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21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]

How many Poles registered to vote in the recent local elections in Ireland

At my polling station there were 600 voters and about 120 were Polish and another 80 other nationalities, overall I believe there was a high turnout of non Irish voters.
21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]

Milking our economy dry and sending the money home. At least the Irish who immigrate to foreign shores spend within theat county and most of them stlle for life. Look at America, Austrailia etc.

Oh come on, Irish people did send money home. I know with my family, most went to work in the UK and sent most of their wages home. Yes some will stay and create a future in these countries and the same will happen here too. - My friend is married to a Polish man, his family live here also and have no plans to move back home.

The poles have done nothing to support the economy here in Ireland.

So why is the economy feeling the effects from the ones who have gone home....houses not being rented....consumer buying down....etc. and yes its not all down to people leaving the country, but it is part of it. While here, they bought food, petrol,clothes, rented houses, used banks, paid taxes etc etc.... its a cycle..... they helped build this country in the boom times whether you like it or not - helped to line the pockets of the greedy Irish who took advantage of some ( and I know about this from first hand experience - I have dealt with so many people who were treated badly by employers - so its not a lie as was said in a previous post)

and they want their language to be recognised as third language

Most Irish don't even give a **** about their own many can speak it?
21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]

most people i have heard never wanted to work a day in there life and they just like to complaint about something,

People with too much time on their hands... also they need to justify why they are not working and will never admit its because they could not be arsed!
21 Jun 2009
Work / Tips of English Teacher interviews [6]

I have a few interviews coming up and I have never done an interview for a teaching job before :/ the interviews I am used to are very different. Also they are some interviews which will be on skype.

Any advice on what I should expect etc.

Really appreciate any help.

Thanks :) :)
21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]

Irish people

please DO NOT speak on behalf of the Irish people, you are one person. I know plenty of Irish people who would disagree with everything you are saying and would be disgusted at your dribble!!!

You speak as though you are of some importance, maybe so - but that does that make your opinion any more justified. I have friends from all areas - some with no jobs, some with very good jobs and all of them would think you are an arse. What they have in common is that they embrace change and approach it with a postive attitude, using it to enrich their life. If you look for the bad in everything you will find it. Keep going with your negative and restrictive views on life - you will never be happy - when you are bored with this argument you will move on to something else.

You are wasting your time, do you really believe there is anything you can do about this?
21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]

most will stay here, setting up their own communities, schools, social outets, and shops, a mini Poland in Ireland.

Irish people have communities in a lot of countries around the world.

It is a plantation, look it up in the dictionary

I know what it means, but you also know that this word (in Ireland) has a strong association with the English settlement in Ireland.

Poles did not ruin the Irish economy.

I agree.... our greedy government, corrupt business men and the hob nobbiness and grand opinions that consumed our citizens.

So with this tremendous success came a "new Irish", young spoilt brats that see certain jobs as beneath them.

totally agree....the same spolit brats are still trying to live the same life as before....


You are anti-EU?

This is a public forum and I signed up to see things from a Polish perspective,

I think Polish came to Ireland to take an opportunity, to provide for their families and build a better future for themselves - like the Irish have done on many occassions - there is a hugh number of Irish who are now in Australia and America. Its swings and roundabouts - give and take.
21 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Modern Plantation for Poles in Ireland [352]


I would associate more with fine gael

just how many poles are in Ireland?

How many Irish are in other countries, yes our population is not the same in numbers but percentage, what do you think?

[quote=RevokeNice]The Irish people never voted for this. Indeed,2/3s of Irish citizens want stricter immigration controls regarding eastern europeans(source Irish Times).

Really we never voted for this? Where does this figure of 2/3's come from? hmmm source Irish times.... as you probabaly know most newspapers in Ireland are associated with a political party, so their view is not always objective.

Are you serious?????? who wants to turn Ireland into a mini Poland? Our country has become a diverse community (consisting of more that Polish) deal with it..... I have heard of quite a few Irish business people who were more than happy to exploit Polish and others to make their fortunes. People who come on this forum (a Polish forum) and talk such ****, must be taking the ****, or have a life so unfulfilled!

"Plantation" - you are referencing this to the English plantation of Ireland? How can you? Its an insult to our history and modern society to refer to the present day as a "plantation"

Who is being forced to leave their homes?, whose's homes are being burned?

Stop being bitter and see all that is good in every aspect.
18 Jun 2009
Life / Are Polish people civilised or not? My thoughts... [52]

When the work dries up - they should really look elsewhere - instead of sponging off the Irish state, Our taxes are being hiked to pay for these unemployed migrant workers...

to be eligible to claim unemployment benefit you must have worked in the state for a period of time (over a year I think) This means they have paid taxes, prsi etc. and are entitiled to claim this benefit. If you contribute to a country,why should you not be allowed to enjoy the benefits also.

What do you say about the lazy ass Irish who have been claiming social since they left school, who could have had a job, 50 times over????? you don't mind supporting these wasters?

I have found Polish people especially they guys that come to Ireland to be rather obnoxious, rude and very loud and to be honest intimidating

I have had the opposite experience. Maybe you are feeling a bit threatened?

but they appear to be quite arrogant... shaggable but not dating material. Have bedded a few of them

Maybe they viewed you in the same way.

Are they embarasses???

