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11 Mar 2009
News / Germany seeks extadition of Sobibor death camp guard. [65]

John Demjanjuk 88 A native of Ukraine has been charged by German prosecuters with 29,000 counts of accessory to murder.

He was originally accused of being Ivan the Terrible but was released by Israel when it turned out to be someone else.

But why is he being persued by Germany if his alleged crimes were commited on Polish soil?

Demjanjuk was extradited to Israel in 1986, when the U.S. Justice Department believed he was the sadistic Nazi guard known as Ivan the Terrible from the Treblinka death camp.
1 Feb 2009
History / Damning archives of cleansing in communist Poland [16]

why did it take so long to shake off the scourge of communism?

Because the People in power like to have control. And if the 'commies' were good at anything. It was controlling people. So the powers that be can keep that tight control on us and call it 'cleansing'.

The speach he (kaczyński) made in the film stank of the Church's influence.

What 'cleansing' would have been next? Ethnic?
1 Feb 2009
History / Damning archives of cleansing in communist Poland [16]

levelled by those who didn't understand the prevailing climate well enough.

On the contrary, I think they were well aware.

It's a good thing for Poland, that most Poles were smart enough to see that the duck brothers were playing dirty games. By discrediting people in influential places, they could have slipped thier own cronies in through the back door, so to speak.

All the Poles that I have asked are quite aware that most the information collected by the secret Police is at best dubious.
19 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

30 years.

I think it will take longer than thirty!

An example....

.....In "the west" they stopped cutting women's crotches 50 years ago as a matter of "routine" in child birth.....

My wife had to go through a very distressing experience when refusing to let these butchers cut her because this is "routine" in Poland. The FEAR that the "doctor....?" tried to use in psychological black-mail in order to let them cut her turned out to be unnecessary!

FACT: 98% of Polish women have their crotches cut in child birth as a matter of routine! The World Medical Assosiation says this figure should be under 10%.
14 Nov 2008
News / What are the requirements to become Polish president ? [8]

What are the requirements to become Polish president ?

The ability to be rude and arrogant beond belief. For example excluding a Nobel prize winner from Polands Independence gala because the arogant twat obviously thought it was his own personal party.
11 Nov 2008
News / Is it time to tighten gun laws in Poland? [146]

Dunblane, Scotland (18), Erfurt, Germany (17), Nanterre, France (8), Tuusula, Finland (9), Chieri, Italy (8), Zug, Switzerland (15), Bielefeld, Germany (8) Hungerford, England (17), to name some of worst over last decade.

ALL with legally registered guns!!!!
11 Nov 2008
News / Will Poland become green? [122]

Should not your belief in the soviet philosophy be the real problem. They are the one who built the plant with a flawed design

Sweden was hours away from a simular "incident"

The incident at Sweden's Forsmark plant underscores the vulnerability inherent in the process of producing nuclear energy. Experts say the accident won't be the last of its kind.,1518,430458,00.html
11 Nov 2008
News / Is it time to tighten gun laws in Poland? [146]

few nutters

The point being is that those "few nutters" are LEGAL gun owners who then carry out mass executions.

In February this year in the US:

Feb. 14: 22 students shot at Northern Illinois University. Feb. 8: Three students shot at Louisiana Technical College. Feb. 7: Seven people shot at a city council meeting in Kirkwood, Mo. Feb. 2: Six women shot at a Lane Bryant store in Tinley Park.

It's an interesting blog. you should read it.

So the arguments on this thread about if you take away the right to bare arms, only the criminals will be carring them is quite weak. It seems to me that the vast majority of people who die from illegal guns are other people who are carrying illegal guns.

And I can't remember reading anywhere about anybody carrying an illegal gun and commuting a mass execution. Only from people who had legally registered guns. Strange that!

The UK which has extremely tight gun laws has seen a reduction in offences in recent years.

Overall firearms offences, including air guns, fell 14% in 2006-07 from 21,527 incidents to 18,489.

more here:

The article at the start of this thread is about an incident with a legal weapon. If said weapon was illegal the chances are this wouldn't have happened.
10 Nov 2008
News / Is it time to tighten gun laws in Poland? [146]

Police have arrested a 25-year-old man in a church in the Lubuskie region of Poland for shooting a woman in the mouth with an air rifle, during mass.

10 Nov 2008
News / Polish politicians and foreign languages [27]

beating around the bush a bit I must say

It sounded more like the British interviewer was being too pushy and trying to trip him up and putting words in his mouth. As for his English he has a very good level. Far better than any of the others who were posted.
9 Nov 2008
News / Two Polish workers die in Norwegian fire. [6]

A house filled with Polish workers has burned down in Norway. Two people dead.

