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25 Feb 2007
Travel / Have you ever been in Poland? [111]

Have you ever been in Poland

The best week of my life was spent in Krakow in September last year ! I found the city to be the nicest one I have ever visited ! The people were so friendly and happy it really made me think about living over there !!
27 Feb 2007
History / Concentration camps: where did all the birds go? [10]

Having been taught 20th century history many moons ago at school.
We came to the bit where teachers try and tell you about the 2nd world war
you learn about all the battles on land, on the sea and in the air !
You learn about the prison camps and even the poor way that your own
soldiers were treated by their own generals and majors.

But to my knowledge we were only told that concentration camps ever existed.
Never were we told of the horrors that went on within the wires. of course you pick some of the stories up as you go along through life but even that does not prepare you for the bitter reality of what went on, until you get the chance to visit for yourself.

I got my chance to visit Auschwitz Birkenau last September not until then did the realisation of what went on inside those wires hit me. You are greeted at the gates by the sound of deafening silence, not even a bird whistling.

The people exterminated in here were not soldiers; they were normal men and women like me and you sentenced to death for what ?
Lets not forget these innocent victims. May they rest in peace.

Where did all the birds go ?
28 Feb 2007
History / Concentration camps: where did all the birds go? [10]

jimbo - where are you from?

I come from just outside Preston ! I wasnt saying we never heard about them
they were mentioned but not in any great detail !
I actually learned more about them on the afternoon last September when I got
my chance to visit the camp and experience the eeriness of the place for myself !
28 Feb 2007
History / Concentration camps: where did all the birds go? [10]

I was there in September last year ! My Polish girlfriend went to school in Osciem (maybe spelt wrong) but the school is only 1/2 kilometre away from the camp! She said that they very rarely heard birds in the area !
28 Feb 2007
Love / still looking for another polish girl - i wont give up :) [48]

I met a Polish girl last April in England working in my local pub ! She has
changed my life. I have quit smoking and lost weight since meeting her
I was over there last September and will be back there in April .

She has just finished her law degree so the fun will really start now !!!!!

Dont give up mate ! Far more loving than English women !!!!!!!!!!
1 Mar 2007
Love / Getting engaged! I'm 18, he's 28. WOW [72]

similar situation here but I am 38 & my girlfriend is 24 !
she was the one who chose me last April when she worked in England
we speak to each other at least twice every day !
I will be back in Poland with her in April now she has finished her law degree !

3 Mar 2007
Love / I had a Polish female friend. Horror in my mind... [79]

There's nothing wrong with a young woman dating a man much older than her.

I thank you for that lovely ! I too am dating a younger woman from Poland 14 years younger ! nothing wrong with it !
11 Apr 2007
Study / Polish language courses in Krakow [14]

I took French upto O level standard ! Also German Spanish and Italian
all upto the old CSE standard in England ! All of these are a walk in the
park compared with learning Polish.
I bought the book and CD/DVD teach yourself Polish very helpful ! But I think
you do need someone to speak it with to help with your pronunciation
12 Apr 2007
Travel / Golf (courses) in Poland! [25]

I was over in Poland for a week last summer !
While over there I failed to notice any golf courses
not only that I never noticed any golf equipment in
any sports shops !
Why is this?
Is the game not played over there !
To my knowledge there are not too many golfers from
Poland on the professional circuit !

Anyone got any answers to this !
Or is Golf just a game that has never taken off over there ?
12 Apr 2007
Travel / Golf (courses) in Poland! [25]

It was similar over here until about 20 years ago but it became more accessible to more people !
Do you think now would be the ideal time to inject some interest in the game ?
I had the idea of starting a golf driving range over there to try and create more interest in the game for more people ! It is really a good and sometimes frustrating game to play !!!
12 Apr 2007
Travel / Golf (courses) in Poland! [25]

all the lovely farm land

Farming will take a dive in Poland too like it did in England 20 years ago !
My advice to Polish farmers would be to diversify now before it is
I know a number of farmers who did this ! AND THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN AS WEALTHY
Dont be sentimental in business !
People get swallowed up if they are too slow to act !
They said England was a country of farmers but now look we even
import a percentage of our milk !
13 Apr 2007
Travel / Anyone been to Zakopane? [36]

The view from the top of the ski jump hill is awesome
you can see everywhere ! Ok I was there in summer
but there were men ski jumping and landing on the
carpet stuff at the bottom !
Definately worth a visit !!!