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17 Apr 2009
Language / The best way for me to learn Polish [89]

Have You tried a Polish school?
There are several in London for instance.

The one I recommend is

My boyfriend is attending the classes in that school.
18 Sep 2009
Life / Getting married in Polska - some advice required about mixing traditions [27]


This is a complex topic :-). I teach Polish as a foreign language in London and some of my students had the same problem.

- It starts with the speeches (Polish don't have them), so if you do them, then you will have to careful what you are saying in terms of cultural awareness and do them both in Polish and English.

- The menu might be a problem (don't allow Polish wedding planers to make everything in yelly - as they tend to do so and English wouldn't like that).

- The Polish games during the reception and at midnight would be a good fun and everyone will love them as well as the relaxed atmosphere (which English weddings lacks).
22 Sep 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish teachers/speaking groups in London? [6]


I am a Polish teacher working for
If you need any help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

tel. 07590507878 or through website

22 Sep 2009
Life / Getting married in Polska - some advice required about mixing traditions [27]

Hi Simpson,

The games (usually drinking games) can be planned or be spontaneous during whole reception however the ones at midnight are traditional and are called "oczepiny". They symbolise bride becoming a wife.

Usually the service is around 1.00, 2.00 pm and the reception ends after midnight.

Which is not the end as the next day is called "poprawiny" and you should have a similar but less formal party (so no wedding dress and more drinking).

Ending the reception before midnight might be a bit odd for Polish people and can think you didn't have fun.

But all in all, it is all about informing people what you are planning to do and they should accept it.