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8 Jun 2009
Life / cheaper international calling from Poland [30]

Thread attached on merging:
The best international calling phonecards for calling from Poland to abroad

I need to call often from Poland to other european countries and
I want to ask your opinions on which are the absolute best international calling phonecards for calling from Poland to abroad,
from point of view of price, ease of use, realiability.

Thank you in advance
8 Jun 2009
Life / cheaper international calling from Poland [30]

I am not resident in Poland, so I cannot take anything that requires monthly payment.

I saw at some "sklep" they told me to buy Telegrosik but I never heard about them before, so I didn't buy.

I of course look for an international calling card with good tariffs and that doesn't rip you off with a lot of hidden fees.
8 Jun 2009
Life / cheaper international calling from Poland [30]

pingo how does it work? do you use it with local access number? i need to call mobile phones in Switzerland, not landlines ! has some incredible rates!

0.01 eur and 0.03 eur per minute to most of the mobile phones worldwide, and free for many landlines worldwide. I wonder if there is any catch to it? Did anyone try it?
9 Jun 2009
Life / cheaper international calling from Poland [30]

So Pingo has good calling quality? I need some sort of card? Because when i try to register on Pingo, they ask for a CallingCard number and a pin number, which are required fields.

And obviously I dont have them. Also redeem coupons... Help
9 Jun 2009
Life / Top 3 Most Important Things about which polish dentists will LIE to you bigtime [46]

I had my share of experiences with the dentists, because I care a lot for my teeth,
and unfortunately I have about 5 small cavities. I am 22 years old swiss woman,
and I have very healthy teeth in almost all aspects.

However you can see a pattern emerging when everytime I go to see a new dentist.

The polish dentists will usually:

1.Suggest that ALL your previous fixes (fillings of cavities with composit) need
to be replaced, because there are secondary cavities around or behind them
(even when you can see NOTHING on radiography), even if the fillings were made
just few months ago, by other POLISH dentists ;)

2.Test your teeth in such ways (very cold substance)
so they make sure that you get a root infection
so they will need you to take out the root and have a canal treatment afterwards.
Your healthy tooth dies, but the good fact for them is that you pay for the whole
process about 3000 zl (extracting the once very healthy root, closing the channel,
canal/channel treatment every week, etc)

Canal(channel) treatments are the new way in which dentists are making fortunes
every week.

3.You should write down on paper what they say and Compare!
I didn't find YET two dentists to say the same things.
They all propose cavity feelings with composit on DIFFERENT TEETH,
they can't agree for the same teeth where I would need the fillings...

It's all about them killing or infecting more of my healthy teeth, and
making a lot of money from me in the process, lying to me about how
fantastic everything will be once I take out that "infected" root.
However the root is fine, but at any small discomfort that I feel,
they say "oh you may have a root infection, we need to take out the root"
(which means KILLING the healthy tooth!)

You may have not been aware of what wonderful lies the dentists here
are feeding you, but for your own good, let's all wake up to reality
and make a plan of how we can fix these.
9 Jun 2009
Life / Top 3 Most Important Things about which polish dentists will LIE to you bigtime [46]

Dentists are the only ones who are paid to do a BAD job.

Let me detail from my large experience:

1.GOOD dentist: he sees the cavity, takes very little from the tooth and
puts a good quality filling, total price he gets: $50-$100.

2.BAD dentist 1: he sees a cavity, drills a lot, puts a bad filling that will either fall
or will make seconday caries behind it, so you will lose your tooth or
need another fillings: total price that the BAD dentist1 gets: $200-$400.

3.CRIMINAL dentist 2: he sees a cavity, tells you that he will do his best,
he breaks in the channel root room, kills your nerve ("oh it was impossible to save it")
then it needs the nerve to be extracted, to make sterile medium
and clean the channel, then you need a root channel treatment,
that is $200 every week,
CRIMINAL dentist 2 gets total: $2 000 - $3 000
just for destroying your teeth and blatantly lying to you, with a smile on his face...
9 Jun 2009
Life / cheaper international calling from Poland [30]

I tried to call the PINGO Toll free number in Poland, and it is not allowed to call that number from a public phone (yellow TP phones).

So from where do you call the toll free number?

Maybe it is written wrong on the PINGO website? Can you help?

10 Jun 2009
Life / cheaper international calling from Poland [30]

and you dial 00800 etc ?

because from fixed phones i notice that only 0800 is considered free...
and not 00800...

i still try to manage to make it work somehow :(

any other experiences with international calling from Poland to mobile phones aborad, cheaper options of course? thank you
10 Jun 2009
Life / Top 3 Most Important Things about which polish dentists will LIE to you bigtime [46]

Yes, it's the clinique called Dental Prestige.

And the calculations were rough estimates, and not important.
The important is what is happening, and how they make much more money
when they destroy your health and your teeth...

All those telling that their dentists are to be trusted, seem that
they were simply lucky, and for them a big smile from the dentist
was enough to hand them their money and the health
of their very own teeth.

Where else can I get true and tested and REAL referrals about
good dentists? Because maybe they exist somewhere...

Thank you
25 Jun 2009
Life / Cell phone options in Poland? [55]

Jun 25, 09, 20:17 - Thread attached on merging:


I am looking very hard to find a complete

from all the GSM networks prepaid simcards ERA , PLUS , ORANGE

For example there are 5 different types of Orange prepaid:
Orange Go, Orange Music, etc

What I am looking for is the mobile prepaid type of simcard
which will give me the LOWEST rates to call landlines (fixed phones) inside Poland

Thank you in advance guys!
26 Oct 2009
Real Estate / Good Real Estate market in Poland [6]

Prices in Poland are too high at this moment. They will continue to go down for next 2 years, almost all real estate experts agree on this.

