggressivly attacked another country. Maybe Poland should build their own shield as protection against the rogue 'united' states. lol

If Poland doesn't want an interceptor base, it is up to Poland

That's right rambo. And the vast majority of Poles have stated very clearly that THEY DON'T WANT YOUR "SHIELD."


I'm saying the Neocons are trying to divide traditional Slavic brothers by placing their troops and missile bases in countries that they don't belong.

you are one paranoid guy/girl,

With a user name like miss eva you can't tell what sex SHE is?
12 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish girl stabbed on Tyneside in a horrific attack. [7]

Magda Tychmann and her new boyfriend Jorge Carballo were left fighting for their lives after they were stabbed in the neck.

Polish student Magda, 25, needed emergency surgery on her severed artery. And her boyfriend, 26, received 15 stab wounds, with blows narrowly missing his heart and lungs.
11 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / UK bus company boss jailed for hiring an incompetent Pole [71]


I've looked carefully at the photo and although the cherrypicker is on the footpath he is clearly working on something next to the road. As a professional driver you have to be aware of all hazards weather thet be on the road or on the footpath. The excuse that he couldn't see because of his viser is pathetic. The "accident" was 100% avoidable with a little thought from the driver. Surely he should have been able to see all on his approach.
11 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / UK bus company boss jailed for hiring an incompetent Pole [71]

No, it was stationary at the time, the bus was a double decker and hit the cherry picker as pointed out the sun visor in the drivers cab obscured his vision and he didnt see the cherrypicker.

I passed a cherrypicker on my rout today. I couldn't see the box, or the guy inside of it because it was up in the air and yes my sun visor obscured the view.

GUESS WHAT FOLKS. I SLOWED DOWN TO A CRAWL and made sure there was enough room to pass safely.

It's not rocket science. The driver had no excuse and should have made sure it was safe to pass.

Yes. As incompetent as some of the drivers they employed

You got it right there Mr Koolo
9 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / UK bus company boss jailed for hiring an incompetent Pole [71]

the drivers were not properly trained.

Which is a major part of the problem. The standard of driving in Poland isn't good enough. And it's not just bus drivers. It's right accross the board.

the employer is responsible for the safety of the vehicles/equipment

Your totaly wrong. It's the drivers responsibility to check the safety of his vehicle and to report any faults. And it's quite imperitive that he has the language skills to report any such faults.

I can't beleive how many normally intelegent people on this forum are defending the incompitence of this driver.


It could have been a loved one of yours.
9 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / UK bus company boss jailed for hiring an incompetent Pole [71]

you should expect someone to pay a £4.50 fare with a £5 note.

How about a 2.50zł fare with a 200zł not like I had yesterday?

the whole thread is ridiculous

I hate to defend noimi rafik but he is right. The driver is suposed to be a professional and he should have been aware of what was in the road. He should have made absolutly sure that the road was passable. To say that he couldn't see bacause of the sun viser is a lame excuse.
8 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / UK bus company boss jailed for hiring an incompetent Pole [71]

Maybe they are crazy in the UK (Poles) but they are not here. One or two, like anywhere, but the majority are good drivers.

Actually Seanus I have to disagree. A lot of the good drivers have gone to the UK and many who are left are just dam right dangerous.

It's not right that they are using drivers who can't speak any English.

Hairball. Your Polish is good enough to read road signs mate, isn't it?

I'm not fluent in Polish but I've got a good vocabulary and yes I can read the signs!
8 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles and Poles in the UK = animosity [42]

From your another topic...

From your other topic! Poles always seem to make this mistake.

That's because it translates it wrong in most translation dictionaries!
6 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles and Poles in the UK = animosity [42]

Poles can be nasty to other Poles abroad

My wife was advised NOT to work for other Poles when she came to england three years ago, because they tend to rip off their fellow countrymen.

Del Boy you need to take Mister H's advice and move!
5 Jul 2008
News / What if Poland has decided to withdraw from the European Union? [54]

Poland had a referendum regarding joining the EU, and the result was a big yes.

About 77.5% have said yes to the EU, with a turnout of around 59%, according to initial results.

So if the Polish gov decided to withdraw from the EU they would be going against the wishes of its people.

Poand has gained some things by joining the EU.

They have received financial help to rebuild the road and rail infrastructure which was in a big mess.

Poles are now free to travel freely and work in many new places...(but not to their "good friend" America)...without a Visa. So as a result many Poles have gained financial security.

Since Poland joined the EU it has one of the fastest growing economies on the planet.

Many things have improved so why on earth would some idiot want to withdraw from the EU?
3 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish workers found hung in Herefordshire [51]

I can't find the origonal storey I wanted but it was on these lines.

They live in a fenced camp, are housed in caravans for six to ten people, with shared washing facilities and have problems with water and electricity supplies.

"They told us of fees they were being charged for basic services that we know should be free, of being left without overnight accommodation, and even more worryingly, reports that they were not receiving free medical treatment when they needed it. "Most of the workers were from central and eastern Europe, and feeling really vulnerable. To the T&G, it was clear that they were being exploited."

Hopefully after this double tragedy more will be done to improve the conditions that these people find themselves trapped in!