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6 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Views of Poles in UK on Bulgarians/Romanians coming here? [62]

Hmmm... I don't think the UK Govt would necessarily need to bring in such a law. Reading those links, it seems the EU already has a policy in place where one EU country can expel people if they're deemed to be detrimental to the nation (health/security/economics).

I guess it would be a change in "policy" more than a law. And it reads to me that it can't be done wholesale against a nation (e.g, all Romanians to be expelled) , but on a case by case basis. It'd need an army of immigration officials to implement it and realistically, that's not going to happen knowing the UK Govt.
7 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / English people attitude towards Poles? [761]

Not really connected to this post , but i just wanted to say hello to you Postie , good luck with the job hunting...I know that work is not so easy to find in Scarborough...I was born and raised there actually , lived in the gildercliffe area....I am now living on an old farm in Poland , funny old world eh....?

Blimey.... it certainly is a small world. When I first became a postie in Scarborough, my delivery for 18 months included Hawthorn Walk!!!

my family still there some of it Eastfield Estate area .. so small world indeed

Well, you'll know where I am packing frozen pizza then :) I'll give Eastfield a wave for you tomorrow morning as I go by on the McCains bus.
9 Nov 2007
Language / Any useful words to tell kids to behave? [19]

My Polish mate has a right little bastard of a 7 year old boy. The kid is very rude and ignorant, and with only a tiny bit of English as he's only been in the UK since July. Although sometimes, if he wants something, he seems to be able to use a bit of English.

I've tried being polite and asking him how school is, in Polish, and I always say hello to him when I go to my mates flat, i bought him a English-Polish children's picture dictionary...for it to be ripped up.

So, now, I'm ignoring the little bastard when I go around to my mate's flat. Which seems to be working better than making an effort.

But being an incredibly rude kid, he'll make a pest of himself. Like kicking over cans of lager, or throwing things at me... or getting everything out of my work bag and throwing them around. (and yeah, I know this is a parenting issue, but it isn't my business to say to my mate how to raise his kids)

So... what phrases or words can i use to tell the little bastard to p*ss off, behave, stop being a brat, don't be so rude. :)

But, in a way that wouldn't be outright swearing... because I don't think you should swear at kids.
10 Nov 2007
Language / Polish language for Children [13]

Milet Picture Dictionary by Sally Hagin is quite good (and not just for kids!)

You can find it at:

But you can get it cheaper on Amazon or

I photocopied all the pages so phonetic translations could be written under the Polish words...

There's a newish book out too for kids, call Minutka the bilingual dog, not got it yet, but will have it on order soon. Again found on or or Amazon.
13 Nov 2007
History / Polish Jews - they changed their Jewish surnames to Polish [532]

How could that be possible unless the Nazis were secretly manipulated by Zionists?"

Ah! I see hunfriend. I'd never thought about this aspect before, and now you mention it, yes, it makes perfect sense. The whole 3rd Reich was a Jewish plot. The soldiers in the Wehrmacht, were Jewish, the Bolsheviks, were Jewish and I guess the entire Allied Armies were either Jewish or controlled by Jews.

Excellent, thank you for opening my eyes to what has been hidden by this crypto Zionist revisionist deformation of history.

One thing though?

Those Aliens who kidnapped Elvis... were they Jewish too? F*ck... I bet Elvis was a f*cking Jew now I think about it...
13 Nov 2007
History / Polish Jews - they changed their Jewish surnames to Polish [532]

Does that mean he's working in a kosher chip shop?

Nah, that fella only thinks he's Elvis.... LOL

Those towers were demolised by explosives. No doubt! Who could do that?

Erm.... to save me downloading it... would the correct answer (in your ever increasingly strangely warped mind) be The Jews?
14 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / An Englishman's View on Polish flocking to the UK [53]

i know there's a lot of Poles ..... but the most spoken language in Britain being Polish ?

I kind of agree with this point, and I live in a town without a huge amount of Polish. Many other towns have far more Polish as a percentage of the population than where I live.

Although it all depends on what you do or work at, or where you live. Speaking about only my small perspective, and that perspective is most certainly PRO-Polish, when I get on the bus in the morning, the most common language I hear is Polish. I have worked on shifts where I was the only native English speaker and spoke more Polish during that shift than I did English.

If I go for a cigarette break, most people there are Polish.

If I go for a beer in a certain pub after work, I can buy a Zyweic and sit and natter with the Poles. If I went around the corner from this pub, the street is mostly Polish.

The common factor in all of these points? I'm an agency worker and so are many Poles. I smoke, and it seems (though maybe wrongly) that more Poles smoke than English, I don't have a car now and get the bus to work, as do many Poles. The pub I drink in is a WetherSpoons and is very cheap...which is great if your a low paid worker, as are many of the Poles who also work on the agency. The street around the corner from the pub is mainly B+B's and are cheap to rent.