Nowa Huta is the former industrial residential area, VERY VERY FAR AWAY from Krakow's center
26 Oct 2009
Real Estate / Decent property management company in krakow [13]

I looked myself on the PKG website and there is one thing that is weird:

So apart from the 3% fee on selling, they also charge an UNKNOWN number of hours
multiplied by 250-350 PLN/hour, for a lawyer to check the property documents.

The question is: in which ways does this lawyer, guarantee that the property is safe to buy, and doesn't have any requests or unpaid debts to other 3rd parties?

A lawyer could check nothing, charge you 2000 PLN, and that's it.

How does the lawyer guarantee anything at all?

Agency fees 3%

Most Polish real estate agencies have a commission charge of around 3% on the purchase of residential property. Sometimes this fee is negotiable, depending on the value and complexity of the transaction.

Other costs:

Lawyer: approximately 250-350 PLN per hour

The notary is an impartial intermediary between the buyer and the seller, and does not represent the specific interest of the buyer, apart from adhering to the laws in Poland. Therefore, many investors choose to add an extra layer of security by employing a lawyer to check contracts for them before signing. This should not be more than a few hours work.

26 Oct 2009
Real Estate / How to get out of a Preliminary Purchase Contract? [8]

Yes I also believe that the prices will continue to fall until 2011 even.

It's not normal that the prices in Poland to be HIGHER than in Austria or Germany...

Lawyers are said to be paid by hourly rate in Poland.

But ask yourself this: in which ways does this lawyer, guarantee that the property is safe
and the contract is good, and the property
doesn't have any requests or unpaid debts to other 3rd parties?

A lawyer could check just nothing, charge you 2000 PLN saying that he did check,
and that's it.

How does the lawyer guarantee anything at all?
27 Oct 2009
Love / Why are Polish girls constantly ill? [166]

frm my 4 years experience of living in Poland, polish girls are constantly ill because they are really desperate for the ATTENTION of anyone, and they really LOVE TO COMPLAIN
27 Oct 2009
Love / Do not marry Polish woman [212]

about the subject... I know around 150 polish marriages.

In not a single marriage, there is no true happiness like you can see in other nations.

It is the worst idea to marry a polish woman it seems, and I am sure that all desperate polish women, looking for marriage with a foreigner, will start to slander my experience...
27 Oct 2009
Real Estate / Prices of apartments in Krakow are collapsing further down in 2010-2011 [150]

Over the span of years 2002-2008 real estate prices in Poland have increased drastically with over 1200.00%.

According to a major Polish newspaper, Gazeta Wyborcza, the average monthly salary in Warsaw buys 0.18 m2, or in Kraków 0.14 m2.

Same sources give rental profitability at 4% yearly.

This is lower than interest rates on bank deposits (6% in Polbank etc.).

In early 2009 the Polish property market began to show signs of a property bubble;

these included:

banks increasing loan periods from 30 to 50 years to extend credit limits;

over 2 million families already in debt, and roughly 500,000 more going in debt every year;

increasing interest rates number of new apartments for sale in Warsaw at Polish real estate portals exotic companies declaring real estate development plans;

Polish economy showing signs of the overheating due to government incompetence:

from 2006 to 2009 the foreign deficit almost tripled;

imports, which were decreasing (by 5%) in 2005, jumped to a 35% increase in 2009

stagnation of prices and dramatic drop of sales in a long period of time with dynamically increasing supply of residential properties.

All in all, the polish real estate bubble will burst very soon,
and prices will come crashing down
4 Nov 2009
Love / Polish girls lying [193]

southern was one of the most respected users of this forum.

why he was suspended?????

he said the truth always about polish girls.

polish girls lie as they breathe. the more prettier a girl, more lies she says.

Just to get from you a free drink or whatever.
4 Nov 2009
Love / Girls in Poland so desperate for$ Poland has the greatest no of Prostitutes [135]

* Anne2008
* Claritaslux
* polsky
* Popw
* Tadeusz2007


the number of polish prostitutes far exceeds the number of any other nations prostitutes
all over the sex night clubs in Italy...

In Poland, until 2006, 10 555 HIV cases

Considering a population of about 16 million women, and about 1 million which are
attractive polish women aged 18 - 26

10 555 HIV cases from 1 million attractive polish women, aged 18 - 26,
leads to 1.0555% chances of getting AIDS when you have sex with a polish girl
4 Nov 2009
Love / Do not marry Polish woman [212]

polish girls are well known as serial cheaters and liars. they just have this in their blood
4 Nov 2009

typical polish woman: serial cheater, has many lovers, lies to everyone with a big smile on her face :)
8 Nov 2009
Love / Do not marry Polish woman [212]

your forgot deluded /delusional (a belief or impression that is not in accordance with a generally accepted reality. ) or Self delusion (when you allow yourself to believe something that is not true).

deluded like in delusional beliefs... or another ways?

you have to explain more... ;)
8 Nov 2009
Love / Polish girls lying [193]

What for sure many polish girls have found in the west is an army of suckers ready to be milked dry.

Yes, and many of these international suckers roam everywhere on the internet, believing
once polish girl makes some attractive remark, and opening themselves to be ripped off ;)