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6 Mar 2007
Love / Asian guy dating Polish girl [77]

from a girl's point of view, i'd like a guy use more body language than poem. i'd think he is not mature enough.
17 Jan 2007
Love / Help me! I fell in love with a Polish man! [137]

how is thing going on, roman?
I had the same experience with a polish guy last year. He was visiting his friends who are my neighbors in Germany. We slept together after one week. It is not that fast, but the problem is that I was in a strange relationship(sextual relationship) with one of his friends. I was in love with him in this week. He also likes me a lot, cuz i am a beautiful, intelligent, laborous and independent woman. He was 27 at that time, and i was 31.

He went back to Poland without leaving me any contact methods. But I got his email from his friends, and sent him an email saying hello. He answered me, but he didnt think anything serious. We met 3 times later, and I kept write him email with my poor english telling him I am in love with him with time. He is the one that i dreamed for from i was a little girl.

Now we are together, and I visited his family in poland last xmas. we are happy now although it is still a long way to go to live together.

What I want to tell you from my experience is: make your effort, offer your love, show the true you, explain the misuderstanding between you, and then you can get his love if he is a good man.

I love polish guys with traditional values.