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20 Oct 2008
News / New Polish Euro Coins [65]

They should have Jan Sobieski on it of course! (Although I'm firmly in the anti-Euro camp :P)
21 Oct 2008
History / Poland's National Heros [17]

Surely it's Jan Sobieski III - and he's got a GREAT vodka named after him.
28 Oct 2008
Language / DIALECTS IN POLAND? [28]

Another definition of the distinction between language and dialect is that a language has its own army.

Cornwall has it's own language, but they don't have an actual army (just a terrorist movement who threatened to blow up Jamie Oliver and Rick Stein).
28 Oct 2008
Life / Funny pictures from Poland [23]

There's a Cafe Fart too, I think it's on the road from Katowice to Wisła. My missus says "fart" is more of a noun than an adjective, so if someone had a bit of luck you could say "to jest fart".
1 Dec 2008
Life / What to wear for winter in Poland [51]

I'm surprised no-ones mentioned Kalesony yet... My brother-in-law virtually lives in them from December til February
3 Dec 2008
Work / Teaching English without a degree and any experience in Poland. [14]

I teach English and I don't have a degree. I do have a diploma mind you (just!), basically I spent four years at Uni and came out of it with a two year qualification. I don't even have any A-levels either, I scrapped into Uni by doing a GNVQ.

The CELTA/Trinity Certificates will prepare you thoroughly enough, although the chances are your local college might do an Introduction to TEFL course as an evening class which I found useful. The most important thing I have noticed when applying for TEFL work is your amount of experience, and the only way you can get that is by getting out there and doing it!
4 Dec 2008
Life / What to wear for winter in Poland [51]

In Wisła only last Christmas it was -15 to -20. Although it wasn't the clothing that kept the cold at bay so much as the grzaniec galicyjski.
19 Mar 2009
Life / Price of beer in Poland [90]

Wow.. a discussion about Aussie beer!

Australian beer is like making love in a canoe... It's f*cking close to water.
24 Mar 2009
Life / Price of beer in Poland [90]

what australian beer have you had?

Fosters and Castlemaine XXXX. The only occasion I used to drink either of them was on all day drinking sessions when I wanted a week beer that I knew I could drink 10 pints of without gettin too p!ssed.

As far as Asian beers are concerned, Singha and Tiger Beer are both excellent.
23 Jun 2009
UK, Ireland / Polish meat in English supermarkets? [73]

Anyone got any idea if Kindziuk will be making it over to these shores? I keep nagging my local Polish shops but still no sign...