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5 Jan 2009
Real Estate / Budimex Murano development (central Warsaw) Phase I [38]

You have been "pushing" this for the last couple of weeks, now I will give you my suggestions:-

a) Look up the word "honour" in the dictionary.

b) Try remembering that you had the chance to negociate the final price
when you signed the contract.

c) Ask yourself if you would be doing this if the capitol value of the apartment
had increased by 50%.

e) Most of the problems for the "financial crises" have been caused by people
lying and cheating, has Budimex used these tactics with you?

If you do not like the deal you had, walk away.
21 Dec 2008
News / Poland will take half a century to catch up with the West [240]

"The advanced Westerner with his firearms destroyed the buffalo, stripping the hides off millions and leaving the cadavers to rot. Who was the more advanced?"

Actually Polonius, the Bankers on Wall Street and Bush and his cronies have done the same to the American public, life carries on and nobody learns.
9 Dec 2008
UK, Ireland / Any polish actors in Leeds, England? [6]

I apologise. I forgot that universities in England are not allowed to correct mistakes anymore and have to accept any drivel that is handed in. Which, enables them to hand out degrees that are worthless.
8 Dec 2008
UK, Ireland / Any polish actors in Leeds, England? [6]

"to male polish men"?

I take it you mean "two men" and as for being "male", I would have thought that would be obvious. As for attending university for the past 3 years, have you managed to learn any English yet?
7 Dec 2008
Life / MRI scanning machine in Krakow ? [5]

I have to agree with nierozumiem, the hospital in Tarnow is excellent. I was given a choice of either to go to for my scan but was told that I could get an earlier appointment in Nowy Sacz.
6 Dec 2008
Life / MRI scanning machine in Krakow ? [5]

I had an MRI scan on each knee at a clinic in Nowy Sanc about a year ago It was free as I was covered by ZUS but the price list at reception, indicated, that the charge would have been around 400 PLN per scan.
4 Dec 2008
Travel / Nice places to visit around Krakow [14]

Hey!!!!......whats with the "new fangled white lines" that are painted on the roads?
Must be some trick being played by the Polish Highways department!!!!
17 Nov 2008
Travel / Poland - Official Highway Code in English? [5]

Surely, this should be in the "Things to make you laugh" thread?

Every lane is an overtaking lane.
No such thing as slow traffic
What "Motorway markings"?

As for indicating!!!!.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
15 Nov 2008
Life / I need general health care - can I pay ZUS monthly for this? [8]

That is surprising, I didn't know the care in England was worse. My aunt in PL had a head tumor and waited 3-4 months for an MRI. Caring people with lack of funds & equipment.

I have no idea what experience you have with either the English or Polish health service, but, I can assure you that the hospital in Krakow (Jan Pawal 11) where I received treatment has state of the art facilities and was the "cleanest" hospital that I have ever been in. This includes "private" hospitals in the UK.
14 Nov 2008
Life / I need general health care - can I pay ZUS monthly for this? [8]

You have to think long term. Just because you have not had a car accident in 10 years do you think that you do not need vehicle insurance?. I have already had a heart bypass in Poland, waiting time was 1 week, in England I would be looking at 6 months, if, I was lucky. Stop knocking the Polish health care, I have no complaints, I have been well looked after by very proffessional, caring people.
14 Nov 2008
Life / I need general health care - can I pay ZUS monthly for this? [8]

I make a voluntary payment to ZUS each month for normal healthcare. The sum is around 285 PLN but this can vary by a couple of Zloty each month. Once you have it set up, you can transfer the money online. It usually stays the same amount for a period of 3 months and then you have to look up the ZUS site to see if it has changed. There is a small setup fee but as long as your NI contributions in the UK are up to date, this is a small sum.
29 Oct 2008
Life / The day of the Dead is coming [7]

I never drive the car on this day. More deaths on the road than any other week-end of the year.
10 Oct 2008
Law / Personal loan in Poland? (not paid off) [11]

As far as I am aware (you should check on the EU website) only Governments have the powers to chase debts in member states. Any taxes due in any EU state can be persued by the equivalant department in another state where the defaulter now resides.

These recipricol arrrangements are normally made for taxation and possibly, to reclaim health care charges. All member states signed up to this agreement prior to Poland joining the EU, so, I am wondering as to the legallity of this arrangement, as for some time, the Polish goverment was asking for tax on money that had already been taxed in the UK.
20 Sep 2008
UK, Ireland / EU Elections June 2009, will Poles in UK vote? Will others vote? [29]

I went to vote in the local council elections 2 years ago. Being stupid, I assumed that as I was registered at an address in the "Gmina", I would automatically be on the voters list.

On presenting myself at the polling station I was informed that I could not vote as I had not registered myself to vote 6 weeks before the election?