You should be, to write such narrow minded crap. Irish people have forgotten that they went to work in many countries and it wasn't always easy and now again are working abroad....Stop trying to look for someone to blame, who will it be next week? Oh and I'm curious why you only have a problem with Polish people?

and by the way I'm Irish.
17 Jun 2009
Food / Can anyone teach me an easy and fast Polish dish? [40]

has O blood type,and she is just losing her weight,then eating too much potatoes can't help her to control weight,

I know its not thread related but im interested to know how O type blood and too much potatoes are a bad combination?
9 Jun 2009
Work / Move to Warsaw and will teach English (advice needed) [23]

Hi Nando,

I have just finished the CELTA course in IH Dublin. The trainers are excellent and I really really enjoyed the course. I also know at the end of my course the school had part time summer work and the students from the CELTA course were invited to apply. It would be to your advantage to do this course here and even if you dont move until next year you can still teach here and gain some experience.

Also think about voluntary work, it looks good on a CV too. I have volunteered with my local Chernobyl Children's Group to teach basic words etc. to the children to help them during their stay.
3 Jun 2009
News / Child with Polish ex, is 275 Euros a normal amount for child maintenance? [53]

If the child was living with you, you would be paying A LOT more than a miserable €275.
Thats nearly £300 quid at todays rate, my mate doesnt get that off her ex husband a month no where near!

I mean that raising a child costs a lot more that 275e a month. He doesn't have to put in any effort, just pay the money - of course that is if the child is his.

I feel sorry for the child in this situation.
31 May 2009

It's much easier for children to learn languages from an early age and having three languages can only be to their advantage.

as for differences or problems, going by my experience and looking at my friend's relationship - differences are not a big problem, it just takes an open mind :)
7 May 2009
Love / Please I need advice. Are Polish Girls and Poland Westernizing for the worse? [16]


I have lived in the USA and Czech Republic so I have seen the effects of atheism, divorce, materialism, cheating, feminism etc, etc,

Oh this is only happening in the USA and Czech Republic??? I dont think so.....

I don't have the time or patience to become involved with a woman who is too stupid, naive and spiritually immature to realize that the material things of life and pop psychology or a new man every year don't bring lasting happiness and who gets her morals and life expectations from movies and television.

No you seem to want this:
Latin Ladies cherished their husbands, even though their husbands were far from perfect.[/

How imperfect can a husband be?? But a wife must be perfect no matter what? Where do you draw the line?

It should be about personality, respect for each other, sharing life and love equally, not about where you are from! There are plently of people whose values will never change no matter how the environment changes around them.
28 Apr 2009
News / Abortion - how is the Polish government going to deal with this issue? [273]

A woman is raped....she must carry this child?
Children having children...thats ok?
A woman suffering with a mental illness...who cannot cope with being pregnant...who will probabaly take her own life before her child is born - killing both - she must continue with the pregnancy??

The point is abortion is a choice....a choice a woman CAN and has the RIGHT to make.
If you dont like it.... dont do it....
but you can not judge a person who decides to have an abortion. You do not know the circumstances..

When that "collection of cells" is about 3 weeks old and the size of half a centimeter,
it already has a small beating heart

a heartbeat can be found between 5-6 weeks
28 Apr 2009
News / Abortion - how is the Polish government going to deal with this issue? [273]

Whether you like it or not, there will be abortions! There are various different reasons why this option is choosen by women and men (I dont believe it is solely a womans responsibility) and it is definately not an easy choice.

Would you prefer that there were no other option but to go to some dirty back street clinic where the procedure would be carried out by some butcher doctor???? because this is what has happened and what will happen is the choice to have an abortion is not freely available.

Abortion is here, it is not going away, dont you think it is better if it is monitored? That there are Regulations in place to ensure it is not abused. That information and guidance on ALL options is provided. Then an informed choice can be made.

In countries where abortion is illegal - what happens? Women go to a country where it is legal! How can anyone think by making it illegal it will slove it.
26 Apr 2009
Study / Celta - Application Form [24]

Hi nuncle

I have been accepted on the course :) so the fun and games are going to start now :)

Im doing the course in Dublin.
25 Apr 2009
Love / I'm pregnant by my Polish boyfriend but he wants me to abort it! [132]

I'm sorry they're just going to scoop up a living fetus cutting off the umbilical cord and pull it out, wonder if it feels like dumping with your vagina? She might even ask them to put it in a jar, she'd label it "his name would have been Peter" and keep it in her closet.

Do some research before you comment.

wonder if it feels like dumping with your vagina?

Really? you have some strange thoughts?

Why does it bother you so much?
25 Apr 2009
Love / I'm pregnant by my Polish boyfriend but he wants me to abort it! [132]

they're just going to cut her baby into pieces with a wire saw

she is two months, its about the size of a fingernail. I dont think such a drastic procedure is required.

Everyone will have a very different opinion, some from personal reasons, some from an educated point of view and some from ignorance.....

Thearcher, my advice to you - stop reading comments here and take time to think. its not important how you got to this point, you are here now and a choice has to be made, its your life and your choice. What other people think about your decision only matters if that person is relevant to you.

You will know what to do.
13 Apr 2009
Study / Celta - Application Form [24]

Can anyone give me some advice about completing the application form for celta course at International House. I seem to be getting myself all worked up about it and cant seem to think clearly. Are they very sticky about your answers?