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9 May 2009
Life / Wedding in Poland - my experience [39]

I'll be off to Zamosc tomorrow to attend a wedding.

How was the wedding? Was it similar to the wedding video that you posted? I'm really curious.....
9 May 2009
Life / Etiquette at Polish weddings [15]

I attended a traditional Polish wedding a couple of weeks back – a few pointers

so that's it huh? thank you - i am so relieved!
9 May 2009
Love / Polish Wedding - Catholic Church Wedding Programme [5]


I am currently building up my wedding organiser. Could anybody please help me find a Polish Catholic Church Wedding Programme? I've got a complete English Programme already and would like to incorporate the Polish programme.

Yes, I'm getting married next year to a lovely Polish man - in Gdansk.

Would really appreciate all your help =)
11 May 2009
Life / Wedding Reception Venues in Gdansk [17]

Czesc Welsh Guy.

Could you please leave me your contact details at sylviagarcia247@yahoo? I'll put your name in my suppliers list.

Dziekuje bardzo.
30 May 2009
Law / Civil Wedding in Gdansk - office / documents? [8]


i'm an asian girl marrying a polish guy. does anybody of you know what they ask at the office (what's that office called again?) when we submit our papers for a civil wedding? where is this office in gdansk? is it true that they will require me to speak polish? i speak a little polish - i do hope that they will consider that.

also, i've read from somewhere in the internet that this paper (like a marriage license/wedding permit) can only be used 30 days after. is it hard to get an appointment from the office/schedule for a civil wedding in gdansk?

appreciate your help. dziekuje bardzo.
30 May 2009
Travel / Now Gdansk is tipped as a hot spot for 2009 [24]

Yes, Gdansk is a really unique city.

>>> i can never compare gdansk to london. like the houses have this concrete finish and left unpainted. gdanks is picturesque in a very unique way. a city sitting between the forest and the sea. sigh.....

but there's this thing, if you want to open gdansk to tourists, please be more welcoming. improve your customer service skills even if the tourist can't speak in polish. make an EFFORT TO SMILE AT CUSTOMERS and STOP STARING AT TOURISTS (especially asians)! majority of the polish girls here in london don't smile when they're serving customers. what's up with you guys?