Of course, nobody had bothered to tell me this and it is not the sort of information that I would expect my Polish friends or my partner to have access to as they "know" that they can just go along and vote. All foreigners residing in Poland have the right to vote in EU and local elections, but, do not expect the authourities to notify or even let you do this, it might lead to the misunderstanding that they are efficient and "God forbid", the fact that you may have rights in Poland.
22 Aug 2008
Life / Customer Service in Poland, what are your experiences? [106]

It being some 2 weeks before Christmas, I decided to send some Christmas cards to my relatives and friends back home. I duly addressed the envelopes, adding UK at the bottom and went to the local village post office. Delighted to see that there was no one in front of me, I proudly presented my little bundle to the lady behind the counter, I asked for "priorty A" and was asked in return for 6.70g to cover the postage cost.

Something struck me as not being quite right?, 6.70g for 10 Christmas cards?, air mail? this seemed awefully cheap so I gave the lady a puzzled look. "UK, United Kingdom" I said. "Ahhh", she replied, "I thought it was, Ukraine".

Village life is an experience to savour :-)
7 Aug 2008
UK, Ireland / Polish is suing because she cannot speak english!!! [45]

Griff........"I was told just yesterday that any contract signed that is not in your native language can be void if not provide instructions in english or a sworn translator present."

I believe that you are correct, there was an EU regulation that came into force in either Dec.2005 or 2006 which dealt with "unfair contracts". Not only do you have to receive a copy in your "native language", you must be given 24 hours to read this before you sign. Other clauses in this regulation insist that if it is a "pre-printed" contract, then, anywhere which mentions the length of the contract ie: 24 months, percentage rate or interest rates, must be filled in by hand and initialed by the person signing the contract.

I actually used this clause to void a contract with a mobile telepohone company, here in Poland. The service did not work in my area so I complained and they told me that I had signed a contract for 2 years and there was nothing they or I could do about it. I used the following reasons for breaching the contract:

1) The service provided was not fit for the purpse and I was misled about the quality of the reception I would receive.
2) The contract I signed was invalid as I was not given a copy in English (my native language)
A fax to their HQ in Warsaw was enough for them to refund my money and cancel the contract.
2 Aug 2008
Travel / The decline of Krakow due to British drunks and What to see in Krakow? [52]

"I am also teetotal and only occasionally drink alcohol when I am abroad, and unlike the British Louts whom let the United Kingdom down I can take my drink ! Do you know why ? Because I know when to stop, and when to stop is long before you feel ill or act irrational."

Hey Sean, this sounds just like you!!!!!
30 Jul 2008
UK, Ireland / British car with 3 wheels... [45]

The follow on to the Reliant Robin was a rather "trendy" 3 wheeller called the "Bondbug", some 2,500 were produced and again, only a motorbike licence was needed. (see) for more details.
23 Jul 2008
Life / The Polish Flag Is White, with red tape! [32]

I have a 5 year residence card which expires in 2009. From information I have picked up over the past few months, the Polish government has not made a decision as to whether these cards will be continued/necessary. Polish nationals entering the UK to work/live do not need to have these permissions. I assume that these residence cards were obligatory prior to Poland joining the EU and that nobody has got around to recinding this law. The UK and Poland have recipricol agreements for taxation purposes now, so, it would make sense to abolish the need for permission to live here.
12 Jul 2008
Real Estate / Article: Poland becomes real estate leader [16]

The news was from yesterdays edition of "" online, it's the second artical about the infastructure that I have read in the past few days and is not old news. Like you, I will be dissapointed if the new motorway between Krakow and the Ukraine is not completed as it will affect my investment plans for the future. You have been here in Poland as long as I have and you obviously realise that the Polish government has made many promises concerning the readiness of the various projects but the reality is that nobody in the ministries seems to have a clue about the urgency of the time constrictions that are applicable in this case. Platini may well be able to judge when a stadium (under construction) will be complete but seriously doubt his ability to understand the planning of infastructure and commercial buildings (hotels) when the "studiums" for the towns involved have not even been completed after they became law 4 years ago. The ideas from the top are sound but the "will to do" at the lower levels is not there.
12 Jul 2008
Real Estate / Article: Poland becomes real estate leader [16]

I have read a couple of articals and government press releases lately that state the "Eu regualtions and Polish laws conflict" and that all work on the new motorways will stop for at least the next 6 months as some 36 billion euros will be witheld until the Polish laws are changed. As the period for completing the road infastructure was very short indeed, this will mean that the likelihhod of the projects being completed by 2012 in time for the European Championships is highly unlikely. Even if the stadiums are ready, the road systems and hotels will not be in place. Hotels cannot be built as the routes of the new roads have not been decided yet. Who is going to build a 4-5* hotel and then find its going to be in the middle of a field?. I fear this is going to turn into a terrible mess.