Like any other influx of people into this country, initially they'll group together in low paid jobs and low cost housing. Like the Asians did in the 1960's. As time goes on, they'll become settled, make friends who are natives, get better jobs and integrate and disperse amongst the wider society.

But yeah, to return to the point, even in this town, Polish can be the predominant language... AT TIMES. (but that's great for me as I'm learning the language!)
14 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish and Foreign Drivers in the UK [28]

This is why us English are correct in driving on the left....

This strange quirk perplexes the rest of the world; however, there is a perfectly good reason.

Up to the late 1700's, everybody travelled on the left side of the road because it's the sensible option for feudal, violent societies of mostly right-handed people.


And here's a list of countries that drive on the left....

Antigua & Barbuda
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands

Channel Islands
Falkland Islands
Hong Kong
Isle of Man

New Zealand
Northern Ireland

Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands
South Africa
Sri Lanka
St Kitts & Nevis
St. Helena
St. Lucia

Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
US Virgin Islands
St. Vincent & Grenadines
15 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish and Foreign Drivers in the UK [28]

Most of these countries are former British colonies, so it's small wonder some relics of British governing are still present there.

Ah! Indeed that is very true Bartolome....... but it doesn't mean that all those driving on the right side are correct. ..

;) <<<<<
16 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / british exodus [4]

Very interesting article!

Reading "between the lines" of it though, it may not be as simple as the UK being a Hub.

It looks, at least to me, like some of the people are returning home, as stated here:

Australia was by far the most popular destination, with 100,000 heading Down Under, Australians returning home after working in Britain and UK nationals emigrating. Some 56,000 people moved to Spain and 40,000 to France

I guess that some of those going to India and Pakistan are British nationals of Asian descent, but would count as UK nationals leaving.

Maybe instead of it being exactly like a Hub, some of those could be classed as Generational Rebound. Maybe those who've worked here for 40+ years, earnt their money and are returning to the land of their birth. Maybe they're 2nd generation and are returning to discover the land they came from.

Of course, there are those leaving for the obvious reasons such as better jobs or better weather. But it'd be interesting to know what the exact breakdown would be of those leaving. As usual, UK statistics leave a lot to be desired in what they don't tell....

Interesting none the less!
18 Nov 2007

Yeah........ and how much of that 2 million was actually spent on translators? As opposed to how much was spent on filling in forms asking for translators???????????????

And yeah, I get it's a joke...... but.... you get, also, how Police budgets work!
18 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish community in Leeds? [25]

Wheres LEEDS?????

I have a old Who album that says "live at leeds"

Fantastic use of English!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Live...... as opposed to Live :) :) :) :) :)

(I've often wondered the same thing about The Who)
18 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Polish Rugby League in Northampton, UK [6]

You might get some sponsorship from KP?????


(that's a joke btw!)

Good luck..... Northampton.... very nice place, I used to live there, and I think there is a Polish club somewhere near Clare Street...
19 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Views of Poles in UK on Bulgarians/Romanians coming here? [62]

so my partner has more difficulty finding work.. so for me, they can all go home.

The very same can be said of the Poles coming here. And as you very well know, I aint got a problem with that..... you can't draw the ladder up after you.

See what I mean?
20 Nov 2007
Life / Perfekt music group [17]

Only one that I can name.... because some Polish lass keeps playing the CD is "Pudelsi"

I think I have the name right... and one of their songs is quite catchy, though I don't know the exact name of it. I think it's called Misia Kasia...
25 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Job and accommodation market in Ireland are getting scarce [9]

There are about 400,000 Polish people living in Ireland and thousands more arriving every year. Where are we Irish going to find accommodation and jobs for them all?

And.......... it's OK though for tens of thousands of Irish to come to to the UK to live and work every year???

Same thing matey! ;)
27 Nov 2007
Life / Polish men living and working together with other men - is it normal? [16]

If he works 10 hour days, that gives him 14 hours free, I'm sure he could squeeze some time in somewhere!

When I first started seeing the Polish lass, last summer, her English was poor and my Polish was terrible. Yes, it led to mis-understandings and frustrations, but also a lot of learning and laughter.

I presume he has some kind of Angli-Polski phrasebook and you have an English-Polish one too? (if not, get one.. you can pick up a decent one for about a fiver) Try and learn a new word or phrase, every day... and as you're online, you can find no end of free language stuff to have a practice with while he is working.. so you can surprise him ;)

Try for a decent and free basic Polish lessons...
2 Dec 2007
News / interview with Donald Tusk (Financial Times) [41]

we are talking about more than a thousand companies with state ownership that are waiting to be privatised. There, where there is no conflict, we will move very quickly. Where there is a conflict we will consult with our partners to persuade them to the market, competitiveness and to the superiority of the private ownership over government ownership

That's pretty ominous.... it looks very much like Thatcherism...

I'm guessing that in the next few years, Poland is going to see a lot of changes, with the rich becoming even richer and social services and industry being destroyed or sold off to the highest bidder...