Charge d' affaires of the Polish Embassy in Oslo warned that some people are missing . - You suspect that either escaped and gave no sign of life , or killed . We do not know - said Peter Kobza , who is in contact with the consul , located at the scene.

The house where the fire broke out , there were more than 20 Poles. - 13 people who managed to escape from a burning building , located in the hotel in Drammen - Kobza said . He assured that they covered care. - It is possible to organize the journey to Polish , if they so wish - he added.
31 Oct 2008
News / Will Poland become green? [122]

again you didn't get the point

I do get your point rafik. What do you suggest to help me stop Poland getting ripped off in the Global warming rip off?

Your video has been removed from google video but I found it again here...
30 Oct 2008
Life / Polish bureaucracy - it went to a new level, they ask to pay for search [21]

If he had a British passport I wouldn't need a Polish one for him! We did tell them that he's not registered as British and that I'm resident in Poland.

But my point is surely his Polish birth cetificate is enough to prove he is Polish.

Incidently under Polish rules he is allowed to hold joint British and Polish nationality. I don't know if he can hold both under British rules?
30 Oct 2008
Life / Polish bureaucracy - it went to a new level, they ask to pay for search [21]

Polish bureaucracy, something that everybody who has spent any time in Poland will be quite familiar with, but this month for me it went to a new level.

I need a passport for my son who was born in Poland and has a Polish birth certificate. But when we went to apply for his passport I had to pay an extra 50zł so that the passport office could do a search to confirm that he is actually Polish.

Unbelievable but true!

Has anybody got a better one?
10 Oct 2008
UK, Ireland / All That Manners Business [I'm Polish, moved to UK as an au pair.] [87]

I'm Polish


It doesn't matter what you do for this baba. You're with her son so what ever you do it won't be good enough There probably isn't a girl on this planet that is good enough for her son.

Get over it man.....I mean woman...

I'm suprised, as you normally sound quite confident!
7 Oct 2008
News / Should rape carry a life sentence in Poland? [146]

But it is true that rape victims are often beaten, which is more unfortunate than a simple rape.

masks there is nothing "simple" about rape. You point out in your post that you yourself have never been raped, so I think it is imposable for you to judge the true extent of the damage rape does to the victim weather it be male or female. But I appreciate your views from your own personal experience with your mother.

rape should be punishable by death.

And for everyone else who jumped on the "death penalty band waggon". If you punish someone with death and you get it wrong. It can't be rectified.

If not for a chance inventory of DNA samples gathering dust in a Connecticut warehouse, Scott Fappiano might still be lifting weights in prison.

But after the samples were discovered by his lawyers last year, Mr. Fappiano finally had the evidence he had sought for half of his life. Yesterday, a State Supreme Court judge vacated his conviction for the 1983 rape of a Brooklyn woman, after the tests showed he had not committed the crime for which he spent more than two decades in prison.

And it has been wrong before!
6 Oct 2008
News / Adult movie producers looking for 'actresses' in Poland or just a weirdo? [120]

Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Is there something you'd like to share?

a bit of five-finger action

Living in London has broadened your horizons, yes?

Would the Germans put towels on the beds beforehand? sorry bad joke i know:)

No Mr. dt. It was very funny!
6 Oct 2008
News / Should rape carry a life sentence in Poland? [146]

I think that rape is one of those things that are not good of course, but not as horrible as society makes it out to be.

I think that you are a dangerous individual if you think that it is "society" that makes rape "horrible". The victim that this thread refers to was so badly beaten that she had to spend a whole year in hospital, two years later she is still in a wheelchair and has suffered permanent brain damage.

Very often in rape cases the victim is so traumatised that they never fully recover so in effect suffer their own personal "life sentence".

it needs to be frowned upon so vigorously

Well that's going to be a real deterent, isn't it?

Rape is forcing someone to do something they often do

You have got no idea have you? You don't know anything what so ever about sex and relationships, do you? With that comment you seem to be under the deluded notion that the only difference between rape and consensual sex with a willing partner is the willingness of the parter/victim.

It's not that bad to take a **** and not wash your hands

How can anybody put not washing your hands after taking a crap into the same catagory as rape is beyond belief!!

Regarding the orginal question, if found quilty and if the victim is alive then the victim should be free to choose the punishment for the perpetrator.

I can see where you're comming from Mr F, but I think the slow painful deaths people would think up could end up as bad as the original crime!
5 Oct 2008
News / Adult movie producers looking for 'actresses' in Poland or just a weirdo? [120]

what do the police do there when something like this happens?

It depends how much Vodka they've had to drink.

asking sb for a shag could be considered as sexual harassment

In that case Seanus everybody must have been guilty of sexual harassment.

In fact I better call the Police because the missus is a little frisky today and has just asked me for a shag......

....junior's asleep so I don't think I'll call the Police....good night everyone....I'm off to be depraved!