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28 Oct 2009
Real Estate / 15 reasons why the Polish real estate market will crash soon [258]


"With the help of EU money Poland has received lots of help to build new flats. Now those flats are being finished and will be on the market in 2009. This means in the polish real estate market supply is increasing, but where is the population growth? Poland has a flat or a negative population growth. Based on supply and demand the Polish real estate market is going down".

I totally agree with you that a lot of apartments were built for foriegn investors and were/are overpriced and out of reach for nearly all Polish people, but, lets get a few facts straight:-

The funds Poland have/will receive from the EU are for "infastructure" projects, not housing, this is financed by private investors and to some small degree, the goverment.

As for a huge surplus of finished apartments, I suggest you read the link below so that you know what you are talking about. It will explain the number of units built in 2008/2009 and the number that are available to buy at the present time. It will also indicate to you that proposed developments will not occur in the present financial climate which will lead to a shortage of new properties in the future.

Shrinking population or not, older housing stock in not being replaced quickly enough to ensure decent housing for the next generation.,12,537,0,en,item.html
11 Oct 2009
Law / What is a NIP? [8]

I pay ZUS and I only have a pesel number. I do not have a NIP number as I do not pay taxes in Poland, the Regon number is for a company, not a private individual.
13 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / England, Dirty, Expensive and a dangerous place to live? [205]

As others on here have stated, the facts are available to you if you can be bothered to research them. I made statements, not arguments. Your personal attacks are weak, schoolboy stuff and as for having a discussion with a clown?, I would rather watch paint dry.

Try picking on someone of your own level, you may actually succeed in annoying them.
13 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / England, Dirty, Expensive and a dangerous place to live? [205]


I did not mention that the 6 shootings were a black related crime. I had no wish to get into a racist argument on here.


When you learn to read and develop an attention span of more than 3 seconds, you will realise that I am English. How can this be a Polish whine?

Don't be a **** all your life, take a day off.
12 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / England, Dirty, Expensive and a dangerous place to live? [205]


Likely low as Poland isn't really a gun culture.

And guns are legal in the UK? The fear felt by the Police forces in the UK must be even more terrible than for Joe Public. They have managed to shoot and kill over 30 unarmed people in the past 3 years, perhaps they know something that we do not?

The state provides reasonably well for some.

I beg to differ on this one, the families have to take care of them or they get
married. In Poland they usually seem to know who the father is.

Poland doesn't pitch itself as an asylum haven. It doesn't have the resources yet to provide on a large scale. It was under communism for so long so Brits should understand that.

I think its more a case of Poland not giving cash benefits. Asylum seekers have no wish to come here.

Picking up that tab is the price you pay for fully embracing a multicultural society.

I like many others was not given a choice or a vote as to whether I wanted to be in a multi-cultural society. This was one of the main reasons I left the UK 6 years ago.

Having lived under previous Labour governments it was obvious what was going to happen.

I agree with you, the tax and insurance here is very high. I think that if Poland were to follow the UK tax bands it would be a much fairer system.

I feel sorry for the people who now live in England. The genii has been let out of the bottle and there is no way that life is going to be the same as in my childhood and youth. The gap betwen rich and poor will become greater, crime will increase, things will only get worse and more people will turn to the far right parties to make changes. Its too late now, 12 years of bad government and interference from the EU will destroy what was once a great nation.
12 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / England, Dirty, Expensive and a dangerous place to live? [205]

How many Polish people were shot today?

This is just a normal day in the UK

How many Polish people are going to see tax increases to pay for the bailout of the Polish Banks?

How many muslim extremists reside in Poland?

How many single mothers does the state look after in Poland?

How many asylum seekers are given free housing and benefits in Poland?

Who in England is going to pick up the tab for paying for all of the above?

The poor do not pay tax, the rich avoid paying tax by hiring good accountants, that just leaves the average family to foot the bill. How tight can they be squeezed before they realise that it does not pay to work?

Why not address all the facts and then form an honest opinion about the UK.

Poland has a long way to go to catch up with Western Europe but I'm not sure that this is going to be such a good thing in the long run.

Still, it will be interesting when the EU decides how many asylum seekers Poland has to take in as their "fair share" quota.
24 Aug 2009
Real Estate / Foreigners: Please don't buy Polish Land! [823]

Aug 11, 09, 04:14
"The Brits/Irish in Poland have no intention of putting into Polish society apart from cashing in and then returning home".

For your information, I have just completed 13 apartments which have been built to a high standard and are priced between 2,900-3500 PLN per m2. I have been living in Poland for 7 years now, I have nearly 40 years of construction behind me and wanted to give the Polish people in my area a better choice and standard than the local developers were offering, at a much cheaper price. I have no intention of returning to the UK, Poland is my home and my family and friends are here. Do not try and judge everybody as being the same.

18 Aug 2009
Life / Haunted Homes in Poland [173]

I had a supernatural experience the other day. My Polish friend bought a round of drinks!!!!
3 Aug 2009
Real Estate / House Planning Permission in Poland !!! [27]

I taught if all drawing were in Compliance with Building and Planning Regs . and Euro Codes there should be no problem

If you cannot even spell "thought", I think you will have a lot of problems with the Polish language.

