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4 Sep 2007
UK, Ireland / Don't let Poles from the UK go home [8]

If all the Poles left POland and went home tomorrow, I think alot of people would say "shame - I quite liked them really". They would have to find something else to moan about. Is it that the British are a nation of moaners?
4 Sep 2007
UK, Ireland / Do Poles integrate well into British society? [18]

With such large numbers of Poles influxing into the UK, do the indigenous local communities find they integrate well and do the local communities make alot effort to integrate with the Poles?
2 Sep 2007
History / Memories of the Polish communist era [115]

Yes you are right, the Czech Republic and Hugary are economically quite good now. Poland and Romania still struggle because their economies are largely built on agriculture I believe?
28 Aug 2007
UK, Ireland / Why do Poles come to England? [514]

Eventually there could be limitations on the numbers comming into the UK from Eastern-euorpe (or other EU member states). Its not a racist idea, but the UK (like others) doesn't have unlimited resources - our hospitals and schools/services, can't cope forever. Well even the Poles would agree on this as its not a critism, just common sense. It depends on a European referendum in the UK, but no-one knows if this will ever happen yet. People on here should put forward non biased, non racist ideas. Anyway also it depends on if the numbers decrease, with the economies reaching our level in eastern-europe. Hungary and The Czech Republic are very advanced - economically very good indeed!
22 Aug 2007
UK, Ireland / Why do Poles come to England? [514]

The polish just come because they don't like their countrym they believe that any country is better than their's, and because in England they think they can make alot of mkoney
21 Aug 2007
UK, Ireland / English people attitude towards Poles? [761]

If you want some advice on a good country, try Germany. The Germans are evidently the most intelligent europeans and Germany is a very sophisticated country. Neither Poles or English are as advanced as Germans, but they could learn alot by living there.

Also we would appreciated if the Poles decide not to keep comming because we need to give a chance to Romanians and Bulgarians, otherwise its not fair

Why have the government put temporary work restrictions on people from Bulgaria and Romania. Its their way of saying too many eastern europeans in England, so now Romania and Bulgaria get the blame, even though the speak good English and are highly educated.
8 May 2007
Love / Polish ladies seem to be in high demand at the moment. [105]


Romanians and British have similar religions (both have donominations of Christianity).

Well in my town (most) Polish girls come over with long term boyfriends or go out with POles only. I think its a bad trend, becuase there is absolutely no integration. This is becuase British people think that if they don't like us, then why she we be nice towards them. All you get is a big Polish ghetto.

Fed up with them going around in big groups, only talking Polish
4 May 2007
UK, Ireland / English people attitude towards Poles? [761]

The only thing that annoys me a bit about some Poles is that they sometimes think they are some kind of genetic super-race (like the aryian race of Nazi Germany). For example they want all the praise for cracking enigma - they did break the first code, but the whole story is that code breaking was a joint effort between them and the British. The British went on to crack new codes using sophisticated computer systems, then the Americanms went on to develop furhter and so on. But yes we are grateful the Poles gave us an enigma machine that they captured from Germany used for some code cracks, and yes their scientists were very clever. There are clever people in all nations and not just Poland though. So remember to be mutually respectful
18 Apr 2007
UK, Ireland / UK - the land of ultimate trial for Polish couples [13]

I was reading in another thread, about how anoyed some of the Polish girls got when asked vague questions about Poland such as: "Which part of Poland are you from" and I "used to have a relative from Hungary" etc... I think alot of Brits haven't gone to Poland so don't know in depth is geographic layout apart from main towns and cities such as Krakow and Warsaw etc. Also many still think of Poland as part of the soviet bloc and the Warsaw Pact. So in this case they think if they mention another eastern or central country they will have a close link to it. This is not always the case in modern post communist europe. Any points?

Infact when I talk about other eastern european countries they will mostly be patronised that I am comparing them to another country. ?????
12 Apr 2007
Love / need a match site for polish girls [28]

Careful if you talk to them in a club or pub. You might end up getting punched by a jealous b/friend. If they are not single then why don't they stay at home, instead of teasing us!