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17 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / My fellow brits here - are "traitors" by not dating English girls? [103]

Where you from then? Because you write like a native...

But.. seriously. I've seen some overweight Polish lasses too... not as many as English lasses with Piwo-babies, but yeah, there are some. ;)

Fill ya boots southofdathames. :)
17 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles in UK turn to fast food [29]

. Has chips in curry sauce or brown sauce become popular amongst Poles? Many Scots love that combo, especially when lathered

Or a Mars bar !!!!!!!! *eeek!*
20 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / New British Based Points System [30]

Dubious link the PLK, as it's akin to the ancient laws we have in the UK, where I can, as an Englishman, kill a Scotsman in the city of York, after midnight, with a longbow.... seems to be one of those laws that are a hangover from the past.

BUT to get back to the main point. Yeah, I have no real disagreement with a points based system, as used in Australia. It keeps out undesirables and lets in those who would benefit this country. As those from EU states wouldn't be affected by that ruling as they have the right to travel and reside, then fair enough.

I've always said that Great Britain is "great" because we take the best...and leave what we don't want. Seems to follow that logic.
24 May 2008
Travel / What can I do off the beaten track in Pruszcz Gdanski? [2]

Hello, it's been a bit of a while since i've been on here, but today.... I'm typing this from a flat in Pruszcz Gdanski!!!! I'm on my first visit to Poland, I arrived last night and am here for a week.

So, as my question says in the title, what's to do while I am here? Is there any thing that's off the beaten track, basically not in the guidebook ( I don't have one!) that would be worth doing...

Today I've been to Soport, which was rather nice. But any other suggestions are more than welcome
12 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish Immigrants in England - and their Cultural Impressions [36]

Sorry GodandBrown, but while I abhor noimmigration, and have kept away from this site for months because of him, and yet the git is still allowed here, I think you may just find this is an Anglo-Polish site. And we defend its Anglo-Polishness. You ask a question, my friend, and you're going to get Brits and Poles answering. It's the nature of forums!

But, as a Brit myself, I can answer one of your points. Most, not all, of my Polish friends like the British pub culture. The smoking outside is odd... but it is for me too. But they seem to love it. And they seem to know, as long as it isn't a "heaving" town centre place... but more of a "local" pub, that they're going to be able to go there when they want, and improve their English.. or just get drunk. And they seem to. I think the most integrating of places in the UK is the local... it seems to be working out.

Still though, with the price of beer in uk pubs, and the smoking ban, it's not an absolute's far easier and cheaper to invite your mates around with a bag of beer, and get drunk at home. But I think us English are finding that too... especially those of us who smoke.... :?
14 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Help - posting a letter to Poland from the UK. [12]

Hey... they dont call me postie for nowt!

As said above, you're going to have to go down to the PO to sort this one out.

The alternative is, you can guess and get it wrong. It'll be returned to you as being underpaid.

(always.. ALWAYS.. use a return address.. especially for International mail. )

But... if you are posting magazines abroad.. ask for "Book Rate" .. it should get you a discount. Or "Paper" rate. .... (yeah, I know you are sneaking some birthday cards in... just don't tell them.. and FFS dont include any real money in them!)

But do include your return address.

Hope that helps.

If any one is returning home to Poland, and wants to get a shedload of non valuable gear back very cheaply, I can help there too... I used to get some Japanese mates stuff home, first class post , for 1/10th the cost of posting it by normal mail. Just by knowing the rules.... ;)

OK, just gone away and looked it up... because things have changed while I haven't been a postman.....

But if you go to

Or.. >>>> delivery services >>> overseas>>>>prices (prices is left hand column)

Then you get the matrix of costs... look at the right hand column, after "Europe" and "rest of World" and you see "Printed Papers"

I don't know what you are sending... but.. ;)

Everything to Europe below 80g is £1.07 .. at Printed Paper rate.

It's hard to describe the tariff... but, you are better sending it PP rate... if it is over 80g. ;)

Weirdly.. you can send something at "letter rate" and it will cost you more than at "paper rate" over 80g.

And it ALL goes on the same plane out... there's no real reduction in service!
14 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish Immigrants in England - and their Cultural Impressions [36]

...I am really interested in impressions made by Poles while living in U.K...what's wrong with that?


But in the absence, I gave my view... from what I know of going out with a Polish lass... and my best mate being a Pole.

Though I am no longer going out with the Polish lass.... thankfully! :lol:

I'd personally like to hear what other Poles think of "English Pubs" ....