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10 Mar 2009
Language / Mobile Phone Characters - How to get Polish ones on phone? [7]

Hi all,

Is there anyways to download or get the polish letters ą ć ę etc etc..... onto an Australia or foreign phone. I have an LG phone and always want to send my boyfriend text messages in polish (which i am learning) and it seems pointless and confusing without the proper letters.

Any Advice???
12 Mar 2009
Language / Polish Language Basic Guide [19]

Hey this is fantasic!!!

just one request, to make it a little bit slower?

Nice work !!!
15 Mar 2009
Life / Polish Birthday Traditions [42]

Thread attached on merging:

So its the boyfriends birthday at the end of this month... And I need to get him something awesome!

Have allready got him expensive jewelry for Valentines day, and an expensive Leggo set for christmas..... oh did i mention he is 12 years old... going on 25.

Also can anyone write anything like HAPPY BIRTHDAY, or some kind of sweet poem or song to go inside his card. (he did this for me on valentines day and i want to return the thought)

Please use the search function before starting a new thread.
10 Apr 2009
Love / Boyfriend wants to move us to Poland but I don't speak Polish. [32]

im moving to poland with my boyfriend, and I am learning the language.

If your going to live in a country then i think you should at least try to learn the language.

I live in australia currently and it really annoys me when people LIVE here and do not speak english.

A holiday is a different story.

If your going to live there wouldn't you want to be able to speak or at least try???
21 Apr 2009
Love / Boyfriend wants to move us to Poland but I don't speak Polish. [32]

yeah the language is hard... and omg, i watched a movie the otherday with my boyfriend and the future mother in law.... talk about FAST talking. The whole thing went right over the top of my head

Congrats for giving it a go!!
21 Apr 2009
Love / Polish and NON-polish... Clueless and Religious [13]

Hey all.

IM in a long term relationship with my boyfriend. He is polish and I am not.

Recently i have been spending alot of holidays with them like easter and things which are obvious big religious ordeals.

I get the feeling his mum wishes for me to be baptised.

I havnt been brought up with ANY religious backround.

Would it be wrong to be baptised at my age (23) for the sake of "just in case"... this sounds weired but I want to end up wherever hes going when we die. LOL to put it bluntly.

I dont really trust in any sort of god. I think the community and the idea is nice and I enjoy doing these traditions. But I know i do not have any strong beleif in any religion and to be honest it all freaks me out a little.

Any advice or debate welcome.
21 Apr 2009
Love / Polish and NON-polish... Clueless and Religious [13]

THanks for the advice everyone :)

I did go to a catholic school so I am not completely unaware of the meaning of the religion Mr Bubbles, but your advice is appreciate and helpful :)

I really do love the tradition side of things, I guess i am trying to cover myself from all angles... It is a thing of Love to be honest, I want to end up wherever my other half ends up and family.

Like life i tend to cruise through it lightly and dont take anything to seriously, its a part of who I am and im happy. SO sadily like all things I will probably take it lightly. SOrry if that is offensive to anyone devoted to any religion.

I do however find it sad and pathetic that my own mother baptised my brother because
"it was the thing to do at the time" however my sister and I were not. I guess there is a small part of me that wonders what could happen if I am not baptised.

My boyfriend and I live in Australia, so does his Family, and have for the past 30 od years. His Mum and Dad came over in the early 80s I am just getting involved in a few Traditions, his mum isnt outwardly putting it on me, I just value there Family enviroment as mine is non existant and I think its nice to have traditions. My family barely celebrate christmas.

I guess I like it for reasons of bringing people together. We watched footage of the unvailing and closing of the Madonna painting, and my boyfriend had tears in his eyes, as did the poeple on the film. His family (aunts and uncles, grand parents) live in Czestochowa. And I envy this sense of passion.

His family speaks English, and I have been going to polish classes for 6 months.

Im heading over there mid JULY I cant wait.
22 Apr 2009
Love / Polish and NON-polish... Clueless and Religious [13]

Yeah they are more relaxed in Aus, its more about your grades and reason for going to the school. seems stupid I know. This was the only school that had Dance in the curriculum. :)
22 Apr 2009
Love / I'm pregnant by my Polish boyfriend but he wants me to abort it! [132]

And you are planning to marry and start a family of your own, so it was a positive in the end and Im sure that your mum doesn't regret having you. No one situation is the same and to simply say "get an abortion" is wrong if you have never been in the situation this girl is in.

Like i said, im a product of the girls situation.... that makes me have a view in the situation does it not?

She asked for peoples advice and opinions, this is mine. So no need be debating it.

And actually I left home when i was 16 because my mum couldnt cope and didnt want me.

Yes I intend to start a family, but not on my own, I would never do this to a child when there is a choice.

Good luck with whatever path you take though.
23 Apr 2009
Love / Polish and NON-polish... Clueless and Religious [13]

Thanks for the advice guys :D

Some great stuff,

We are in Australia, so im sure that a traditional wedding should be no problem.

I only take it light heartedly because thats how I was brought up. But I can definately see your point. I have the feeling with all the Traditions in his family though that there will be a strong influence on our kids. Which I guess I will keep open minded as possible, im really thankful I wasnt brought up as anything in particular so i can make an informed adult choice now.

Something to learn and think about anyways.

Cheers all!
28 Apr 2009
Love / Boyfriend wants to move us to Poland but I don't speak Polish. [32]

I got the list of the internet. under someones phd on linguistics. may or may not be accurate but it was up to date. :)

It is based on rules of conduct. Of course if I was fluent in Hungarian polish would be a piece of cake, however as general ways of rules and learning it is in the top 5. I think its a complicated language but once you understand it is very well structured.
28 Apr 2009
Life / Are there any neutral or positive stereotypes of poles? [40]

wow what a random post!?

I think people should be greatful for there life, rather than complaining, if you have to pick yourself up , dust yourself off and start again then so be it.

people are not suicidal, they either kill themselves or not. I am sick of hearing people complain, that is a bad awful thing to happen to you but be thankful that you have the means to still function and be alive. I think it shows you to take nothing for granted and live life to the fullest.

good luck and kind regards! :)
6 May 2009
News / Poland..wake up to a multicultural world [1059]

How can people want a completely multicultural world?

I love in Australia and we have NO culture because we dont know who we are. Instead we cling on to the USA and fight STUPID wars because we are lost and so easily influenced by anyone who has some idea of what they want.

If we dont have seperate countries, how will true Culture ever survive?

I love the culture from my travels throughout europe. Because I like learing new languages and trying new foods. But what is the point of travel if you can get mexican, asian, and south african food all in the one street?

Hold on to your culture and your people.

So instead of embracing a MULTICULTURR, embrace CULTURE.
20 May 2009
Love / Help, Polish men are very complicated! [51]

lol you guys crack me up.

My boyfriend is polish and he act no different to any other male in the world. He is charming and affectionate ect ect... he does not kiss me on the hand when we say goodbye though so I doubt its a polish custom thing.

WHy dont you ask him if it is a custom thing of if he likes you? might be an opener to find out if he is interested.

Does he do this with anyone else at work?