I have been a builder for 37 years and even I do not understand the reasoning behind some of the Polish planning regulations, for example, you cannot fit a "balanced flue" gas boiler because, you have to have chimneys, even though these boilers are CE approved. I have now had to spend a great deal of money on chimneys for my latest project, which to my mind are totally useless as there are no fireplaces, only gas central heating. I expect that these regulations have been in effect for the last 40 years and nobody has bothered to update themselves with the new technology for venting systems. Saying that, it does provide jobs for two men to climb on the roof every year to inspect the chimneys and make sure that they are not blocked with soot.

I would recommend trying to obtain your work from Ireland and doing it online. It should be possible for your clients to send you site plans, drainage layouts and photo's which would enable you to prepare plans for submission to the local authourities.

I wish you the best of luck with your endevours.
15 Jul 2009
Life / The cost of kindergardens in Poland [13]

Actually Lilly, I got it a little bit wrong. After talking to my other half when she got got home, I was informed that it is 150 PLN per month and that includes 3 meals per day!!!!

I am in a village in Southern Poland, so, I have no idea about the cost in larger cities?
15 Jul 2009
Life / The cost of kindergardens in Poland [13]

My little one is starting in September. The cost is 180 PLN per month and this includes a meal during the day.
23 Jun 2009
Life / The Polish police in my apartment, asking for my passport and phone number. [33]

You are from Turkey? you look Asiatic? you have a visa to work or study?..........are you on holiday?......are you a muslim fanatic?.........lots of reasons that the police or immigration authourities might check up on you. As long as everything is legal, why do you need to worry?
15 Jun 2009
Travel / Foreign ATM & Credit Cards vs. Polish Kantor [9]

It seems to be the opposite here WB, three Kantors have been followed home, attacked, robbed and killed over the past 3 years. The newpapers seem to hint at Ukrainian gangs staking out their premises.
16 Apr 2009
Life / Medical board in Poland - is there a centralized list of doctors? [5]

I am also a diabetic. I go to a specialist doctor once every two months for a consultation and to show her my daily self taken, sugar levels. She issues me with a prescription for a two month supply of medication in accordance with the sugar readings. Her charge for this is 50 PLN + the cost of the medicines. Luckily I am type 2 and do not need insulin.
23 Mar 2009
Food / Where to buy Cheddar in Warsaw? [57]

I managed to get some Cheddar Cheese in Alma but at 65 PLN for 1kg it seemed a bit pricey. Tasted very good. The "Gouda" cheese they sell here is like rubber. I too have problems in finding lean bacon and have to rely on visitors from the UK to bring back the sealed packs from the supermarkets.
28 Feb 2009
Real Estate / Angel city Development in Krakow [33]

"Our bank consultant recommended us to wait a little bit."

The phrase, "blind leading the blind" comes to mind. Since when have the "banks" known anything?
27 Feb 2009
Travel / Going to ski to Poland. Maximum snow? [29]

You might like to try "Nosalowy Dwor", its a great hotel and restaurant in Zakopane and right across the road from the "Nosal" ski slopes. Lessons and equiptment hire are in front of the hotel. I have used it several times, nice hotel with wonderful food, just google it.
9 Feb 2009
Real Estate / Urgent advice needed, building land plot near Torun [15]

In answer to your questions, I do not think the price has increased during the past 18 months, only peoples greed. I do not think that being near a small airport is necessarily of great benefit, most of the airlines are downsizing and only flying on the more profitable routes so I would think that being near one of the larger cities would be a bonus if you need to travel regularly.

I personally think that having views or lakes and forest would add value to a property, as would most English people I know, but, this is Poland and from discussions I have had with my Polish friends, it seems that the price is the most important factor when purchasing a property. I myself, would rather live 10 mins from the town centre and be in the countryside than buy an apartment and sit on the balcony looking at another block of flats. I suppose its a matter of choice and this is something you will need to decide for yourself. I would shop around and see what is available.
9 Feb 2009
Real Estate / Urgent advice needed, building land plot near Torun [15]

I am not sure of the land values in the Torun area but this seems expensive. 18 months ago, in Malopolska, I paid half of this sum for 3,800m2 of land with planning permission and all media on the site. This was also next to lakes and forest. You need to get an independant surveyor to value this plot, he/she will give you a list of comparisons for prices that have been achieved in that area. It should cost around 1,000 PLN for a comprehensive survey and would be money well spent.

Good luck
5 Jan 2009
Real Estate / Budimex Murano development (central Warsaw) Phase I [38]

If the developer has a clause written into the contract which allows for an increase in costs due to "unforseeable" circumstances, then, you know the risk you take. It is no different than the airlines having to levy a fuel surcharge if the price of oil rises substancially due to investors gambling on the price of oil.

I doubt that "Budimex" has a clause that offers a discount should property prices fall.
Ash, I hope many people do business to you, not with you. Then you will know the value of honour.

I have nothing to do with Budimex but have had my own company for 36 years.

Harry, if this is the practice that is carried out by Polish developers, then I would not condone this either.